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  1. i think within a custom setup there should be a forum for all that are in the setup, so that the admin can post a message for all in the setup or post different rules and transfers within the forum
  2. i am getting bids rejected by smfa They are genuine bids, from a custom league me and my mates have I am trying to buy Thuram off him for 1.5m and we even went down to 700k and it still blocked it? We are on computers at college so will that effect it?
  3. Help I own a custom setup and the admin is not working, if i try n accept an application and it comes up with a soccer manager error page, and i cant issue warnings
  4. Re: MORALE yeah i understand tht but ALL my players went to very poor not just those put on the transfer list, and wen i offered them a new contract that players morale went up slightly but the rest were all very poor
  5. I put three players on the transfer list, then all the morale went to poor, i took them off and offered them new contracts and then they all went to very poor?????????? :confused: Anyone have a clue why and will they go back to normal over time?
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