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    Tombstone got a reaction from koplfc in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    You should keep Neymar mate. He's got much more room to grow rating wise than the other two players. You could easily find some Neymar-mad fanboy willing to give class players in exchange too
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Tombstone got a reaction from cristianoballotelli in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Fair enough. Sure' date=' there's not as many formations with 5 at the back, but that doesn't mean that they're not important. If suddenly they were removed it would be silly. I sometimes you the 541, especially when playing higher rated teams.
    Nice work not bolding the phrase that made the point valid. Try putting a player with DEF in a formation with 5 at the back, like 541. Then do the same with a player with just CB. There's no difference!
    Yeah, Bayern looked really good at the weekend
    Ivanovic would have played every game this season if it wasn't for injury. He isn't even old! Terry will be retiring in the not-so-distant future, and then Ivanovic will be Chelsea's main CB. Luiz is far to irrational to be considered starting every game at the moment.
    Neuer hasn't been great at Bayern. The only amazing defender at Bayern is Lahm. Chelsea have three, Terry, Cole and Ivanovic. Admittedly Gomez and Robben are good, but Ribery isn't as good anymore. Schweiny is playing alright, but players like Tymoschuk, Rafinha and Bastuber let the side down. Upfront Chelsea have two of the best forwards in the world, although one isn't exactly in form. Drogba would terrorise ANY defence, he's better than Gomez IMO. Torres of course is fantastic, just not at the moment. On the wings Mata is pure class, not as good as Robben but better than Ribery. In the centre, I'd rather have Lampard, Essien and Ramires than Schweiny, Tymoschuk and Kroos. Bayern have been dropping a lot of points lately as well, they lost against Mochengladbach the other week. Chelsea have drawn a lot, but then again they played Man Utd, whereas Bayern have been playing Wolfsburg, Hamburg and Mochengladbach.
    Sure, but Vidic plays for Serbia, and he's rated 96

    Also yes Ivanovic is rated lower then Terry and Cole and Terry isnt playing well but that has no effect whatsoever on Ivanovic's rating otherwise you could say seeing as Torres is a 93 then Sturridge should be 93 because he's not playing badly and just because Luiz who is lower rated is playing badly and Ivanovic isnt playing as bad as a player lower rated then him doesnt mean he should rise it means he's (barely) performing at the right level for his rating. If you had any understanding of the ratings system you would realise there is no chance Ivanovic will rise because Terry is playing badly what happens in that scenario is Terry's rating drops (amazingly). A drop to 91 would also see him higher rated then Luiz btw which would still reflect real life Ivanovic is currently playing better then Luiz which isnt exactly an achievement.

    Understanding of the ratings system? I don't know whether to take that as an insult or not.
    The fact that a player is surrounded by higher rated ones makes it more likely for him to rise. For example, if a Polish player moves to the English league and plays at the same level of football for him, and the same for the team, for arguments sake he went from Lech Poznan to West Ham, and he was rated 77 playing with defenders rated in he eighties, he would get a rise, even if he wasn't playing any better than in Poland. This would be because he'd be playing with higher rated players, and it would be silly to have one player rated lower just because he hasn't always played in that league. That is of course a hypothetical situation, but it always happens. Look at Oriol Romeu, or Pedro. They've rose a lot because they're playing with higher rated players. Pedro could play at the same individual standard in the Spanish second division for Cartagena and would be rated at least 7 lower.
    I was comparing two players who play in the same position. I think you've over analysed the significance of it. I was merely saying I'd rather have a player rated 2 points higher with a more well known example. Of course you'd have Iniesta, he's rated 97 rather than 95.

    You have picked two players who are the same position which is not the case with Boateng and Ivanovic as Boateng is more versatile and you have also picked an obviously amazing player in Iniesta and one of the more overated players in the game Ribery.

