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    redandwhitekop reacted to Euginka94 in Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis   
    Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010
    Btw guys, get a closer look at Maksim Belyaev who plays for Lokomotiv Moscow. He played really good against Bilbao on Thursday in Europa League (1st match after his loan in 1st division). Great win as well!
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    redandwhitekop reacted to #rooneyisyummy# in New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11   
    Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11
    i think ancelotti was right to go, im usually against sackings and look at ferguson, managers that implement a long term plan for a club get better sucess.
    but hear me out: im still 50/50 on it.
    every game chelsea played the same way. everytime chelsea played united the same thing happened. they got pinned at the full backs and tactically, very little changed. ancelotti did great, but once teams worked out how to play against chelsea he couldnt change the system very well.
    maybe a more tactical manager would be better ?
    that said, he came second. its very harsh considering last year he did an amazing job. abrahmovic is going through managers at the rate of 1 a year.
    he wants to be the biggest team in england, and any manager who dosnt do it he sacks. maybe it isnt the managers.......... he spends 50 million on a rubbish player. why ?
    he dosnt let managers choose who to buy because they wont be there long enough to have a transfer plan in place.
    kenny dalglish is the perfect example. take over the club. DO NOT EXPECT INSTANT SUCESS. so they give him a new contract.
    now he is the man in charge he gets transfer money to buy players to suit his game plans over the next season.
    hughton sacked, pardrew in seems to have worked.
    hodgson in after di matteo it appears to have worked.
    its really hard to say but i think ancelotti was too flat minded.
    that said people winging at mancini for not being attacking enough, shut up he got you 3rd. you are paid to get results and if that means taking of tevez you do that. people are never happy.
    but yeah thoughts on the ancelotti/ chelsea managerial scandals.....im really not sure. if you couldnt tell though you cant just sack a manager because man united are better team than you. i honestly hope no manager goes to chelsea, because lets be honest they are most likely just going to be sacked.
    i hope nobody goes and it teachers abrahmovic to stop being so ruthless / blaming the wrong people.
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    redandwhitekop got a reaction from stones in SM totally anti Liverpool????   
    Re: SM totally anti Liverpool????
    that is so true. I have been really disappointed. They have not done the right thing here.
    I really hate sm for that and i must admit it has bothered me!
    How come bebe from united gets a rise to 80 while pacheco gets a rise to just 77.
    Shelvey and kelly also should have rose to 83/84
    this is insane from sm
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    redandwhitekop reacted to Lensois in Serie A Ratings 2010/2011   
    Re: Serie A Ratings 10/11

    RisersMcDonald Mariga - 87--->88
    Philippe Coutinho - 78--->85/86
    Jonathan Biabiany - 86--->87
    Nelson Rivas - 85--->84
    Sulley Muntari - 90--->89
    Mancini - 88--->86
    David Suazo - 88--->86

    Who Shall I Buy?

    After waiting a total of two years before he could finally take on the Neazurri kit, Philippe Coutinho has showed that his hype is for real.
    The former Vasco da Gama player, has so far gotten many minutes by coach Rafa, who is videly known for his love for the rotation-system. However, Coutinho has definately showed that he is definately living up to his hype. With his flashy dribbles, quick feets and good pace, Coutinho might be seen as the ideal winger. What suprise me most is his work-rate. I mean, who would have though that a Brazilian and a Brazilian who is 18 (!) would be perhaps the hardest working player on a pitch consisting a bunch of guys who last season were crowed Champions League winners?


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    redandwhitekop got a reaction from stones in Liverpool wonderkid- DANI PACHECO   
    Re: Liverpool wonderkid- DANI PACHECO
    Dani Pacheco is will start against Steaua Bucharest along with Danny Wilson Martin Kelly and hopefully Jonjo Shelvey. Confirmed by Roy Hodgson himself on LFC.TV
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    redandwhitekop reacted to Kroitzz in Danny Mwanga - 73 > 80?   
    Re: Danny Mwanga - 73 > 80?
    I would say more of a money maker. He is a good talent but not overly special, really. He could possibly make the high 80s in his career. I haven't sat down and seen him play a match. Just clips and researched stats.
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    redandwhitekop reacted to milan in Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?   
    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?
    thought the same but was convinced he was worth a keep. lots of interest from lots of clubs so he is one of the future stars of Argentina
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    redandwhitekop reacted to Frozy in Team-Work League, Recruitment thread   
    Re: Team-Work League, Recruitment thread
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    redandwhitekop reacted to Elton in Team-Work League, Recruitment thread   
    Re: Team-Work League, Recruitment thread
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    redandwhitekop got a reaction from Scout177 in busy game world!   
    Re: busy game world!
    Anyone would like to join French Championship 69.
    Only Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseilles have been taken.
    Lot of players in the External Market available. It would be good if some of you joined and made it competitive.
    If you join let PM Bordeaux
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    redandwhitekop reacted to Scout177 in Sergi Samper-16 year old Barcelona Talent   
    Sergi Samper
    FC Barcelona

    Sergi Samper,a midfielder plays for the Barcelona's Cadete B side is considered to be a great upcoming talent.Being just 15,Samper has been reportedly linked with a move to Arsenal with Arsene Wenger interested in him giving Samper the incentive of first team football and a 4 year contract.Samper has been called up to the Spain U-16 team as well and is tipped to shine.Though these are just reports there is no doubt according to many relating to his talent and has already been likened to Cesc Fabregas partly because of his talent and Arsene Wenger's capture of Cesc Fabregas in 2003 at the age of 16.Sergi Samper has not signed on professional terms with Barcelona as of now.Samper is a player of tall stature and is a technically gifted player.
    Sergi Samper has also been in a Nike Advert with the likes of Puyol,Iniesta,Pique,Busquets,Pedro,Fabregas,Raul Albiol,Sergio Ramos,Jesus Navas and Juan Mata.Samper also played in the Manchester United Premier Cup for Barcelona who won 3-1 in the finals against Mexican side Pachuca.



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