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  1. Respuesta: Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread




    Did any of your players make it into match 21 TOTD ?

    hover over TOTD tab then click "match 21" to view

    can be viewed here


    If you hover over TOTD tab you will see dropdown menu showing matches added' date=' so far you will see matches 1 - 21 dropdowns. [/font']

    Awesome game played Cani, deserved to be in the XI of the day, today scored 3 goals to lead the team to the top of Division 3.

  2. Respuesta: Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread




    Did any of your players make it into match 14 TOTD ?

    hover over TOTD tab then click "match 14" to view

    can be viewed here


    If you hover over TOTD tab you will see dropdown menu showing matches added' date=' so far you will see matches 1 - 14 dropdowns. [/font']

    Félix Kroos and Malbranque has done a great match, thanks for include them in the team of the day.

    Ifrán also had a great game, but it is impossible to compete against 4 goals from Drogba or Defoe hat-trick.

  3. Respuesta: Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

    Despite a raft of changes and having to play players out of position i do feel a little hard done by especially on our first half performance but Gillingham took their chances and we didn't.

    Back to the league which is our bread a butter and with our form flagging i need to get us back on track

    Good game. I panicked a little when entered Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Muller haha. Luckily they did not have time to show his class.

    I did not use my headlines, and I also had some players out of position, but still had a lot of confidence that we would win.

  4. Respuesta: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread


    All ready to go.

    The Gillingham is ready to begin a new season in Division 3 Team has undergone many changes in recent days, having sold very important players, with the idea of rejuvenating the workforce, thinking ahead.

    Normally we have focused on signing older players with experience, but this time we decided to make things different. We will face this season with a small squad and with many young players with scores "low", but will have their chances in the first team.

    The goal a few weeks ago would be winning promotion, but with these changes, we can not get as high a pretense. Therefore, the new objective is to stay in the category another season, to give time for the young to progress and afienzarse the first team.

    It will not be easy, there are great teams that will fight for the same, but we will fight to the end, always with the intention of making a good game, primarily offensive.

    Good luck to all!

  5. Respuesta: Riferimento: Respuesta: Riferimento: Respuesta: Riferimento: Top 100

    where is the rules?


    No transfer rules for negotiations between managers.

    Transfer limit (external clubs) for each division:

    Div 1: Players with a minimum score of 88.

    Div 2: Players with scores between 84 and 87.

    Div 3:Players with scores between 81 and 86.

    Div 4: Players with scores between 76 and 85.

    Div 5: Players with a high score of 84.

  6. Respuesta: Riferimento: Respuesta: Riferimento: Top 100

    which teams can take?

    You read the rules? Each division has different transfer rules. If you are willing to enter a sweepstakes and I will appoint a team to you.

  7. Respuesta: Re: Predictions Argentina 2012/2013

    isn't he coming back from an injury?

    i was just asking you how good he is - i have a feeling you would be able to tell me more than some google translated articles i found.

    He was injured and has recovered, so it will start in the reserve game this weekend.

    It's good but just beginning, you have not done amazing things, but his speed and courage excited. I think this will seestre chances, especially if the first team championship does not start well, have to see how it does.

  8. Respuesta: Re: Predictions Argentina 2012/2013

    Now that Federico Carrizo got to 82' date=' should i sell him or keep him ? What is his potencial ?[/quote']

    If he can earn a spot on the first team Boca Juniors could reach 85 playing in the Liga Argentina.

    Do u think the same about Sanchez Mino? I know he has gone to Torino in Italy' date=' and he's not made the first team yet, but is he the sort of player who could blossom from a move to Europe?[/quote']

    Sachez Minho was a very promising young man, but had a long recovery from injury and did not return to be the same since. Perhaps the change of equipment and the pro league and can return to what it once was. He was a very talented young man and do not think that is gone.

    Luciano Acosta got a positional change today but no rise?

    Whats up with that? was expecting a +4-6

    Yup same here.Should have been 80 in this change.Ridiculous.

    Relax, Luciano will go up soon.

  9. Respuesta: Re: Top 100

    Am I able to join this league? I have spent some time away from soccermanager due to work and time restraints' date=' but I feel like I have enough time to return :D[/quote']
    Can I join this league too? :D

    If you want to assign a team to participate through a lottery. They have read the rules?

