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  1. Re: André SCHURRLE or Marco Reus?? Reus all day. Schurrle has been very inconsistent lately. Reus goal scoring has continued too after joining Dortmund
  2. Re: Top Risers Over The 2012/2013 Season Any cheap goalkeepers getting a good rise?
  3. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! Any cheap Goalkeepers who will get a good rise? Please help
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Criminal charges MUST follow this report too. The truth is revealed now the justice needs to be served
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread "Today's report is black and white, the Liverpool fans were NOT the cause of the disaster.'' The truth finally comes out 23 years later which is shameful because it took this long. 116 of the 164 South Yorkshire Police statements were doctored to remove unfavourable comments. The scale of the police corruption exposed in Hillsborough report is shocking. But finally the truth is out and now the world knows THEY LIED. #DontBuyTheSun #JFT96
  6. Re: the ox We'll see how that ends up. Guess you can figure out a lot just seeing him in 2 games or probably not even that.
  7. Re: Top Risers Over The 2012/2013 Season Only 10% of his passes have been backwards (eplindex.com) Which i doubt is a high % Talking about monkeys I am sure you like having a diving one in your team.
  8. Re: Top Risers Over The 2012/2013 Season Raheem Sterling will get to around 80-83. How Joe Allen is rated currently at 86 ill never know. Deserves 89 with 90 by the end of the season. He is just too good. Let me know when you see him displace a pass
  9. Re: the ox Raheem Sterling > The Ox. Had him in his pocket when we played arsenal
  10. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010 Roman Shirokov to 90 ? Certainly done well in both Champions League and the Russian League
  11. Re: Liverpool's Defence Have the best defense in EPL currently. Think Skrtel, Agger and Enrique should get a +1
  12. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010 Will Victor Giuliano rise to 89 or stay at 88 ?
  13. Re: Best high rated young LB? Schmelzer looks the best option, but if your looking for a future LB I say Jose Angel looks good too maybe even better if he moves to Barcelona
  14. Re: EPL Rating prediction thread. Kelly wont rise the update as he was out injured. Kelly will only rise in the next to next rating changes. If he starts frequent enough for the first team
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