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  1. Re: When Sir Alex Leaves who will be Manager ? Uh thats a load of rubbish. There was less pressure but it sure as hell wasn't a small amount. SAF almost got fired on several occasions during the early years. I think you are mixing United up with another club. If SAFs replacement does as well as AVB so far I think the board wouldn't be too worried. He's getting a new squad to play some decent football and still lacks decent depth in defence. Once he gets the defence sorted Chelsea will be a force in the EPL.
  2. Re: When Sir Alex Leaves who will be Manager ? Many people on here have suggested managers who have worked at clubs that come under major pressure. Louis Van Gaal Guus Hiddink Frank Rjikaard Jurgen Klinnsmann (no high profile club but the German national team is hardly without pressure) Pep Guardiola The list goes on but as we know you have the inside scoop on your man Mourinho:rolleyes: Say hi for me when you see him next.
  3. Re: Who has played the best football in the PL AFTER Man City Can definitely agree with this. Was impressed from their first match against you lot. Got pumped but still went down in style.
  4. Re: Official Red Devils thread Meh I would ignore them tbh. You make history, having it is just a bonus. 60-70% of United's titles have come in the last 20 years. In 20 years who's to know what kind of "history" City will have made for themselves. inb4 "was made by arabs"
  5. Re: Official Red Devils thread Agree totally with the part in bold.
  6. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Well thats game over for the Bears
  7. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Yeah looked like he did something to his leg. No news yet. Meriweather is in.
  8. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Oh no Conte went down
  9. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. How did you do it?
  10. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Haha it de-capped mine too
  11. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Touchdown bears
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Stuart is correct in that it was not a deliberate handball IE he did not move his hand toward the ball. Therefore it is not a penalty, the only other way it could have been would be if he had denied a clear goal scoring opportunity, which he did not. Dowd got it spot on.
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