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  1. Just a quick thought, with lots of clubs across the divisions having relatively low rated (80-87) young development players who are becoming concerned about lack of games, would it be feasible for a system to be implemented whereby unmanaged clubs could make loan bids for them? Not only does this help the manager by reducing weekly wages, it also reduces the concerns of the players in question.
  2. Re: my squad It's wingers you need really... Use the search tool and get up all the 89+ wingers you think are viable, I'll tell you what I think.
  3. Re: The Dizzy Heights UPDATE My squad is now looking a lot healthier and more competitive: First Teamers: Samir Handanovic Anders Lindegaard Alexander Kolarov Marcel Schmeltzer Cesar Navas Ivan Ramis Andrea Ranocchia () Stefan Reinartz Paolo Cannavaro Bruno Soriano Gokhan Inler Wilson Palacios Shinji Kagawa Dmitri Payet Giuseppe Sculli Marco Borriello Fernando Llorente Guillame Hoarau Adam Szalai Reserves: Bruno Cesar Duran Nolito Penial Mlapa Diego Contento Marcus Henriksen Plus a load of youth players With a budget of 7.1 mil, and a defender (Ramis atm) to give away in part excahnge, which 87-9 rated striker would I be best off with? Thanks in advance ______________________
  4. Re: Should i swap for these players? Both of the first deals, keep Otamendi
  5. Re: Who should I buy?... I would say Neuer, the most likely to get a rise in the near future.
  6. Re: Who should I buy?... For me, it has to be between the last three. Lucio is old and is only going to drop, as is Lugano. Malouda is a maybe, as you do need an out and out winger to give you more formation options, but he is expensive. Adebayor will drop, and is expensive, don't get him. Frey? Maybe, depending on who youre current back up keeper is. Same with Neuer and Akinfeev. You don't need Lugano, and he will drop soon anyway IMHO. You also don't need Crouch or Boateng. If you get Malouda, you don't need Capel. Witsel has been a shining star from Belgium for a while now, and it can't be long before he moves somewhere big. Ljajic has been a revelation for Fiorentina this year, so he is a great buy. Finally, Welbeck, who after an excellent start to the season, looks set to rise with his form for Sunderland. Hope this helped
  7. Re: The Dizzy Heights Yes, the over reliance on loans was a large problem this season gone. I had both Toni Kroos and Eljero Elia on the wings, and besides Sculli and an 86 rated MExican who I have now swapped for Soriano, I didnt have any cover when one of them got injured. I also has Mevlut Erding up front from Liverpool, and he was regularly on the bench behind the now-defunct Sinama and Garcia, despite being rated 1 or 2 higher than them. But the loan list contains the likes of Flamini, Walcott, Denilson, O'Shea, Dzagoev and Lucas, plus all of those who's loans at other clubs are yet to expire, so this is certainly a lucrative option to provide a bit of squad depth.
  8. Re: The Dizzy Heights Definitely, for example, Cassani and Gonul, who are both 89 rated (Cassani being the one I want). However, barring this, there is always the ever lucrative loan market, which I like to make the best of. Provided I get a RB, who are surely one of the hardest types to secure on loan, then I should be able to supplement the rest of the team by borrowing from the big boys
  9. Re: Who Deserves Golden Boy Trophy? Balo. or Wilshere? Yep, you can only show so much ability when you're in goal in the 6th best team in the league
  10. Re: The Dizzy Heights Yeah, youre not wrong about Right Backs, theyre a pain! I'll have to wait until the Schmeltzer transfer is complete to get Kagawa, as they are both at Dortmund. Cassani should be doable, I just need to find players to swap for him, and Otamendi is possible since the manager is relatively new. Also, a cheeky swap bid of Draguinovic for Huth off C. Palace. Will have a look at the other wingers now
  11. Re: The Dizzy Heights Well, Otamendi is unlikely, since hes at a well established Division 1 club with good players, but I have put in a swap bid of Ramis + 100k I have found: Silvestre Varela Mbark Boussoufa Danko Lazovic Dmitri Torbinsky Niko Krancjar (managed club) Kevin Grosskreutz Markel Susaeta Moussa Dembele Simon Vukcevic Jose Callejon Shinji Kagawa Maximiliano Moralez Sylvain Marveaux Out of these, I think probably Kagawa. I just need some funds or players to swap! I also need a right back, considering I have actually got even one. I have shortlisted: Lopez Angel Gokhan Gonul Joao Perreira Abdoulay Konko Mouhamadou Dabo Matteo Cassani Robert Huth Giandomenico Mesto Any of these seem worthwhile?
  12. Re: The Dizzy Heights No, your probably right in that none will drop. Anyway, it doesnt look like I will be selling any of them... Having reviewed this team to-be, I seem to have a slight shortfall in midfielders My starting lineup without any injuries would look something like this: Handanovic Schmeltzer...Navas...Ramis Soriano Payet...Inler...Palacios...Sculli(?) Borriello...Llorente Lindegaard, Reinartz, Kolarov, LOAN, LOAN, Hoarau, LOAN Of course Sculli could be interchanged with one of the loanees, but I do need someone decent as midfield back up, Etuhu isn't really good enough. Any thoughts?
  13. Re: The Dizzy Heights Okay, my squad is starting to look a lot more competitive now Regarding Cesar and Nolito, I can see where youre coming from, and I suppose it would probably be wiser to wait until the next ring of changes for both players before selling either. However, when it comes to Palacios, I would have to disagree. I do not think he's safe at 89, even though he is playing CL football, because he is not playing regularly in the premier league under Redknapp. Soriano and Inler have both played in every league game for Udinese and Villarreal respectively. So, if I was going to sell any of them, it would be the Honduran.
  14. Re: Who Deserves Golden Boy Trophy? Balo. or Wilshere? Out of the two, I'd say Wilshere, but he was not my overall choice. It would have to be between De Gea and Hazard for me
  15. Re: The Dizzy Heights Yes, well and truly pardoned They are not for sale in as much as I am not currently interest in selling them to an external club. Apologies for the lack clarity
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