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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Have been offered Bastian Schweinsteger for my Leandro Damiao + Ander Herrerra + 17m Yay or nay?
  2. My current first team are Gk Joe Hart Murara Neto Def Jose Angel David Luiz Darijo Srna Jan Vertonghen Vincent Kompany Pepe Mats Hummels Mid Javier Mascherano Darren Fletcher Arjen Robben Ezequiel Lavezzi Fwd Guiseppe Rossi Karim Benzema Gonzalo Higuain Back up/Youths Gk Gzregorz Sandomierski Daniel Batz Def Nicolai Boilesen Martin Montoya Kevin Theophile-Catherine Borja Ekiza Serge Aurier Albert Dalmau Michele Camporese Santos Ewerton Sime Vrsaljko Raphael Varane Mid Femenia Kiko Iker Muniain Ander Herrera Christian Eriksen Vaclav Pilar Christophe Kra
  3. Re: Who to sign? Help!! Badstuber/Vertonghen before Westermann/Cech/Fletcher etc? Damiao better than Eriksen, Chamberlain, Casnos? also, what about my team in general, think its decent enough?
  4. Manager of this team has effectively told me all his players are for sale I've already signed Mascherano from him, I dont know who else to try sign. I've got around £20m left over. I don't know if I should go for Cech, Fletcher, Westermann, or buy a couple of the youth prospects like Eriksen and Chamberlain. This is my team Could do with strengthening at the fullbacks and centre mid, however I dunno if any of his current players are that good and would I be better placed signing some prospects. Likes of Fletcher and Westermann, have they peaked? Cech would be an improvement on Hart I gu
  5. I've had a bid in for Moutinho and I'm thinkin about selling him and purchasing Montolivo as a replacement. The Moutinho bid isnt huge money but it would turn a small profit possibly. So what do people think, are both players much of a muchness? Or should I definitely keep Moutinho or definitely go for Montolivo? Cheers
  6. Re: Khedira + Lavezzi = Ramos? Thats what I was thinking about doing actually. Was just abit concerned I would be a bit light in numbers for my first team. I'll try negotiate the guy down to 40m and buy someone else for 10m.
  7. Re: Khedira + Lavezzi = Ramos? Thought Inter were meant to be after him as a replacement for Eto'o?
  8. Re: Khedira + Lavezzi = Ramos? Thats what I'm thinking I'll do. Just wasnt sure the likelihood of Khedira rising or Ramos rising/staying etc. Original offer was 30m + Lavezzi and he said 50 + Lavezzi so I've asked to meet in the middle at 40 + lavezzi. Also' date=' whats the odds of Lavezzi going up? Although I suppose I dont really need him as much since forwards are pretty strong. (Benzema, Higuain, Robben, Rossi, Lukaku) Plus 40 or 50mill. But yeah.
  9. I've got a fairly small first team squad and mostly just youths as backups (although good ones like Muniain, Lukaku, Varane, etc). My first team is Hart Srna Hummels Luiz/Schmelzer Higuain Moutinho Gourcuff Khedira Robben Rossi Benzema So I'm trying to sign a top top defender as I have a couple good players in midfield and up front. I've got no money since signing Benzema. I've got a £53m bid for Khedira and I've spoken to another manager who has said he will sell me Sergio Ramos for Ezequiel Lavezzi + 50m. So basically should I sell Khedira for the 53m then swap Lavezzi + 50 for Ramos
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Have been offered a straight swap his Busquets for my Robben. This a good deal? I need a winger more than a CM but all my CMs are 91 rated so Busquests would be a big improvement. However, then I'm left trying to find a replacement for Robben..
  11. Been offered £50m for Arjen Robben who is one of my top players as my first team is mainly 91-rated players with Robben and Higuain. £50m would possibly get me a number of players at two clubs which are unmanaged and the 7-day period is up tomorrow, however it could be risky as someone could take them over. So I've negotiated to £32m + David Silva. Does anyone think this would be a good deal or is Robben likely to rise again or Silva likely to stall or drop? Cheers
  12. Currently, I'm fairly happy with my first team although it could be improved upon. However it is quite a competitive league so it is difficult. What I am more needing help with is improving my youth squad. At the moment, this is my squad. Really, I'm wanting to know the best prospects to keep hold of and who I should just sell. Some of them are all strictly bought just for a rise n profit, but others I'm unsure about. Mihaylov Koval Ekiza Dalmau Merkel Vesovic Alcacer Traore Torres Medina Jese Are any of them definite keepers? Also, I'm looking to sign Varane (at an externa
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... He rejected that deal. What about the Sessegnon and Cana for Schmelzer deal? I'm just a bit wary as Schmelzer isnt a 90 and they two are, so I cant help feel its a bit too much to give two 90 rated players plus cash for an 89.
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'm looking for a LB Been trying to get Sakho but hes at unmanaged club with 21 players so that is hit n miss as to whether I'd ever get him. Been trying to get Schmelzer but how good is he? Hes 89 just now and apparentley will rise to 90 next change. Bid Sessegnon and 5m for him and the guy countered with Cana Sessegnon and 6m. I rejected that and offered Cana and 9m. Just wondering if he will even be worth that as Cana is at 90 just now and I dont know if he is likely to go up down or stay the same
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