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  1. Re: selling KAKA for Vidic Ok thanks anymore input??
  2. Is this a good deal for me to get vidic?
  3. Should I swap kaka for david Luiz + bosingwa + money? Or shall I keep kaka? Thanks
  4. should I do this? I will be getting tevez! Thanks
  5. Re: robinho for luiz can anybody suggest if I should do it? thanks
  6. should I trade my robinho to get david luiz? thanks
  7. should I trade my robinho for david luiz??
  8. Re: nesta I have been offered 23 million so i think i will sell
  9. Is it time to sell him, I have had a bid of 23 million! should i do it or is there life in the old dog yet?
  10. Re: robinho. Okay, thanks very much
  11. Should I sell him or will he be safe rating for a long time?
  12. Re: Help me please I did the deal thanks for the final push guys!!!
  13. Should I swap Gaitan and Wilshere for di maria? ( I have G + W)! PLEASE ADVISE ME IM STUCK,,,
  14. Will he rise in the up coming changes? Thanks
  15. Re: Best U21 CF List I would say Guidetti has great promise
  16. I read today that he is being strongly linked with a move to man utd. He has cemented a place in the Dutch team ahead of de Jong. Is he guaranteed a 89 next rating and can he possibly make 90? Thanks
  17. Re: victor ruiz will he be 90 soon?
  18. I can sign him at a unmanaged club, will he be 89 soon and what is his potencial? thanks
  19. should i trade wilshere for ramires?
  20. is a. nesta worth having over w. samuel?
  21. Re: Jack wilshere is wilshere stunted by his injuries?
  22. Should i swap jack wilshere to get david Luiz? My other mids are: Kaka, modric, scholes, yan M'villa and youth Barkley, ox chamberlain, pogba, strootman, romeu! Any advice would be ideal! Thanks
  23. should I swap ox chamberlain + cash for him?
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