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  1. Re: EC 8000 - LESS THAN 20 EC's LEFT! I'm gonna be Tamworth and my brother will be hayes and yeading
  2. Re: Wc 7130 Benfica and Hamburger lads kicked out, were they cheating?
  3. Re: Removal of the 'New Players' page. I had a similar scenario but with Jens Lehmann coming out of retirement. I knew his player id was 1, so I searched him up on the player search and he didn't appear, but when you went to this page http://www.soccermanager.com/player.php?pid=1 he was available to purchase. Of course me being my youth fanatic self I decided not to buy him.
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I will probably get beaten down by mini-infernitos (or whatever his name is) but I'm glad we didn't get a new keeper now. Think if we did it would have wrecked Szczesny's career. Arsene isn't dumb, everyone was calling for a goalie, but he stuck to his youth and it has worked. Saying that though, I think even he realises we do need a midfielder, but hey I've been proved wrong before. inb4 frimpong wins player of the year award. edit: Maybe Arsene isn't buying a defender because he thinks Ignasi Miguel has world class potential? Hm we'll see.
  5. Re: Hair style affect footballers games ztVMib1T4T4
  6. Re: Its Official! Englands League 1 & 2 next Barnet Steve Kabba 80 ----> 75 Izale Mcleod 78 -----> 75 Jason Price 77 ----> 70/69 Exodus Geohaghon (Has only recently signed, been coming on subs to get match fitness back recently for a few minutes, so he might drop to a 75 because that's the limit, but I'm not really sure about him). Dean Brill 76 ------> 74/73 Danny Senda 75 ----> 70/71 Mark Byrne (He's recently gone up, but I have no idea why)75 -----> 73/72 Ricky Holmes 73 -----> 70/71 Tommy Fraser 73 -----> 69-71 Mark Hughes 72 ---> 72 Liam O'Brien
  7. Re: SM PLEASE REVIEW LEAGUE 1 & 2 in England!!!! My local team Barnet needs reviewing defo. Steve Kabba an 80? Pfffffttt 75/74 Jason Price 77? ahahahahahahahaha 70/69 Sam deering a 66? Barnet's young player of the season a 66? Pfffftttttt 71/72
  8. Re: SMFA Blocks Seems as if SMFA are trying to make money worth nothing. In a gameworld I'm in, money is worth quite a lot, someone made a 23 million bid (2 million over his value) for Thomas Muller, the guy who had Thomas Muller was Barcelona, he had lots of good attacking midfielders and wingers so didn't really need Muller. He accepted it and then the SMFA blocked it. They are also blocking loans, Neymar hasn't played for my friend in 5 seasons, he has too many good strikers, a guy makes a loan bid for him, my friend accepts and it gets blocked. My friend has this guy on his friends l
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Anyone got the odds on us getting relegated?
  10. Re: Emmanuel Frimpong touche .
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Frimpong off.
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Andy Polo and Joel Campbell. What a sweet partnership. heh
  13. Re: Izzy Legends Player Sigs edit: If you have ripped the ones in the first post, forget it.
  14. Now I hope I'm not the only one who absolutely despises the "new" (if it can even be called that anymore) English Championship layout. Sure, the top division is all fine and dandy, 20 teams, league games on Wednesday and Saturday. However all the other leagues you have to play games on Monday. I hate that, you need a bigger squad and you need to be on soccer manager more. Well here is my proposal to fix this, it's not fine tuned or anything (like most of my ideas) but I think it would work. Every odd numbered English Championship will have the "new" format and every even number championship
  15. Re: Izzy Legends Player Sigs Hi, could I have a signature please. As long as English Championship 7204, Mario Gotze and Rotherham United are included I'm fine. Wouldn't want to limit your creative ability by telling you what to do. Thanks
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Well what do you expect when there is no one in the box.
  17. Re: Fantasy premier league 2011/2012 Ah, Aguero got more points. I saw in the morning people who had Aguero as captain got 20 something points from him. Now Aguero has got 30 points.
  18. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I didn't say it was a good thing to be a man, I just said he would've been a man for doing that. For slapping he is a kid. A professional kid.
  19. Re: Official Arsenal Thread When it's a battle between Man City and Arsenal for a player I think it's obvious who will win.
  20. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I never said he wasn't professional.
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