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    svejk got a reaction from AFC Chewis in tebthereb   
    tebthereb has exceeded their stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until they clear some space.
    I wanna say you something
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    svejk reacted to Sparky in Euro 2008 Who Will Win And Who Do U Support   
    Re: Euro 2008 Who Will Win And Who Do U Support
    I said before ( I think)
    Croatia will win because I believe they have the talent and depth in the squad, and also Bilic is a brilliant manager IMO.
    I support Spain & Croatia!!
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    svejk reacted to Indiana Bones and the Hip Replacement Crusade in Euro 2008   
    Re: Euro 2008
    Once again Croatia show what a good side they are. Eduardo who? Can't wait for their match with Turkey now. I hope commentator David Pleat gets sent home before he ruins another match. He can't pronounce half of the player's names and just talks a load of drivel.
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    svejk got a reaction from kevche in Dinamo Zagreb   
    Re: Dinamo Zagreb
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    svejk got a reaction from sasmcnab in Euro 2008   
    Re: Euro 2008
    Deutschland Deutschland Aufwiedersehen Aufwiedersehen Aufwiedersehen
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    svejk got a reaction from Zazoon in Euro 2008   
    Re: Euro 2008
    2 pics, from the centre of Vienna

    this white hat is me

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    svejk got a reaction from danny_ccfc in Euro 2008   
    Re: Euro 2008
    1h before the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can post my pictures from Vienna (Aus:Cro) if you want
    edit: wow i just realized how hard is to say Hrvatska to for example some English LOL
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    svejk reacted to danny_ccfc in Which player(s) will shine at Euro 2008 and earn an increase?   
    Re: Which player(s) will shine at Euro 2008 and earn an increase?
    why will you be screwed? lol
    i think this is what will actually happen. unless czech manage to beat turkey.
    Croatia v Germany tonite. sadly can only see a win for the Germans here, although i expect it to be close. HRVATSKA!
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    svejk reacted to master_mind in Which player(s) will shine at Euro 2008 and earn an increase?   
    Re: Which player(s) will shine at Euro 2008 and earn an increase?
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    svejk reacted to Smartdoc in Have Abrahmovic, Gillette/Hicks, Shinawatra, Glazers etc. got it wrong?   
    The latest annual review of football finance from Deloitte (a leading finacial firm which analyses sports business) has revealed some unexpected results. It appears that despite all the money being plunged into the English Premier League through TV deals, sponsorship, merchandising, foreign investors, etc., it is still not the most profitable league. The figures show that the Bundesliga has overcome the EPL and is ow the most profitable club. The main cause of this is the escalating player wages in the EPL with clubs like Portsmouth showing an increase in wages of 49% from the last year . So have the foreign chairmen I've mentioned, who we all accept are not true football fans, got it wrong? Admittedly, some have other agendas in escaping from their homeland such as tax evasion charges, spreading their assets etc. (I better say allegedly here in case Mr. Abrahmovic or Mr. Shinawatra are SM Forum followers ). But all of them are businessmen in the end and must be wondering if they've invested in the wrong league
    Of course this may be a temporary glitch in the money making machine that is the EPL, but forecasts are suggesting wages will continue to escalate. Despite the current uncertain climate, clubs are pressing on with stadium developments, signing better players, recruiting more staff to deal with ever-increasing squads and workforce. Surely, the revenue made in the EPL will sustain profitability for all clubs or is the EPL on a path to self-destruction?
    Other issues also arise from the report:
    - Surely, Bundesliga fans must question where all the profitability is going? They have the lowest wage bill of the big four league in Europe by some way. An example of the world-renown German efficiency and prudence. But surely fans would take success (in Europe) over prudence and profitability any day? Sounds like there are some very rich chairmen and board members sitting somewhere in Germany . Particularly when you consider the fact that some of the clubs are run as non-profit organisations!
    - The English Championship is now the 4th biggest league in the world in terms of attendance . More people watch championship football from stadia than watch Serie A games. The championship attendances almost equal La Liga total attendances. But are the championship clubs making the most of this gained revenue? Championship football standards have undoubtedly improved but how much?
    - Why are attendances in Serie A and La Liga just about comparable to the English Championship when so many class football players play in these leagues? Are there deep-seated problems affecting these attendaces and what factors are involved?
    Plenty to discuss and some food for thought
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    svejk reacted to Kensational in Euro 2008   
    Re: Euro 2008
    Croatia for me too. Might get there shirt.
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    svejk reacted to Allan-NI in Euro 2008   
    Re: Euro 2008
    Croatia for me
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    svejk reacted to Widdy1961 in Guess the Countries Flag Thread!   
    Re: Guess the Countries Flag Thread!
    Sorry Mad Leprechaun..............Yasen wins.
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    svejk reacted to Yasen6275 in Why does the region provide so many technically gifted players?   
    Re: Why does the region provide so many technically gifted players?
    Countries in small circle:
    Albania 3,544,841
    Croatia 4,490,751
    Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,964,388
    Bulgaria 7,621,337
    Greece 10,645,343
    Hungary 10,075,034
    Montenegro 500,000
