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  1. Re: World Championship 2 MKII Good luck with your Boca Junior's side,ive just took over Club Brugge in division 4.they in a right state.in debt and performing very poor.Will be a good challenge for me.If i can turn things around for them.
  2. Re: World Championship 2 MKII Good luck in your relegation battle danny.ive spent all season in a relagation battle.for some reason my players aint been performing.But i was shocked tonight as i won,that makes it 2 wins on the trot for me.only the second time this season i managed that.so i know i still got a fight on my hands to avoid relegation.good luck any mate. By the way folks,i just put james milner,mozart and cana on the transfer list,if anyone interested,will consider player exchange or cash.
  3. mark1964

    manager rating

    Re: manager rating Right,that tell's you,how the manager as done since,he became the manager,the point's is the number of points the club have accumulated,e.g 3 for a win,1 for a draw,it is the total.the club have achieved.hope this helps
  4. mark1964

    manager rating

    Re: manager rating Yeah thats true mate,if you play the game fair,your manager reputation goes up 1 point a week.
  5. Re: faster transfer Thats true.over last week or so,i put alot of deals in for players of unmanaged clubs,like the rest of you,bids accepted,over night,been waiting for the next day only to find the deal cancelled due to change of club managership.really peas you of.as when you check the club still unmanaged.so have to rebid.(cus some idiot takes over the club overnight just to stop the transfers.Then quits))Maddening to put it mildly.?
  6. Re: World Championship 2 MKII Try genes-reunited.com.they might help with ya family tree.dont see how hard it is to tell the difference between boy and girl.come mate get a grip.lol.god if you cant tell the differnce what chance your football got.
  7. mark1964

    Longest Unbeaten Run

    Re: LONGEST UNBEATEN RUN Nottingham Forest(EC19) 17 Games unbeaten in a row,with 13 straight wins in a row.
  8. Re: CHELSEA V LIVERPOOL Great result for liverpool.well done lad's.dont support either, but nice for them to stuff chelsea.
  9. Re: chelsea Try managing one of the other club's,wot you got to spend is about the average for most club's.money dont buy success,as tonight's champion's league showed.it's not always the amount of money you have to spend.It's what and who you spend it on.It's often more fun and challenging to take over a smaller club,with not so much money.and beat the bigger club's.I think it's alot more of a challenge.good luck anyway.
  10. mark1964


    Re: Anyone? forgot to say she got better leg's than me.(not to mention them gorgeous lips).
  11. Re: Brian clough Close result,Think today if Brian clough was still managing a club,he wouldnt of put up with alot of players of today.spitting there dummies out there pram.and there acting or tantrum's.diving and whimp's,like alot of manager.s do today,only my opinion but most players of today are over paid,whimp's(often aint here fault,i know)it;s how the game's changing.prefer the game 20 years back when you could tackle a player,or be physical.(the games going soft)Where's it gonna end.Most english players play a fair,physical game.and are honest.But over the last 5 years or so we been fl
  12. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Listening to daydream Believer-The Monkee's.great song as somehow when played Forest and Derby Fans always fight.lol.(think the river trent got alot to do with it.anyway love the song.
  13. Re: World Championship 2 MKII PSG,relieved not to get relegated.thanks alot to the new manager.glad we survived in division 2.so this year dont expect miracles.survival,hopefully mid table finish.as got a good squad .but in a season or 2,will be pushing for promotion.(hey if it happens,this season will bw a bonus).anyway chaps be lucky,and hope you all ave a good season.
  14. Re: Right now i'm listening to... I am the one and only.by Chesney hawkes.(cheesy i know,but after Wednesday results,had a great season).after a few beers everyone in the pub sings it.
  15. Re: Brian clough ive heard of alex feguson(great manager)but never heard of alec ferguson ?
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