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  1. Re: New German No. 1? Egg on face?!?
  2. Re: New German No. 1? And Adler is injured anyway!!
  3. Now that Lehmann has announced his international retirement, the race is on to be the new German no.1 and probably receive a boost to their rating as a result. The main candidates appear to be... RENE ADLER (age 23, rating 91) - Plays for Bayern Leverkusen. No caps to date but was in the Euro 2008 squad. MANUEL NEUER (age 22, rating 90) - Plays for Schalke. No caps and missed out on the Euro 2008 squad. ROBERT ENKE (age 30, rating 91) - Plays for Hanover 96. Only 1 cap and that was over a year ago. Along with Adler was in the Euro 2008 squad. TIMO HILDEBRAND (age 29, 91) - Plays in Spain f
  4. I have an oppportunity to purchase a 93 rated forward but need to trade in one of my 91 rated forwards. Which of the following do people think are least likely to retain their 91 rating or rise to 92 in the future? Fabio Quagliarella (Udinese) Pavel Pogrenbnyak (Zenit) Fernandez Luis Garcia (Espanyol) I'm leaning towards keeping Luis Garcia purely because he's valued at £3.5m less than the others by the club i'm trading him to. But the other 2 are younger and I reckon are more likely to get international appearances, UEFA Cup games etc. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  5. Re: Bestpay's Russian Ratings (17 players) Accoridng to the Official Rubin Kazan website he's played 8 times this season... http://www.eng.rubin-kazan.ru/players-general/
  6. Re: Spanish Ratings I would love to know their justification for keeping Saviola at 91. He was lucky to only drop 1 point from 92 in the last change. And then this change he stayed the same! His stats in La Liga for the past 2 seasons... 2006 Barcelona - 673mins 5goals 2007 Real Madrid - 383mins 3goals
  7. Re: Must Buy: Viktor Fayzulin I think the Russian changes are w/c 26th May so only 4 weeks away.
  8. Re: Right Backs Rising Soon - Suggestions? What about getting a Defender (D) who could play RB, CB or LB? Heiko WESTERMANN of Schalke and Nicolas BURDISSO of Inter are both 90 rated D and should go up in the future. Burdisso is 27, a regular for Serie A champions-elect Inter and plays for Argentina. Westermann is 24 and made his debut for the German national team at the end of March.
  9. Re: Oleksandr Hladkyi Only 5 weeks until the next Ukraine changes... http://blog.soccermanager.com/players/player-ratings/messagse-player-ratings.html
  10. Re: Millzy's English Premier League Rating Changes I agree with all of this apart from the Murphy bit as think he's been fairly useless all season. The other rating decrease I don't agree with from the original post is for Litmanen. He may not have played for Fulham but is still playing (and scoring) for Finland.
  11. Re: Alternatives to Saviola Many thanks for all the advice. Would love Huntelaar but he's taken unfortunately. Lavezzi and Falcao are also with managed teams so looks like a toss up between Cassano or Luis Garcia.
  12. Re: Can you give me your views on these players. Hiariej and Vormer should get big increases.
  13. Re: Can you give me your views on these players. I'm not convinced Khedira or Tasci will rise this time. Both are promising youngsters (Tasci was in the squad for the friendly game against England last year) so are still worth hanging onto. Having said that... i've just used Tasci in a part exchange deal for Westermann who will definately go up (but doesn't fit into your U21 criteria).
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