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  1. Re: The Politics Thread Since all you lads are interested in politics I suggest trying this game out: http://bloc.name/bloc/ Run your own nation and under whatever regime you decide. We could even get a soccermanager alliance going. If you need any help send me a pm here: http://www.bloc.name/bloc/stats.php?id=989
  2. Re: Official FC Barcelona Thread I'll give this thread a cheeky bump. 5jsSy3WQfYY enjoy
  3. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen Monsters University is a decent film but naturally it does not come close to its predecessor. A lot better than Cars 2 and Brave but does not scale the heights of Pixar greats. 7/10
  4. hurrdurr

    The Random Thread

    Re: The Random Thread 5jsSy3WQfYY
  5. Re: YouTube Videos 5jsSy3WQfYY
  6. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread So just casually playing some pro clubs when suddenly... nI4MmU7GYIM
  7. Re: Official Gold Championship 127 Discussion Thread
  8. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Any 87's+ for sale (non GK)?
  9. Re: Rotherham United .:.:Going Up, Up, Up:.:English Championship 7204 Whatever happened to.... #1 Felipe'ing Hell Filled with regret and anger at what could've been 4 seasons ago if you asked the Rotherham faithful about a certain 19 year old Brazilian you would've heard words like "amazing" and "wonderkid" being used to describe him. Commentators were running out superlatives to describe the boy wonder who was touted as the next Ronaldo. Sound familiar, miller fans? Of course, it's the one season wonder: Felipe Andre. With 44 goals to his 33 appearances, Mr Andre felt he was un
  10. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Club's League History Season League League Pos 14 Division 1 5th 13 Division 2 Runner-Up 12 Division 3 Runner-Up 11 Division 4 4th Not bad!
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I'm pretty sure I remember the same being said about Chamakh.
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Giroud will just end up like Chamkah if he joins us.
  13. Re: Grand National 2012 Mine came second however I think the deaths of the horses are all that matter now. Very sad day.
  14. Re: Piermario Morosini collapses on pitch, R.I.P Rest in peace!
  15. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Wow, no idea how I am still in 2nd with Rotherham in division 1.
  16. Re: Luis Aguiar What a beast. Will be able to sell him on for more when he rises up.
  17. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread Just won in the play offs.
  18. Re: Rotherham United .:.:Going Up, Up, Up:.:English Championship 7204 RIBERY TO ROTHERHAM Ribery is said to be eager to play under Mark Dean Rotherham's rise up the table, after a poor start to the season, is set to continue after another world class addition to the South Yorkshire side. It is thought that Rotherham splashed out a huge 25 million to land the French pass master from Bayern Munich. Ribery, 28, has expressed his delight at joining 7th placed Rotherham. His words on the move were "I am very happy now. I know this club will continue to grow. I want to be part of that".
  19. Re: The Elder Scrolls/ Skyrim Thread. Before I had skyrim: Me: Eurgh, a game with spells and dragons? Sounds kinda stupid, I'll stick to my fps games. After: Me: Where has this genre been all my life. --- In conclusion this is the best game I have played.
  20. Re: Official Arsenal Thread My reaction to losing.
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