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  1. Re: Full EPL Ratings Thread (6/20 so far..) Matthew I would hugely disagree that Modric is a flop. He is a fantastically gifted footballer and makes Spurs tick, and you would be hard pressed to find a Spurs fan who disagrees. He has been out injured for a few months and Spurs have subsequently lost a bit of form and have occasionally struggled for goals.
  2. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Any responders? Really could do with a hand on this one.
  3. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Should I sell Dirk Marcellis? I noticed he has only played twice this season. Is he injured or just out of favour? Is he still a long term prospect worth holding on to?
  4. Re: Top Four - EPL Ratings Thread Matthew, an excellent and accurate thread. However, Andy Marshall, the Aston Villa reserve keeper signed on a free after his release from Coventry, he hasn't been on loan to Coventry from Villa.
  5. Re: World End 2012 Wow. Drummed up quite a debate here haven't I! Some really interesting views posted.
  6. Re: World End 2012 Exactly my point. It is people who take the bible literally that cause religious war. Not necessarily christians, all religions are guilty of it, however I don't want to go in to that.
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    World End 2012

    Does anyone on here actually believe in it?
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Today Arsenal have got a new manager in this setup and he seems hell bent on getting Mesut Ozil from me. He has so far offered me a straight swap for Jefferson Farfan which was rejected immediately. His latest offer is £20m which has also been rejected. I would not accept a straight cash deal unless it was a substantial amount. He has Joao Moutinho which I have been after for a while but previous Arsenal managers were always reluctant to do a deal so perhaps a swap deal could be on the cards. However I'm now not sure this would be a good deal for me. Just how
  9. Re: Andrej Kramaric<---New Davor Suker Thanks for the info Bornich. How on Earth did he not go up in rating? Its mad!
  10. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread I would like to join this setup but at the minute it is full. If any team becomes available, would someone please give me a shout. Thanks.
  11. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread I cant get it on ps3 in any supermarket in Cov! I could get it from game or curry's but theyr charging 40 quid. The supermarkets are selling it for 25.
  12. Re: Alcoholic Drink Question! Help needed FAST!
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    Chat Up Lines

    Re: Chat Up Lines My favourites include "Enter me" "Show us your digits" "Show me what you p!ss with" "My bed, now" When asked what I do for a living, I also like to tell women that I shave dolphins. They then inevitably reply "but dolphins arent hairy:confused:". I then reply, "Exactly. I'm very good at my job ;)"
  14. Re: Pavel POGREBNYAK... is he gonna go up? All the attention went to 'that spurs striker' because he did the business at Euro 08. If you compare the international goal records of the two, Pavlyuchenko's is top notch compared to Pogrebnyak. Also, Hiddink seems to rate Pavlyuchenko higher which is a ringing endorsement in itself.
  15. Re: 40 mill for modric Not even that, hes apparantly out for 6-8 weeks.
  16. Re: Inactivity - GCSE's, Anyone Else In This Position I've never understood the big fuss over GCSE's. They are laregely meaningless. If you intend to go to College/6th form then all you need to do is make sure you get the required grades (usually 5 C's is the minimum requirement). I have never discovered any benefit for anyone getting A* GCSE's over those who got B's and C's. Aslong as you get what you need, your fine. an A or A* is just seen as a bonus and an extra reward for apparant hard work/intelligence, but at the end of the day all they are is letters on a bit of paper. My advice to
  17. Re: 40 mill for modric I would just reject it personally mate.
  18. Re: 92+ Strikers That was years ago though. He has been in Spain a good 5 years now and has been scoring like mad. Who's to say if he made a return to England he wouldn't do it on these shores now aswell?
  19. Re: 92+ Strikers Im sorry but that proves you wrong rather than right. 9 league goals and he deserves a 94 all of a sudden? come on! What about the likes of Forlan who consistently get 25+ in La Liga. If 9 goals is worthy of a 94 then he should be about 97!
  20. Re: danny for 21mill He's out injured long term so could drop if anything. I've been looking at getting rid of him myself.
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