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    Tombstone reacted to aab in Lahm Deal?   
    Re: Lahm Deal?
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    Tombstone reacted to Sylar in Lahm Deal?   
    Re: Lahm Deal?
    Yeah, I would do Sagna and Subotic if that's the only way to get Pedro.
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    Tombstone reacted to Ian Eltringham in World Championship 10000 Discussion thread   
    Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread
    Shehan = Annoyingly persistent and doesn't understand the word NO but his character and managerial style have won him some sweet deals.
    I put Shehan on my PM block list for most of the season because I got major irritated by his pushy sales pitches but he's a good lad, stuck with his team and I've actually grown to like him just a little bit
    @ JR
    you can stick as many people as you like on your public pooper list but what good does it do. We all geat offered poor deals, counter, reject or make the player unavailable if you're not keen on selling. Sulking won't get you anywhere.
    Are you really holier than thou? You never offered a cheap deal to a manager you think might be green or as a low point to start negotiations?
    We've all got our own opinions on players, our own prices, our own personalities (or lack of in Shehans case...joking ), different levels of negotiation skills but it's what makes the game both fun and sometimes infuriating.
    @ ShaunJuventus
    Welcome mate. Gibson + Bebe for Mata..........please accept he's my favourite player in the whole world (learnt that line from Shehan btw)
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    Tombstone got a reaction from stones in Bent or Nilmar?   
    Re: Bent or Nilmar?
    Nilmar is quality, IMO he should already be rated higher than 90
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    Tombstone reacted to Valentia in 4 Deals?   
    Re: 4 Deals?
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    Tombstone got a reaction from Sergio Canales in Rating changes list?   
    Re: Rating changes list?
    For what leagues?
    I'm assuming you want the major leagues
    Most people seem to agree that the next review for EPL, BBVA, Serie A, Bundesliga will be either at the end of this month of in March.
    Hope that helped
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    Tombstone reacted to devil500 in Benzema deals?   
    Re: Benzema deals?
    no dont do it Higuain injured for months and i think 94 his limit and muller will go higher if you can do benzema and money do that
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    Tombstone reacted to 123_ABC in Benzema deals?   
    Re: Benzema deals?
    Yeh, you should if you are happy with it as Benzema is your third best forward and he is still a good player.
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    Tombstone got a reaction from psychospin in How can I find my posts?   
    Re: How can I find my posts?
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    Tombstone got a reaction from NathanWright in SM Application?   
    Re: SM Application?
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    Tombstone got a reaction from ezb2co in Need some tactical help - Been losing too many points lately...   
    Re: Need some tactical help - Been losing too many points lately...
    Start with flat back 4, with Buffon in goal:
    Alves Puyol Vidic Cole (With Pique inserted due to fitness/injuries)
    Then Busquets
    Xavi Fabregas and Iniests
    Messi and Villa/Ibra upfront
    So its a 4 1 3 2
    If that fails, try a 4 3 3 wingers, like Barca play in real life
    Hope that Helped
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    Tombstone reacted to mastermind genius in Hummels or Badstuber?   
    Re: Hummels or Badstuber?
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    Tombstone reacted to NariN in Hummels or Badstuber?   
    Re: Hummels or Badstuber?
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    Tombstone reacted to Raz. in Hummels or Badstuber?   
    Re: Hummels or Badstuber?
    yea if Dortmund win bundesliga Hummels can rise so go for Hummels
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    Tombstone reacted to AngusLFC in Hummels or Badstuber?   
    Re: Hummels or Badstuber?
    i was'nt concerntrating and thought it was hummels or subotic, definatly get hummels
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    Tombstone got a reaction from Maxpayne in Martín Montoya - Barcelona II   
    Re: Martín Montoya - Barcelona II
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    Tombstone reacted to BroodRoosterNL in Buy Gonazalez for Guiza and Granero?   
    Re: Buy Gonazalez for Guiza and Granero?
