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  1. So what's gonna happen next season?


    As it stands we carry on under the same rules as before, only without the handicaps so all teams are equal in maximum number of transfers and bidding at the same time.


    Rahul needs to win the league to win the setup and Huddo needs to win both main domestic cups (cup and shield) to win the setup. Everyone else need to win all three. If AI teams win the three competitions we all lose and the Setup ends.


    Just waiting on HD King's vote re Bidding/Transfers and Phil's decision on whether or not to keep playing this setup.

  2. Phil voted against to but may be leaving the setup - Do you confirm this Phil?


    If Phil stays we have 4 votes against change. If Phil resigns from Ajax, we have to find a new manager to fill the vacancy.


    Jamie voted in favour of Bidding Wars, so the total tally is now 4 - 3 (No Change winning).


    Waiting on HD King's vote.

  3. Do you accept bribes?



    Ya, I'd be willing to contact FIFA, so I can find out how we should go about it.  B)


    Depends on how much we're talking about  :D And FIFA is now a paragon of virtue. You'll learn nothing from them Pedro.

  4. Right, at the moment we have 3 votes AGAINST changing the bidding system (Pedro, Rahul and B-Kes) and 2 in favour (Victor and Huddo). That's 5 managers so we need to get the other guys opinion (HD King, Phil Cook, Jamie). I will only vote to break a tie. 

  5. Hi All,


    Quick post to (1) thank you for what has been a great season, (2) Congratulate Huddo and Rahul on their achievements and everyone else for managing to keep RM/BAR/BAY from winning trophies!


    Still some calendar games to go but we can now decide what to do for the following season. Firstly, is everyone happy to keep playing this setup?


    The base rules of the setup are the same:


    1. One Human team to win all major 3 competitions (i.e. Rahul needs to win the League; Huddo needs to win both Cup and Shield) (Mickey Mouse Cup does not count)


    2. Not buying players from Unmanaged Teams and teams from the following 3 Leagues: Spain (La Liga), Italy (Serie A) and England (English Premier League)


    The rules above are NOT up for debate. Now...


    3. Tranfers - Here I want to give you guys the option of shaping the next transfer market if you want... The options are:


    a) Keep transfers/bidding system as previous season (except handicaps which are now removed) with all teams allowed 9 transfers but no bidding wars - 1st bid for a player stands and nobody else can bid for that particular player. Remember the 9 player transfers limit includes deals among Human managers.


    B) Change transfer system to: (1) Max 3 transfers per season; (2) Bidding wars allowed.


    What do you think, and more importantly, what do you want? Keep transfers as before or change?


    Let me know.





    I hope this doesn't have to happen and that we are all grown up enough to avoid a situation like this BUT... if you have an active bid on a player and another manager bids for that player too (my distraction...) you need to contact that manager asking him to withdraw his bid. You can do it in the game NEWS FEED/MESSAGE WALL or via PM.

  7. Hi everyone, 


    Despite my efforts and everyone now being in place SM is not letting me start the GW on account of having three teams without managers (Real, Barça, Bayern).


    I have submitted a bug ticket to SM and waiting for their reply.


    If the reply is unsatisfactory (e.g. not letting the game run with 3 unmanaged teams) we will need to find 3 kind souls to come play the role of the big bad wolves. If you have any mates that would like this challenge we can opt for this straight away but I need to think of ways to limit their power, particularly in the transfer market. If you have any ideas just reply to this message here in the Forum.



  8. Im HD King and yes im still interested.

    Dont know the invite code so need that first :)

    EDIT: just saw the post sorry bout that

    EDIT 2: Apparently Marseille are taken, if they are ive applied to Hamburg instead


    Please apply for Marseille. All other teams are now taken and as soon as You are confirmed the setup can start. Cheers!

  9. Hey i'm in for this !


    is Marseille still available?


    Hi again Kes. OM has been taken, alongside Dortmund, Celtic, Crvena Zvezda and possibly Ajax (waiting for confirmation on this one.


    Still available: Hamburger SV, Nottingham Forest and Steaua Bucuresti.

  10. Im HD King and yes im still interested.

    Dont know the invite code so need that first :)

    EDIT: just saw the post sorry bout that

    EDIT 2: Apparently Marseille are taken, if they are ive applied to Hamburg instead


    You asked for OM first so if you still want it I can give it to you HD King.

  11. Very interested in this. Would like Marseille :)



    Hey i'm in for this !


    is Marseille still available?


    It depends if Flicksandtricks810 still wants it. I am going to give him 24 hours to apply. If he doesn't I'll let you know. Cheers!

  12. I'd love to be part of this sounds great. Celtic please!


    Michael, I tried to offer you the Celtic job but you have all your managing slots filled. You need to open space up before you can join apparently.

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