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  1. Re: New User Interface [beta] Lots of hate going on here. Hate Hate hate the new FORCED design. Rubbish
  2. Jamie Ness a young talent at Glasgow Rangers played for the Gers against Celtic today. His passing and composure was assured...definetly one to watch!
  3. Hey there, been on SM now since May and have some success with my teams. I started a game world (WC9221) and managed Real Madrid. I've got a terrific squad :- GK - Casillas RB - Ramos CB - Mertesacker CB - Chiellini LB - Marcello DM - Mascherano CM - De Rossi CM - Fabregas RW - Ronaldo LW - Benzema For - Higuain I just wondered...what has been , or who has the best SM first 11 in all the game worlds?
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