    No intention on the overrated part. Ribery simply plays for one of the clubs in question, so I thought it would be appropriate to pick him. Boateng doesn't play in the same position as Ivanovic? What? They're both defenders, both play at centre back too. Lahm got a position change to LB/RB last year, because he was playing at LB more than RB, where Boateng sometimes played, and Ivanovic aslo plays at RB.
    Yet again, you've over analysed my point.
    I could have picked any two players rated two apart. But I chose two well known, decent players, one of which plays for the same club as Boateng.
    So am I.
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    Tombstone got a reaction from JamTart in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Tombstone reacted to NariN in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Tombstone got a reaction from RRA in Keep or sell?   
    Re: Keep or sell?
    Keep Muniain' date=' and maybe J. Ayew. The others I'd probably try to trade off for better players.
    Er, so, young, decent players.
    (Not particular order, bolded ones are IMO, better to buy for long term)
    Ter Stegen
    El Shawaarwy
    Lucas Rodrigues
    A. Ayew
    De Bruyne
    De Gea
    Sneijder (Rodney)
    That's probably enough to get you going!
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    Tombstone got a reaction from DerbyPower in SOPA- Stop Online Piracy Act   
    This isn't good.
    Not good at all.
    What isn't good? I've got stuff to do!
    I'll get onto that.
    What you need to know, first of all, is that this will affect everybody reading this, and in general, everybody that uses the internet.
    Whaaaaatttt? How?
    I'm going to give a brief overview of this topic, then go more in depth, and post some links and videos (Which is rather ironic, you'll get it if you read this through).
    SOPA, or the Stop Online Piracy Act, is a bill being pushed through the American Government system. It's aim, is really quite simple: To get rid of online piracy. Ie Copyright infringement.
    However, the way they're going about this is completely messed up. They've decided that instead of punishing one person for piracy, they're punishing everyone. It's like at school when there's one kid who won't shut up, and then the whole class gets kept behind.
    This doesn't make sense!
    The American Government think that online piracy is a massive issue. Fair enough, it's illegal and all, but there's the Fair Usage Policy and that? Well, let's break it down.
    The American Government will block Americans from visiting some websites.
    Oh well, it's just going to be a few illegal sites yeah, and just Americans?That doesn't mean it will affect me in Britain, or other Europeans?
    Wrong, and probably wrong.
    Not just the few illegal sites that practice piracy.
    Websites such as YouTube, Photobucket, even this very forum could be blocked to all American users. Any site that hosts a link that a user posted could be blocked to all American users. Also, as many of the sites you use are based in America, if they're taken down, users in other countries won't be able to use them.
    Also, the US sets precedents for internet law which could mean that censorship becomes standard, across the globe. So then yeah, it would affect you in Britain, and other Europeans.
    But why?
    This bill will make the website responsible for what their users post. A good way of thinking about this is like so: Say you're driving along in your car, when suddenly BAM, a guy in a Honda crashes into you. So long as there was no major technical fault with the Honda, or you were driving like a muppet, it would be the other guy's fault. But this law would mean that it's Honda's fault. Or, say a criminal stores some counterfeit goods in a bank. Because of this, the bank is then closed down, with every single one of it's branches also doing so, without a search warrant, or due course of action. This sounds a bit extreme, but it's a good analogy, because this is what would happen if this bill goes through. So if you post a link that infringes copyright, the website you posted it on could be blocked, as it's a "rogue website". A youtube video could infringe copyright. A video with your daughter singing a song with music in the background would infringe copyright. YouTube (Or certainly parts of YouTube) would be blocked. Facebook at Twitter would at least be heavily censored, if not taken down.
    A few infringing links are enough to block a site full of legal material, like this forum. I mean, mainly what goes on here is talk about transfers, gameworlds and football in general. But, every time a link or image is posted, that potentially means that we're infringing copyright laws, and the site could be banned to all Americans. Like I said previously, this would probably then spread to the rest of the world.
    How on earth do they enforce this?!
    A little thing known as DNS Blocking. I won't go into great lengths, but it just means that any computer or device in a certain area can't access certain websites. In China, they're not allowed on Facebook. The Chinese government enforces this by using DNS Blocking. So no computer or device (Except for maybe, Government pcs?) in China can access Facebook, without some special software.
    Iran and Syria also have DNS Blocking enforced. "In 2008, Iran has blocked access to more than five million Internet sites, whose content is mostly perceived as immoral and anti-social." So is this what the US is moving onto?
    This could become law? It would be illegal to access these websites, if they're not taken down?
    Yeah, there're two bills really, the SOPA and the PIPA (Protect IP Act) and they're going through the American Government system, right now. What's really scary is that there's lots of support within their Government for these bills.
    American politicians support this? Are they mad?

    Maybe. The worst thing about this probably is that the people debating and supporting this, can't use the internet. I didn't make that up, they freely admitted to it! So a bunch of 50-70 year olds (No offence to anybody aged 50-70 who can use a computer and the 'net) who can barely use a keyboard are dictating to the Americans, and potentially the whole world, what we can and can't do on the internet! This is madness!
    Can we stop this? I rather like YouTube!

    Well, as with most things that people want or don't want to happen, it would require support. Already there's loads of articles about it, more popular in the states, and Anonymous have said that they're not happy. And you don't want to make Anonymous unhappy, as normally it doesn't end well for anyone.
    There are petitions, stuff like that as well though. The American public are helping out by writing or emailing or simply contacting their local congress person about it, telling them to vote no or whatever they do.
    I'll post some links (I hope I'm not infringing copyright ) at the end of this.
    Apart from not being allowed on websites, what else do these bills mean?
    "These bills will kill jobs and stifle innovation, undermine cyber security, risk censoring the American Internet, and provide cover for totalitarian regimes that want to undermine Internet freedom abroad."
    So all in all, these bills as very, very bad and dangerous. I won't explain fully why they're dangerous, but it's to do with cyber security.
    How did you, some random English kid on a football forum, find out about this?
    Ironically enough, on YouTube. I was all like "No way am I not going to go on the internet and watch videos or whatever just 'cos of some American OAPs who can't use a keyboard!" So I decided to post this, as I thought not many people over here will have heard about it.
    Thank you ever so much for reading this. If you can, post something on Facebook, Twitter, wherever to raise awareness. Sign the petition. You don't have to live in America to do so. There's a special bit for non-Americans to sign.


