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  1. Re: Top Risers In The Next Changes If he continues getting game time under Rogers then possibly up to 80 and if he continues playing like he did against Man City today then maybe 82
  2. Re: Daniel Agger When he plays he is a brilliant payer that could easily get a 91/92 rating what has been holding him back is the injuries. I think if he can stay fit for a season he will get a rise
  3. They are similar prices and ratings. Benzema is worth slightly more but am unsure if I should keep benzema instead of trading him for Nasri. Which one?
  4. Re: Paul Bignot I know what you mean about the manager Ian Holloway. He seems like a really nice guy and he put together a really good squad from not much money to get into the premier league and I thought they could stay up but were put down on the last day. I feel really sorry for him though because all the players he put together have moved to different clubs meaning they have very little chance of getting promotion. Would really have liked to see them in the Premier League again its a shame.
  5. Re: Wonderkids not on DB ?? Some Brilliant Liverpool young players Jesus Fernandez Saez (Suso) Brilliant player nothing more I can say except hes a bit of a genius Conor Coady England U-17 Captain great leader brilliant player scored in pre-season Andre Wisdom already been mentioned Raheem Sterling Brilliant player Englend under 17 scored some goals in the U-17 World Cup Adam Morgan great Goal Scorer
  6. Re: Respuesta: Messi 98-99 - and heres why.. The best argument i have seen on this thread
  7. When does a manager stop being classified as a new manager. i have arranged a deal with a manager through PM but hes a new manager and the chairman wants £9 Million more than the manager because he in new so when will he stop being a 'new manager'?
  8. Re: Player Rating Changes.(best risers to buy in EUROPE) is there any chance of ibrahimovic dropping?
  9. i can only afford one of these players so which one should i buy
  10. i manage barcelona and have busquets and khedira i only need one of them so which one should i keep
  11. Re: Gold managers with 60 reputation You get a 2 week trial. i got it today but after that you have to pay
  12. Re: Player Rating Changes.(best risers to buy in EUROPE) any chance of hangeland from fulham rising or cahill from bolton rising
  13. Re: Rise, Fall, Stay the same? Rep for answers thanks for the quick replys they helped alot i have given everyone rep
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