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  1. Sorry for leaving chaps. Good luck everyone. Really not feeling SM any more.
  2. Lamela's gone for 30 mil. Anyone selling players for cash?
  3. Finally hitting something like form... just the 1 loss and 5 wins in the last 6. Play offs?
  4. I'll take Deportivo Saprissa (D5) please mate. I'm on your friends list (Nick Higgs)
  5. Not sure I actually want to sell Lamela now. What am I going to do with 24 mil?
  6. 3 mil left of budget, plus the sale of Fekir. for 15 = 18 mil left in the coffers. Right, who's next?
  7. Question from me too... "Division two champions, what a great acheivement! The board are willing to fund any player you wish to sign completely up to the value of £25m. Congratulations" So if I bid 30mil for someone, only 5 mil comes out of my budget?
  8. Lamela can go for a silly large cash offer. Umtiti for 20 mil cash too.
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