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  1. Re: Double D Hi, I took over Aston Villa (thanks @Noisy for the great squad btw) and will defo be pushing for promotion, as this squad belongs in Div 1. Again, thank you Matt (JKerrs) for the invite. I am very happy to be here. Cheerio!
  2. Re: RAGS TO RICHES - The Rise To Prominence Well, hello everybody! Big thanks to JKerrs for the invite. I was hoping to go for Sheffield Wednesday but ended up at Bath City ! Now had to get rid of all dead wood and brought in a new squad of twenty-odd kids all rated 70 for about the price of a packet of crisps. Let's see where we can go with this.
  3. Re: RAGS TO RICHES - The Rise To Prominence Hi there, Can I join in at this point? Cheers!
  4. Re: The Underdog - Version.2 Discussions, M/R's Team and Losers of the turn 2 defeats in a row. Trying to raise the average squad level but having to sell good players to buy good prospects so this season seems already lost with Chemnitzer well out of reach. Just the playoff remains but will be fighting against Kaiserslautern (avg 89), Real Sporting (with 17 players rated 85+), Middlesbrough (with 5 players rated 90+). Hell, even teams below on the table seem to have more quality... Hard times ahead...
  5. Re: The Underdog - Version.2 Discussions, M/R's Team and Losers of the turn Dundee Utd still chasing Chemnitzer FC The Terrifying Tangerines recorded their 5th game unbeaten and keep climbing the table - now 2nd. Against a feeble Boa Esperança, Dundee scored 4 and kept a clean sheet. Next match against Cartagena will be tricky but the terrors will be looking to close the gap to Chemnitzer!
  6. Re: The Underdog - Version.2 Discussions, M/R's Team and Losers of the turn After an inglorious defeat to Chemnitzer, Dundee's Terrors are back to winning ways and a comfortable away win in Reims brings Utd just one point short of league table leaders Kaiserslautern before the Germans visit Tannadice Park. Jesé who scored a brace and Alcácer (MoM) with one combined well with Ocampos and Zaha to produce a swiss-clock precision attacking display.
  7. Re: The Underdog - Version.2 Discussions, M/R's Team and Losers of the turn I may have something to say about that. Looking forward to our mid-week match! Good luck!
  8. Re: The Underdog - Version.2 Discussions, M/R's Team and Losers of the turn Dundee Utd, The "Real" Underdog start with a 2-0 win at home against star-studded Middlesbrough. C'mon the Terrors!
  9. Re: The Underdog - Version.2 Discussions, M/R's Team and Losers of the turn Hello! I just fell in Matt's (JKERRS) trap and picked up a team without looking at the rulebook! So that's how I came to be DUNDEE UTD manager in this great setup. I apologise upfront for not being very active here on the Forum but I'll try and compensate by posting the odd comment on the game's message board. Also I will do my best to win Div. 1 but please be patient with me as I have a tough job ahead. Thanks for letting me join in on the fun! Cheers! hmocc
  10. Hi All, Just wondering what are the toughest leagues out there. I run the "TOP 100 WORLD CLUB CHALLENGE" which I reckon is a pretty demanding set up with top 100 clubs from around the world (no just Champions League), no buying from unmanaged clubs and bottom of the division manager sacked at the end of the season. Also 20 days connect limit or sacked. I am looking for similar or harder setups. So if you think your Game World is the toughest, please post here and explain why you reckon it is the toughest. Thanks in advance! hmocc
  11. Re: Tactics Help Thread Hi, After recently taking over an Arsenal team which had a very tough 1st season (last place before relegation, aka 17th), I decided that the tactic that most suited the players available was 3412. Please advise me re potential threats and weaknesses of this tactic and do suggest alternatives. The game being played is a World Championship and I need all the help I can get to make this Arsenal team develop and be successful in it. Thanks! hmocc
  12. You are invited to participate in the newest and most difficult SM custom tournament to date: The TOP 100 WORLD CLUBS CHALLENGE (id 65491) Many of the worlds top teams still available to manage, such as Sevilla, Lyon, Valencia, Fiorentina, Schalke04, Lille, Ajax, Marseille, etc SPECIAL CALL TO: All French, Turkish, Greek, Dutch, German, American, Argentinian, Brazilian and Mexican Managers - Your teams need you! Want to bring River Plate back? You can. Want to help Lyon win the Challenge League? You can. Want LA Galaxy to become the true Galácticos? YOU CAN! Join the TOP 100 WORLD CLUBS CHALLENGE (id 65491) TODAY! P.S.: Don't forget to invite your friends for those special derby matches!
  13. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers TOP 100 WORLD CLUBS CHALLENGE Our Game-World Needs YOU! Join the truest worldly challenge in Soccer Manager where the most loved top teams (chosen by me, based on current IFFHS and UEFA rankings) in all continents battle it out for ultimate supremacy! • 100 Teams (5 Divisions of 20 Teams each) • Only open to managers of 45+ • No buying from unmanaged clubs • Manager finishing last (20th) is SACKED! (this applies to all divisions) • Managers need to log in at least once every 10 days • Many top European teams still available: Lyon, Marseille, Napoli, Fiorentina, Sevilla, Valencia, Schalke 04, Celtic, Rangers, Sporting Lisbon, Tottenham, etc. • Most top South-American, North-American, African, Asian and Australian teams available • FC PORTO starting at bottom of league 5 (80 teams will always avoid the Incredible Hulk!) What are you waiting for? Join today if you dare!
  14. Re: The Veneratio League - *Challenges Available* Hello, I'd love to join if there is a slot available for Bristol Rovers. Cheers! hmocc Edit#1: Actually, can I have RoPS (FIN) instead?
  15. Re: True World League Hi all, Game is now public. Join and enjoy! Cheers! hmocc True World League
  16. Hiya People, I have this new custom world league called the True World League because it has got the best teams from all over the world (Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America - sorry no Australia). There are loads of great clubs available and I would be very happy if more people wants to join. You just need to submit your application! We'll be waiting for you! hmocc
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