    This is the video that first introduced me to SOPA and PIPA. It's very long, but it's really interesting, you won't get bored. Some of the things I mentioned in this thread I 'pirated' from this video.

    Link to an article about SOPA.Another article, better than the first one.
    Mozilla are against this!
    Another video, great stuff.

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    Tombstone got a reaction from Elohim in The Rubber Duck Championship - M/R's, Transfer News & Discussions   
    Re: The Rubber Duck Championship - M/R's, Transfer News & Discussions

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    Tombstone reacted to Salty in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Tombstone reacted to Verethragna in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    I Would Let Pirlo And Arteta Go, And Get Modric And Toure.
    You Have Nani, Pedro And The Special One "Silva" And Yes... Hazard too. You Dont Need Wing(mata) But Toure and Busquets Can Make A Great DM, And Modric Behinde Them In CM And Rememer Modric Can Play In LM. And I Don't Think They'll Drop At Last For Mid Term. But, But If You Play With 2 AM, Take Mata, You Don't Have Any Options To Cover...
    My Rank For them:
    Players You Would Let Go(Depend On Your Formation):
    Del Piero
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    Tombstone reacted to dancpoli in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Tombstone got a reaction from drink in The Rubber Duck Championship - M/R's, Transfer News & Discussions   
    Re: The Rubber Duck Championship - M/R's, Transfer News & Discussions
    There's a large enough gap to keep it good
    Suarez and Lucas are suspended though, so you've dodged a very South American bullet there
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    Tombstone reacted to forevrunited in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Riferimento: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Tombstone reacted to drink in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Tombstone got a reaction from Village in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Riferimento: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Put some responses in, easier than messing around with BB code This is what a forum is about though, discussing and debating opinions
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    Tombstone got a reaction from John S in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    In my opinion' date=' the bold one are the ones to keep/get
    Marcelo and Muller already have really high ratings, and can go higher, just if Madrid and Bayern do better in La Liga and the Champions League respectively (Madrid are doing well, but they haven't won it for a while). Richards is playing at one of the best clubs in the world, and he's already got 14 starts in the league, so can maybe rise soon.
    Ozil won't rise, he may even drop if the rumours are true and he leaves Madrid for a worse club. Gomez won't rise, even though he's playing really well I think that a 94 would be too high for him, 93 is just right. Smalling hasn't played as much as Richards this season, and is, arguably, at a worse club.
    Keep Mata. It would be difficult to give Bender a 91, and Ramires won't get a 92. Mata was stumped at Valencia, everyone said that when he eventually moved to a better club his rating would rocket up, and so far that's been the case, he's been putting some great performances in this season for Chelsea.
    Witsel has played in every league match for Benfica this season, but won't rise to 91. Lucas is a great talent, linked with clubs like Chelsea. If you don't really need Witsel, get Lucas, if Witsel is important, keep him.
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    Tombstone got a reaction from deukp in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    I'd say so.
    The usual method I use for deals says don't do it, but essentially those two players have peaked and won't rise (Yeah, Messi probably can't rise either) and I can see Ribery dropping sooner or later, while Alves is safe at 95 for a while.
    Providing you can cover Alves, it's a good deal, as also Messi could take the place of Ribery if you use them as AMs
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    Tombstone reacted to TheDuffman in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Well I'd say January to Valencia he's agreed personal terms apparently and the clubs are currently in talks about the fee looks clear he wants to leave so ajax would be silly not to sell him now I'm sure there come to a deal.
    But to be fair Its a hard choice both very good right backs!
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    Tombstone reacted to koplfc in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    van der Wiel is set to sign a 5-year deal at Valencia, apparently. He expects it to happen in January but Ajax and Valencia are in deep discussions. !!Apparently!!
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    Tombstone reacted to BroodRoosterNL in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Depends, I think short term Piszczek is the better choice but long term I'd probably pick vdWiel. He refused to sign a new contract (current one ends 2013) and Valencia have already contacted Ajax, only thing is that Ajax don't want to sell him until the summer.
    So basically Piszczek could be rated a higher at the end of this season, but I doubt it would make much of a difference.
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    Tombstone reacted to Hazza Arsenal in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Tombstone reacted to 123_ABC in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Tombstone got a reaction from garryc300 in The Rubber Duck Championship - M/R's, Transfer News & Discussions   
    Re: The Rubber Duck Championship - M/R's, Transfer News & Discussions
    Drew away at PSG 2-2, still top of the league though
    And this is the 1000th reply on this thread
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    Tombstone got a reaction from Mike H in World Championship 10000 Discussion thread   
    Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread
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    Tombstone got a reaction from Big Charles in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    I think that for the top players like Messi and Ronaldo, you should pay as much as you can afford.
    Lukaku is good, but he is never going to be rated 98, never ever.
    Ronaldo is perfectly safe at 98.
    Sneijder is safe at 95. Could rise if he has a fantastic season, but it's more than likely that he'll stay at 95 for the time being.
    You seem to have enough young talent to get by with, so I think that the loss of Lukaku and Sneijder to gain a 98 rated player is a good deal
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