    Hmm yes if your looking to replace Taddei and/or Maggio that's best thing probably. Replace Taddei first, he's older and with Napoli doing extremely well Maggio will surely keep his 90.
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    Tombstone reacted to infernito in Buffon transfer?   
    Re: Buffon transfer?
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    Tombstone reacted to arampage in Match Fitness Problem   
    Re: Match Fitness Problem
    Heres a link -just fill out the fields at the bottom in detail.
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    Tombstone got a reaction from mattygcfc in Tombstone1's Retro Signatures :D   
    Re: Tombstone1's Retro Signatures

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    Tombstone reacted to Stuart H in Alonso and Fabregas   
    Re: Alonso and Fabregas
    In Alonso's 5 years at Liverpool they finished above Arsenal 3 times and also won the Champions League. As you called the side 'The Mighty Liverpool' with heavy sarcasm I'm merely calling you out as they outperformed Arsenal in that period. It's clear how important he was to Liverpool in that' date=' since he has left, their performances have greatly tailed off. We can't compare players on this point anyway as until guys like Reina, Gerrard and Torres leave we'll have no idea of their actual influence. My guess is that only Reina would be missed more (football-wise). Individual matches do not influence ratings, as you full well know, so I have no idea as to why you keep including them in your argument.
    Whilst Fabregas does have more individual accolades (probably due to his position and age), SM take team achievements much more seriously and Alonso has more winners medals than Fabregas and they're more recent too.
    I never said that Alonso kept Fabregas out of the Spanish side. That's Xavi and Iniesta's job It's irrelevant in the same way that' date=' judging by stats, Carrick is a better player than Essien... The 2 play different games and therefore, their stats aren't comparable.
    Does it really matter when a player becomes an international? It shouldn't make any difference to their ratings as players are rated on achievement, ability and form; not age. Casillas became an international at 19, Cesar at 25. Should the former always be rated higher having achieved more at a younger age? I didn't ignore your remark at all. I said it was far-fetched. Ability wise Fabregas is similar to Cambiasso but Alonso is light-years ahead of Veron. Refer back to my previous response to read the actual statement.
    They play different roles! You're comparing an attacking midfielder with a defensive one. It's not pointless at all saying he's a DM. Look at City. De Jong is a defensive midfielder so does that mean Barry automatically isn't?! Read this article on the latter stages of the WC final and it's obvious that Fabregas is in a more advanced role; in fact it's very obvious from one picture where he's ahead of Iniesta.
    When has Essien ever done that? Or De Rossi? Or Cambiasso? Or any other defensive midfielder? Whilst both were in the Premier League Fabregas didn't win a thing with Arsenal whilst Alonso got an FA Cup' date=' Charity Shield, Champions League and Super Cup and a better overall Premier League position. It's very easy for Fabregas to pick up individual accolades in a more advanced role (check how many WPOTYs have been keepers/defenders). Alonso's job isn't as noticeable but he's excellent at it. The fact that he is occasionally noticed for his half-way line efforts or 60 yard passes show he is truly exceptional.
    That's rubbish. Alonso has been at the top of his game for years. Fabregas just has a lot of fan-boys as he's young. It's not comparing an out of form player with an in form player at all. At least I haven't. I haven't even mentioned this season which has been among Xabi's best and Cesc's worse.
    Given how common good AMs are, I would much rather an in form Alonso.
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    Tombstone reacted to #rooneyisyummy# in squad caps debate: are they stupid ?   
    i want to discuss an idea i think is plain stupid. but a lot of people repeat it day in day out so i want to hear both sides of this argument on SM.
    an idea like below:
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    Tombstone reacted to ★A2R★ in ★A2R's Avatars And Sigs★   
    Re: ★A2R's Avatars And Sigs★
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    Tombstone reacted to Nikidinho in Ca any1 make an signature for me?   
    Re: Ca any1 make an signature for me?
    Check it out, made u a total classic

    EDIT: first one is Pique, second is Schweini and the third is Hazard.
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    Tombstone reacted to timesle in toni kroos   
    Re: toni kroos
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