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  1. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ Sao Paulo's Osvaldo was reviewed yesterday. The same Osvaldo who was reviewed in February, only 2 months ago... The same Osvaldo who was again reviewed in October... 3 reviews for Osvaldo in 6 months (!), while thousands other players haven't been reviewed for ages. "Well done", SM and SW. (Lucky Osvaldo, some dedicated fan boy of SW must own you in his teams... :rolleyes: ) Jon Vilhelm Akason of... mighty club IA (Iceland) was also reviewed yesterday. In this case, ridiculous is not only the fact that SM/SW decided to review him twice in 7 months, a player who plays in... Iceland, while ignoring for far more time players from much stronger leagues (Portugal, Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, Greece etc etc). Ridiculous is also the raise they gave him! They gave him a +4 for nearly... nothing!! Akason was reviewed on 28th September. He rose back then +3, from 70 to 73, for playing in 17 games in Iceland's league. Yesterday he rose again +4, from 73 to 77! How many games he played since 28th September? 20 games? 25? 30? No. The answer is, one (1) game!!! Yes, just 1 appearance, 76 minutes in Icelandic league!! He played on 29th September for the last match of the 2012 season, and since then the Icelandic league has a break for the winter! So, SM/SW rose Akason +4 for... spending his holidays!! SM/SW AT THEIR BEST!!
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... No, you are giving too much.
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    my squad

    Re: my squad Sell those in bold.
  4. Re: The Squad Advice Thread 1) He does perfect rotation (by calculating exactly the % of gametime played and needed for every player). 2) Loans out everyone possible. 3) If some concerns for lack of games eventually appear, he doesn't let them to get out of control. He deals with them from level 1, or maximum 2 and gives maximum gametime to these players. Then it's a circle, with players rising and dropping concerns by 1-2 levels continuously. Again, perfect rotation is the key here. 4) If for some players (very few, if he does the above) it's not possible to control the concerns and they finally reach level 4, he simply buys the concerns off. 5) He is very active in the transfer market, so that: - He constantly tries to exchange his players with others of the same or better quality. - He finds and buys the talents early, so that they won't cost much. - He buys risers all the time, so that he can fund his team.
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    Re: Hulk I think he is very safe at his 91 rating while at Zenit, he is a great player and plays very well for Zenit, a top Russian club. Actually, he could rise, if he has a good campaign with his national team (where he is regular member now) next year in the World Cup. BUY HIM.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Iker Muniain.
  7. Re: Unmanaged clubs 1) Unfortunately no, SM had the bad idea to abandon that system of reviewing the database, now they are reviewing random players from all over the world with no schedule or order. 2) It doesn't take too long, if you are lucky you could have bids the same day or next day. In any case, 99% you will have bids before a week passes. 3) Very little has changed, and not the important stuff. Mostly cosmetic changes. More or less it's the same inadequate, primitive, stupid match engine. 4) That soccerwiki thing is relevant with point no.1. It's this new feature that has destroyed the review system. You can go there and suggest any edit you wish for the database, and if it's accepted then SM transfers that edited data to the game. And they are also doing the rating reviews based on a high level on who is being edited on soccerwiki. As a result, everyone goes to soccerwiki and tries to change the data of the players who owns in his teams, so that hopefully SM will then review their ratings. It's this feature that has destroyed the review system and has created an imbalance in the database, some players being reviewed every 2 months and some players never (regardless the team or the league they play in).
  8. Re: Casillas or Valdes? As people above said, try to give Valdes + cash (and maybe add Van Ginkel or some other player if needed?) to get Casillas, it would be a very good deal for you. But even if the other manager is a tough negotiator and doesn't accept anything else than Ter Stegen in the deal, i would still do it. Casillas is a 95 player and will continue to be a 94/95 player for years to come. Ter Stegen on the other hand, yes he is a great young GK, very promising (personally i like him, too), but it's far from sure if he will ever reach the 94/95 rating. And even if he does, it will be after many years. So, if the other manager doesn't accept anything else than Ter Stegen in the deal, i would proceed with it. And of course after you buy Casillas you won't need Valdes any more, so you can try and exchange him with some other top rated player(s) in other positions. This way, buying Casillas will benefit you in more ways.
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... YES! Very much worth it.
  10. germlad


    Re: Lottery You are in the right path my friend. The only thing that tactics do is counter one another. The rest things in the match engine are still, sadly, in a very primitive stage.
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Keep Hamsik!
  12. Re: Scout Opposition needs improvement!! This describes perfectly the whole situation. Just be careful where you spend your credits (=money??) from now on.
  13. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ Stress?? Lol, don't worry my friend, no stress at all. I would call this situation with the new review system more entertaining (as most jokes usually are, after all), rather than... stressful!
  14. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 You are right about that, too. But unfortunately SM don't/can't see this simple and obvious thing, so they just give 4-5-6 positions to every player and consider them all equal! It's laughable, i know, but SM don't seem to understand it...
  15. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ It should be renamed "Guess at next PLAYERS to be reviewed"... or, "Guess at next players to be reviewed AGAIN in a short period of time", "Guess at next player to break the record of the shortest period between 2 reviews", "Guess at next player to be reviewed MOST TIMES within a year", "Guess at next players who will NEVER BE REVIEWED from now on", "Guess at which team in every league is going to have the most players NOT REVIEWED for ages", and so on... That would fit the new disastrous review system better...
  16. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Absolutely agree' date=' players should have just their 2 best positions, maximum 3 in some cases. The current position system is laughable. So, Grosskreutz could become a... D,DM (RL), M(RLC), AM(RL), F(RLC) !! LOL at how stupid a position system can be...
  17. Re: Squad rebuilding!!!!! Sell those in bold.
  18. Re: The Squad Advice Thread Keep those in bold.
  19. Re: Massive Youth Squad Sell as above.
  20. Re: Respuesta: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Keep Imoh and Botta for now, sell Sels.
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