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  2. Algún hispano con ganas de un nuevo mundo de juego personalizado?
  3. tamo activo tamo activo tamo en vivooooooo

  4. No entiendo nada :s

  5. Respuesta: Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Awesome game played Cani, deserved to be in the XI of the day, today scored 3 goals to lead the team to the top of Division 3.
  6. Respuesta: Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Félix Kroos and Malbranque has done a great match, thanks for include them in the team of the day. Ifrán also had a great game, but it is impossible to compete against 4 goals from Drogba or Defoe hat-trick.
  7. Respuesta: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thiago Silva.
  8. Respuesta: Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Good game. I panicked a little when entered Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Muller haha. Luckily they did not have time to show his class. I did not use my headlines, and I also had some players out of position, but still had a lot of confidence that we would win.
  9. Respuesta: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Christoph Kramer for me.
  10. Respuesta: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread All ready to go. The Gillingham is ready to begin a new season in Division 3 Team has undergone many changes in recent days, having sold very important players, with the idea of rejuvenating the workforce, thinking ahead. Normally we have focused on signing older players with experience, but this time we decided to make things different. We will face this season with a small squad and with many young players with scores "low", but will have their chances in the first team. The goal a few weeks ago would be winning promotion, b
  11. #JRR10

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    Respuesta: Re: Top 100 Please read a little! Teams NOT CHOOSE! ARE DRAWN!
  12. #JRR10

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    Respuesta: Riferimento: Respuesta: Riferimento: Respuesta: Riferimento: Top 100 Rules: No transfer rules for negotiations between managers. Transfer limit (external clubs) for each division: Div 1: Players with a minimum score of 88. Div 2: Players with scores between 84 and 87. Div 3:Players with scores between 81 and 86. Div 4: Players with scores between 76 and 85. Div 5: Players with a high score of 84.
  13. #JRR10

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    Respuesta: Riferimento: Respuesta: Riferimento: Top 100 You read the rules? Each division has different transfer rules. If you are willing to enter a sweepstakes and I will appoint a team to you.
  14. #JRR10

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    Respuesta: Riferimento: Top 100 The teams are not chosen. Are drawn.
  15. Respuesta: Re: Predictions Argentina 2012/2013 He was injured and has recovered, so it will start in the reserve game this weekend. It's good but just beginning, you have not done amazing things, but his speed and courage excited. I think this will seestre chances, especially if the first team championship does not start well, have to see how it does.
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