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  1. Re: CAMBIASSO or DE ROSSI The question is, will de rossi go up anymore and how much will cambiasso drop. I suggest getting cambiasso in the short run and sell him on before they update the Italy league.
  2. Re: lukaku poor performance against partizan CHAMAKH IS DOING RUBBISH LOWER HIM DOWN TO A 60 PLZ!!11111 HE ALSO MISSED A REAL GD CHANCE AGAINST BLACKPØØl and! BECOZ HE SCORED A HAT-TRICK TO MAKE ME LOSE THE LEAGUE111!:mad: ---- Seriously, don't judge players on one game or you are either a troll.
  3. Re: Fabregas + 31million for Ribery So now we can't take advantage of dumb managers because the SMFA will block the deal.
  4. Re: Something is going very wrong: HELP ME SAVE MY TEAMS
  5. Re: Something is going very wrong: HELP ME SAVE MY TEAMS I still drew 0-0 with spain, is there something wrong with my in-game instructions because I also was winning 1-0 with man utd but lost 2-1. So what pre match instructions do I use for If I'm a good team compared to the other team Winning Drawing Losing Equal Teams Winning Drawing Losing Other team is better Winning Drawing Losing
  6. Re: Who to Sell - Hard Decision Get rid of Adebayor and Balotelli.
  7. Re: Need A CB It will collapse.
  8. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Should I swap Nasri so I can get Gourcuff? edit: nevermind my chairman isn't letting me :/ EDIT2: How about swap Nasri so I can get Schweinsteiger
  9. Re: Help with Reserve team I think he will rise to about 84-86 mate. EDIT: OR YOU CAN TRY Arruda MAZOLA (currently a 60!), ONLY COSTS 10K WILL GO UP TO AROUND 84 SOON! (since they are gonna update the brazil league)
  10. Re: Help with Reserve team Also try Felipe Andre, I think he's in for a big rise!
  11. Re: Any player in a photo in your shirt Piermario MOROSINI Craig CATHCART Hogan EPHRAIM Danny ROSE Signorini ROBSON All in Rotherham United Shirts please!
  12. Re: Snooky's Graphics Lol what he said, it looks great but can you erase the anything over his head (the focal)? Thanks!
  13. Re: Snooky's Graphics Schweinsteiger sig please?
  14. Any 75 LB who will rise to 80 or more?
  15. Re: Davids Is Back! They don't add players until they play, right?
  16. Re: As Requested; August 2010 Brazilian Predictions. Hi mate any 75ish LB expected to rise to 80 or above?
  17. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010 Any decent LB 75ish expected to rise to 80 or higher?
  18. Re: Russian Premier League Ratings & Analysis Any decent LB or RB/CB 75ish expected to rise 80 or higher
  19. Re: Otamendi or Koscielny?? Posted before he joined.
  20. Re: Are these players likely to rise? How about Felipe Andre? Btw bruno I'm looking for 74's that will go to 80-ish, 78's cost too much for me.
  21. Re: Kieran Gibbs OR Armand Traore Keep Mr Gibbs, future England and Arsenal LB, next Ashley Cole (without the greed ).
  22. hurrdurr


    Re: HI It says I have 1 rep power but I see no reps? Other people have 0 so why isn't it showing?
  23. Re: Something is going very wrong: HELP ME SAVE MY TEAMS Thanks I'll try it but can AM plays CM?
  24. hurrdurr


    Re: HI Speaking of rep, how do I check if someone has repped me.
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