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  1. Re: Barclays Premier League Change in ratings!! How to even consider a -1 for lampard, even when he doesnt start he scores lol. hes a good player. Well you never know with SM look what they did to gerrard a few months back. but with the rating defo's ambitious.
  2. Re: which of these players shall i sign You are Joking right? not much between mikel and lucas lol If lucas didnt get injured he may of had a better chance at rising, he still may and as for mikel he will get a -1 and if he dont i will eat my hat. In the very few games for chelsea this season he has been very poor. Where as lucas has been by far the driving force of liverpool. even those who hate him will aggree.
  3. Hi could you please tell me if you think my players will rise. This is my Borussia Dortmund team. I have said what each player will rise to, if they rise that is. Joe Hart 91> 91/92 Tim Krul 85> 86/87 Gerard Pique 95 (stay) Thiago Silva 93> 93/94 Fábio Coentrao 91 (stay) Glen Johnson 91 (stay) Phil Jones 87> 89 Gareth Bale 90 (stay) Yayá Toure 92 (stay) Santos Ramires 91 (stay) Emmanuel Frimpong 75> 80 Juan Manuel Mata 91> 92 Ashley Young 90> 90/91 Adam Johnson 89 (stay) Stewart Downing 89> 89/90 Robin Van Persie 93> 94 Karim Benzema 93 (stay) Wayne Rooney 95> 95/96 Luis Saurez 91 (stay) Daniel Sturridge 87> 88/89 Roberto Soldado 90> 91
  4. Re: Diaby or Lucas? i agree with that guy and im a liverpool fan LOL. lucas is good but with the way hodgson is playing the team he wont get much of a look in
  5. Re: My team (F.CPorto), up/down and opinions ? hmmmmm the team is ok i can see a few raisers but i can also see a few guys who will drop. i also manage porto, this is my team. GIVEN, Shay VENTURA, Hugo KOLAROV, Aleksandar RAFAEL, Pereira VERMAELEN, Thomas KING, Ledley WILSON, Danny SMALLING, Chris BOATENG, Jérôme ALABA, David BUSQUETS, Sergio SANCHEZ, Víctor ALTINTOP, Hamit MIKEL, John Obi KHEDIRA, Sami DELPH, Fabian OZIL, Mesut HONDA, Keisuke WILSHERE, Jack BABEL, Ryan VILLA, David KUYT, Dirk SUAREZ, Luis BALOTELLI, Mario MULLER, Thomas NEYMAR, Silva MACHEDA, Federico
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