  10. Respuesta: Re: Top 100

    Are you still taking people as I'm interested?

    And are you still taking club suggestions' date=' or is the list definitive?

    I noticed on the first page it said clubs in the top divisions would be given at random, but I notice some have names next to them...can you choose your own club?[/quote']

    All teams are appointed by means of a draw. If you want to enter a lottery and I'll tell you which team you play.

  11. Respuesta: Top 100

    Drawing Results:

    División 1

    Arsenal - Criki


    Liverpool - liridoncenaj

    Manchester City

    Manchester United

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Internazionale - RafaVarane


    AC Milan

    AS Roma

    Atlético Madrid - Mariox

    Barcelona - danitz

    Real Madrid

    Valencia - Jigsaw


    Paris Saint-Germain - Torti

    Bayer Leverkusen

    Bayern München - Giovanni

    Borussia Dortmund

    SSC Napoli

    División 2


    Newcastle United

    ACF Fiorentina

    SS Lazio - Aku

    Udinese Calcio

    Stoke City - pilonpilon


    SL Benfica - sam.torres

    FC Porto

    CSKA Moskva - jorge2256253

    Dynamo Moskva

    Olympique Lyonnais

    Olympique Marseille - cotito

    Dynamo Kyiv

    Shakhtar Donetsk

    Fenerbahçe SK - Third

    Galatasaray SK - Nicolas Rodriguez

    FC Schalke 04

    AS Monaco - Victor Maverik

    VfL Wolfsburg - #JRR10

    División 3

    Aston Villa - muallan

    Swansea City

    Queens Park Rangers

    Parma - daniellomilla

    Real Sociedad - trideporte1

    Athletic Club - WilmerValderrama

    Ajax - IniestazoOe


    Sporting CP - bonou22

    Werder Bremen

    Lokomotiv Moskva

    TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

    Southampton - RaicesArg

    Spartak Moskva

    West Ham United

    Borussia Mönchengladbach - Pedrom JR

    Hannover 96

    VfB Stuttgart

    Lille OSC

    Villarreal - alfre513

    División 4

    Málaga CF - emiliosevillista

    West Bromwich Albion - Mikey112

    AS Saint-Etienne

    Catania Calcio

    Montpellier HSC

    RCD Espanyol

    Levante UD - durant35


    Norwich City

    Feyenoord - VictorGonzales_

    Hamburger SV

    Atlético Mineiro

    Sampdoria - JooseAndrew

    Cruzeiro - jorge22

    Girondins Bordeaux

    Beşiktaş JK

    RSC Anderlecht - jcking


    Hertha BSC - zure12

    Celta Vigo - isra7

    División 5

    PAOK - Brunonahuel

    Rubin Kazan


    Boca Juniors - pedrooliveira

    River Plate - Nikidino

    San Lorenzo

    US Palermo


    Granada CF

    FC Basel

    Chivas de Guadalajara- Chivas

    Standard Liège

    Cruz Azul - Sencio Salgado

    Albacete - fernando utrilla tierraseca

    Club Brugge KV

    Celtic- yamil Mc

    Stade Rennais

    Toulouse FC

    CD Tenerife - JoseAbreu

    Getafe CF

    They can order their team. ID: 229595. CAN NOT EVEN SIGN. I'LL LET WHEN CAN SIGN.

  12. Respuesta: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread


    Objective Achieved.

    The Gillingham easily meets the objective set at the beginning of the season, stay in Division 3.

    It has not been easy, it has been a tough season, with many changes in the team, many players have been sold and many have joined, very few have managed to stay all season.

    We were many days looking for the ideal alignment, tested many systems and finally returned to more fruits has given me, the same system that led me to move up last season.

    We sold a very important players, but I was unable to rejuvenate the workforce, which is very important considering the future.

    The team finished with 59 points, only 2 of the playoffs, and 19 out of the last of the teams descended, the Burton Albion.

    I'm very happy and proud of the season that has been done. The objective will be more demanding in the next season, we must seriously fight for a place in the play offs.

  13. Respuesta: Re: Top 100

    Are you hoping to actually get 100 managers?Don't mean to be funny but if you are trying to get a custom filled with 100 managers' date=' I have more chance of flying to the moon with Beyonce and Jay-z.[/font']

    No, obviously I do not expect to get 100 managers.

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