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  1. Re: Tom cleverley Gotze was only 75 at the start of last season I think i'm right in saying that. Not too sure about Wilshere. Cleverley is already rated 86 so if he plays around 30-40 games in all competitions this season a 90 is definitely in question as Man Utd players get ratings just for playing for Man Utd ;-)
  2. Re: How to improve my Barcelona For your youth side sell the ones in bold, You just need to have more cover in certain positions in your first team squad e.g. CM, LB, RB, DM and you could really do with a CF.
  3. Re: My Sunderland squad You need to freshen up your CBs as there getting on a bit, especially Carvalho. Adriano, Maxwell, Bosingwa and Samuel also should be rid of. Try swap dealing these players if a competitive league or selling and buying more upcoming younger prospects with high ratings like Hummels, Kompany, Van Der Wiel, Coentrao and Sakho for example in defence. Midfield wise Stankovic is getting on, try signing Nigel De Jong or someone of that stature. Also get rid of Gattuso and Simao (Being at Besiktas his rating is only going down). Sell Craig Gordon and try signing Cabral Rafael
  4. Re: Who to replace Rami? Welinton will be a good rise this time round. If your needing a RB try signing Luiz Danilo as well and btw Aurtenexte for 6m is a very bad deal mate! played loads the start of last season but I think he got injured and wasn't seen again in the first team of Atletico Bilbao.
  5. Re: Young Team Sell all players rated 70 or lower except for Nick Powell and Oxlade-Chamberlain. Sell Niklas Hult,Gustavo Aprile,Gonzalo Viera,Jhony Cano,Nelson Lemus,Ali Ahamada,Carlos Izquierdoz,Bryan Carrasco,Florin Berenguer,Tobias Vargas,Silvio Torales,Emiliano Albin,Jose Isidoro,Alejandro Arribas,Etxeberria Benat,Gudmundsson,Alejandro Martinuccio,Nivaldo Jardel,Gabriel Milito Try Swap Dealing some of these players for higher rated youngsters 85+
  6. Re: squad help!! Buy the ones in bold, If you already have a high rated GK don't bother buying Hart, Get Kompany, Nigel De Jong and Stefan Savic if you've only got 30m
  7. Hi, I'm looking for some advice on my Manchester Utd squad. I have nearly 300m cash but have no way of spending it as either the GW managers won't sell or won't even respond to bids. Just wondering where I can go from here as I have a ageing squad which needs freshening up desperately. I have already sold Paul Scholes, Rio Ferdinand and Simone Perrotta. Here is my First Team squad: GK Pepe Reina 93 Roman Weidenfeller 90 LB Leighton Baines 90 Domenico Criscito 90 Georgi Schennikov 88 RB Matthieu Debuchy 89 CB Thiago Silva 93 Adil Rami 90 Daniel Agger 90 Michael Dawson 89 Ry
  8. Re: Help Me please Sell the ones in bold, I'd personally keep Ireland and Warnock for now as Mcleish has stated he is giving everyone a chance to impress. Keep an eye out if Friedel starts the new season or if you can swap deal him for a same rated GK e.g. Weidenfeller from Dortmund doesn't usually cost much. Other than that slowly add to your youth setup and try swap dealing the ones in bold for better players/prospects.
  9. Re: Get Ji-Dong Won on Bought him before he rised to +7 and sold him afterwards, I wouldn't buy him until the season gets underway and if his playing take a punt.
  10. Re: Karim Bellarabi-Bayer Leverkusen new signing Got an increase from 76 to 80 in the recent German rating changes. I'm guessing he won't get much playing time at Bayer Leverkusen the season coming up, so they may look to loan him out to a 2. Bundesliga side so he can get minutes therefore progress and improve.
  11. KARIM BELLARABI Position: W/F Club: Bayer Leverkusen Nationality: German Age: 21 Height: 1.83cm Weight: 75kg Rating: 76 Germany under-20s: 4 Appearances, 1 Goal 2009/2010: Eintracht Braunschweig: 2 Appearances 2010/2011: Eintracht Braunschweig: 35 Appearances (32 Starts, 3 Sub), 8 Goals The link to the signing. Must have been a done deal in January. http://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/news/newsid=1585614.html http://www.goal.com/en/news/15/germany/2011/01/12/2301713/official-bayer-leverkusen-sign-eintracht-braunschweig Karim Bellarabi is a German from Moroccan Descent
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