    Republic of Macedonia 2,054,800
    Romania 22,303,552
    Serbia 7,780,000
    Slovenia 1,932,917
    total ~75M +- 200-300k
    I don't know if you want Hungary to be include, and you have left Slovenia(ex-Yu) outside the circle. So in worst case it's a little more than 40M
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    svejk reacted to Burning Spear in Burning Spear's Argentinian Ratings   
    Re: Burning Spear's Argentinian Ratings
    Independiente 6th (13L)
    Fabian Assman 22-G-87-12(0)-0-88
    Lucas Mareque 25-LB/LM-87-11(1)-0-88
    Matias Di Gregorio 21-LB-74-2(0)-1-76
    Ricardo Moreira 25-RB-88-8(2)-0-88
    Guillermo Rodriguez 24-CB/LB-88-11(0)-0-88
    Carlos Matheu 22-CB/DM-88-9(0)-0-88
    Leandro Gioda 24-CB-87-10(0)-0-88
    Marcos Ramirez 25-CB-73-1(1)-0-73
    Leandro Mussin 21-CB-67-0-0-67
    Matias Oyola 25-LM-86-5(1)-0-86
    Lucas Pusineri 31-RM-86-8(3)-0-87
    Gaston Machin 25-RM-86-8(2)-1-87
    Freddy Grisales 32-CM/AM-87-7(0)-0-87
    Adrian Calello 20-CM/DM-86-8(6)-0-86
    Fernando Lorefice 24-CM-82-0-0-79
    Enzo Bruno 21-CM/LM-79-1(1)-0-79
    Damian Ledesma 25-DM/CB-87-9(1)-0-87
    Mariano Herron 30-DM/CM-87-8(3)-1-87
    David Orellana 20-DM-70-0-0-70
    Daniel Montenegro 29-AM/F-91-12(0)-7-91
    Damian Luna 23-AM/F-79-3(3)-0-79
    Patricio Rodriguez 18-AM/F-72-6(5)-0-79
    Hernan Fredes 21-W-86-9(1)-0-87
    Jacobo Mansilla 20-W-63-0-0-63
    German Denis 26-F-90-11(0)-6-90
    Victor Sosa 21-F-88-5(4)-0-87
    Pablo Vitti 22-F/AM-83-1(0)-0-83
    Lucas Ojeda 22-F-75-0(0)-75
    Federico Gonzalez 21-F-75-1(1)-0-75
    Diego Churin 19-F-72-2(2)-75
    Christian Ledesma 21-CF-83-0-0-82
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    svejk reacted to Bamber86 in UEFA CUP 07/08   
    Re: UEFA CUP 07/08
    It's a call of Unity, it's origins are in the fact that Rangers were the team of the Glasgow shipyard workers, during strikes the chant would be made to suggest the workers were the people whilst the bosses acted like they were above them and had no understanding of how people actually lived, naturally people who were chanting it outside shipyards all week continued it into the stadium at the weekend and as such it has become a Rangers chant. I think in modern times it simply suggests we are a unified group of people.
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    svejk reacted to Tostao in Euro 2008 Who Will Win And Who Do U Support   
    Re: Euro 2008 Who Will Win And Who Do U Support
    Croatia are an amazing clicked team full of unknown talents who make a good impact except for 3 or 4 superstars. Every time I had watched Croatia in the qualifiers, it was like watching the International version of Arsenal, and that is not an exaggeration.
    However, despite pointing out those facts above, they will be heavily damaged by the absence of Eduardo. Eduardo was arguably their best player, he could create, make space and best of all, get almost every shot on target when he receives a pass in the box.
    They will now have to rely heavily on Modric and Rakitic to supply Olic as they don't really have any other playmakers.
    I am going for Spain to win this, mainly because they are also an amazingly clicked team with outstanding individual talent in almost EVERY position. Their main players are World Class, to name a few, Casillas, Puyol, Iniesta, Fabregas, Torres, Villa, Raul ect.. the list is endless.
    I am very excited by the prospect of Euro 2008, although I am pretty disappointed England didn't make it through as there isn't a reason for me to support anyone left. Would love to see C.Ronaldo vs Torres in a Portugal vs Spain final, mouthwatering prospect.
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    svejk reacted to Chambo in Graphics Request Thread   
    Re: Want a new signature... Get one here!
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    svejk reacted to liverpool99 in Liverpool99's La Liga Rating Changes Part 1   
    Re: Liverpool99's La Liga Rating Changes Part 1
    Torres Juanfran will probably increase to 88
    Stats- He has started 30 games this season although 3 are sub appearances. scoring 2 goals and totaling up 2322 mins
    Should rise from 87>88
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    svejk got a reaction from Smartdoc in Why does the region provide so many technically gifted players?   
    Re: Why does the region provide so many technically gifted players?
    The answer to this question is : STREET
    I think thats the main thing, AND, i dont know do you in England, and western countries, play ''small'' football.
    I heared from my friend who plays in germany, that germans play 5 on 5 on a half of a pitch
    On balkans, like in brasil, kids (but adults too) before they play normal football play ''small'' football, and we dont have football academyes and that stuff
    For me, one of the best, if not the best, Robert Prosinecki
    EDIT: btw i am the living example of that, ask Zazoon
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    svejk got a reaction from Louis in Are European police too reactive to violence?   
    Re: Are European police too reactive to violence?
    They are pussyies, knives?!?!!?!??!
    Milan in Belgrade = 0
    Roma in Split = 0
    Sampdoria in Split = 100
    They are scared of Balkans
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    svejk reacted to Louis in Arsenal v's Birmingham   
    Re: Arsenal v's Birmingham
    Got it as your DP pic now, nice...
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    svejk reacted to Shelbourne FC in Fans' Support - Check the facts out...   
    Re: Fans' Support - Check the facts out...
    HUH!! Huff..
    It Doesnt Svejk Said He Dident Think Koreans Could Swear In Eglish , I Told Him They Cant
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    svejk got a reaction from Shelbourne FC in New England Away Kit 2008-2010   
    Re: New England Away Kit 2008-2010
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    svejk got a reaction from lukelufc in Hilarious   
    this is so good, ******* hilarious
    PS: watch other reporters, that woman and guy hahaha
    And the comments are pretty funny
    ''I love the way the others just sit back down, real helpful.''
    '' is wrong with the anchor shes like doesent care''

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