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  1. Re: "Ronaldo's Saviour?" .:| Bruno Cesar - AM - 21/74 - Corinthians |:. BC had a great last game vs Leiria. the skill for the 4th goal was superb.
  2. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Roberto Firmino is considered to be the successor of Carlos Eduardo (now Rubin) for Hoffenheim. I would say, that Firmino is second striker with a playmaker sense AND goal dangerous too. Great talent. His passing seems to be gorgeous. Towards the end of the Bundesliga season the new youngster revealed when he gained a regular spot in the starting team and his creativity and skills give hope for a better result for the club the new season.
  3. Re: "Ronaldo's Saviour?" .:| Bruno Cesar - AM - 21/74 - Corinthians |:. 6 years contract and a 20-30 M buyout clause for Bruno Cesar as a next Benfica player, http://www.slbenfica.pt/Informacao/Futebol/Noticias/noticiasfutebol_futbrunocesardec_290311_76662.asp
  4. Re: Sud Américano Sub 20! Find out who is impressing, and who isn't. Peru has some nice attacking prospects. Carrillo, Cueva...
  5. Re: Zach Pfeffer - 15-Year Old Star in the Making Pfeffer seems to be a huge American football prospect. Hoffenheim wanted him to stay when he was there for 2 weeks.
  6. Re: "Ronaldo's Saviour?" .:| Bruno Cesar - AM - 21/74 - Corinthians |:. Season has ended, awards are handed out: Bruno Cesar is winner of the best newcomer awards. Nice year for Bruno.
  7. Re: "Série B's Breakout Star" .:| Roberto Firmino - 18/73 AM - FIG |:. Sold to Germany, Hoffenheim. Firmino will join them 2011.
  8. Re: "Ronaldo's Saviour?" .:| Bruno Cesar - AM - 21/74 - Corinthians |:. After his brilliant first season in Brasileiro, Bruno Cesar is nominated by CBF and Globo in 3 categories: Craque Bruno César (Corinthians) Conca (Fluminense) Dedé (Vasco) Meia (esq.) B. César (Corinthians) Conca (Fluminense) Douglas (Grêmio) Revelação Bruno César (Corinthians) Dedé (Vasco) Neto (Atlético-PR)
  9. Re: "Ronaldo's Saviour?" .:| Bruno Cesar - AM - 21/74 - Corinthians |:. Golaco from Bruno, long distance shoot. He scores fantasy goal. That was goal no. 13 for him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0BWMGR5L_o
  10. Re: "Ronaldo's Saviour?" .:| Bruno Cesar - AM - 21/74 - Corinthians |:. right now against Flamengo Bruno Cesar > beautiful pass to Ronaldo > gol
  11. Re: Peniel Mlapa-Hoffenheim Wonderkid Mlapa is right winger for Hoffenheim. Him and Demba Ba are beautiful to watch, Mlapa asisted Demba Ba' last goals, today he asisted for Demba in the German Cup.
  12. Re: "Ronaldo's Saviour?" .:| Bruno Cesar - AM - 21/74 - Corinthians |:. Bump 25 matches, 12 goals, 9 asists since he joined Corinthians last may. Scored the winning goal in the classic against Palmeiras last week, Bruno came back from an injury (he did not play, the team did not score). Plays against Flamengo tonight. All eyes and hopes on Bruno again.
  13. Re: Alan DZAGOEV Real Crack <3
  14. Re: Florian Trinks - German Wonderkid Never heard of him before. But they are so many 'german wonderkids' hyped, hard to follow each one.
  15. Re: Danijel Aleksic - the next serbian wonderkid One of the best players in German 2nd division. If he contiues to go on like that, he will go back to Genoa. 6 games, 3 goals so far.
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