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  1. Re: The Politics Thread

    Since all you lads are interested in politics I suggest trying this game out: http://bloc.name/bloc/

    Run your own nation and under whatever regime you decide.

    We could even get a soccermanager alliance going.

    Bloc is a free browser-based nation simulation game set in the Cold War or' date=' alternatively, the best Dictator Simulator on the internet. You are the leader of a third world country during the Cold War. The game is most similar to Cybernations or Nationstates, but with its own twist. The developer has made it more of an actual political simulation with a Tropico-y sense of humor over pure number crunching. Instead of just BUY 10 INFRASTRUCTURE you will build hospitals, raise the minimum wage, conscript soldiers, declare martial law, smuggle blood diamonds, unleash chemical weapons on civilians...

    The game only requires about 15 minutes once or twice a day if you wish - though politicking between players and alliances will eat up more time eventually. Turns are twice daily, at 2 AM and PM central time. The game was reset for the last time on May 9th, so join now and you'll be one of the most powerful nations in the game in the long term!

    You will (hopefully) like this game if you have any interest in politics, modern history, beating up redditors, cosplaying as Muammar Gaddafi, or waging total war on enemies of whatever ideology you go with.

    I strongly suggest that you start in Asia, as it's going to have one of the best regional perks: bonus manpower on a sliding scale to help you rapidly build up armies. This means that you can recruit soldiers 50% faster without negatively impacting your growth.

    African nations can smuggle blood diamonds (low risk, decent payout), Latin American nations can smuggle drugs (very high risk, massive payout), and Middle Eastern nations have a 60% higher chance of hitting oil. Asian nations right now can create a Special Economic Zone for more efficient exploitation of their citizens and faster economic growth, but will also be given the crucial rapid army building perk in the near future.

    Register at [url']http://bloc.name/bloc/[/url]

    There's an excellent guide up at http://bloc.name/forum/index.php?topic=104.0

    This game is a rare gem. The developer is working on it as a fun, completely out of pocket project and is constantly talking to players and making changes based on their feedback. There are no purchases of any kind and there aren't even any ads.

    There's a referral bonus on the forums, but you get diminishing returns for each person you refer. I've already gotten mine, so I suggest that you work out referring eachother.

    If you need any help send me a pm here: http://www.bloc.name/bloc/stats.php?id=989

  2. Re: Rotherham United .:.:Going Up, Up, Up:.:English Championship 7204




    Whatever happened to.... #1

    Felipe'ing Hell


    Filled with regret and anger at what could've been

    4 seasons ago if you asked the Rotherham faithful about a certain 19 year old Brazilian you would've heard words like "amazing" and "wonderkid" being used to describe him. Commentators were running out superlatives to describe the boy wonder who was touted as the next Ronaldo. Sound familiar, miller fans?

    Of course, it's the one season wonder: Felipe Andre.

    With 44 goals to his 33 appearances, Mr Andre felt he was unstoppable. However he wasn't the only one that felt that way. Southend manager, Matthew Dean, even went as far to describe him as the next Ronaldo. Saying that now, would land you a job as a comedian. After Rotherham's promotion, the pacey forward soon forgot how to score and found himself relegated to the bench. Rumours started to spread around Yorkshire that Felipe was spotted in a club a night before his final match. These rumours gained credibility when Felipe had an atrocious last game. This eventually lead to the part exchange deal involving Lille which saw Moussa Sow go the other way. A lacklustre season with Lille gave way to 2 seasons of club hopping. Both Bordeux and Dynamo Kiev felt that his calibre was far from their club's standards and was eventually loaned out by the Kiev.

    Now at Atlético Mineiro, Felipe's standard has fortunately risen. A move back to Europe is allegedly in its first phases however doubts have been cast over Felipe's attitude. In recent times he has looked tired and stressed. Last week he even snapped at a reporter for asking if his pregnant wife was fine. "It is none of your business" he replied sharply.

    Will the wonder kid ever be able to find his feet again?

  3. Re: Rotherham United .:.:Going Up, Up, Up:.:English Championship 7204






    Ribery is said to be eager to play under Mark Dean

    Rotherham's rise up the table, after a poor start to the season, is set to continue after another world class addition to the South Yorkshire side. It is thought that Rotherham splashed out a huge 25 million to land the French pass master from Bayern Munich. Ribery, 28, has expressed his delight at joining 7th placed Rotherham. His words on the move were "I am very happy now. I know this club will continue to grow. I want to be part of that". Eagle eyed Rotherham fans may have also noticed that Japanese international, Kagawa, was not on the squad list on the back of Saturday's programme. It has been rumored that 22 year old has left the team for a fee around 25 million.

    We hope for Europe


    Neuer urges for a final push.

    Manuel Neuer is hoping for an exciting end to the Barclays Premier League, with Rotherham only 6 points of the champions league spot with 11 games to go, anything could happen. German International, Neuer, has encouraged his team to keep up the good form. "It will eventually come, we can do it!" was tweeted last night. With 4th placed Chelsea having lost 6 games in a row, Rotherham are widely tipped to take advantage of this incredible loss of form. Mark Dean declared "We need warriors for this final push, I am happy with my team, we can... no WILL do it!"

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