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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hello I'm really on the fence with this deal I have received a manager has offered me 30million plus F.Torres for my A.Robben I play 4-3-3 wingers and can replace robben with bale but torres won't play since I have messi playing up front and Nani on the other wing. The main thing I want to know is which player will be a better long term option? Thank you.
  2. Re: New User Interface [beta] Hmm the new interface does have some interesting features like the Transfer stats and it will get easy over time I was annoyed with the old interface when that came out
  3. Re: Budget Allocation Yeh its a nice plan but I think there's no need for it and it would just make the system complicated. It would just make it very frustrating because its hard enough to get money lined up for players. But with this new plan I have to worry about wage as well which would make it difficult for people to buy players. Plus bigger clubs with more money will be able to pull away from the smaller clubs much easier with this new system. You remember how hard it was buying players when your a bad team when you was playing Fifa worrying about money and wage yeh you do;)
  4. Re: Juan mata/cavani I agree I just don't think Cavani will get any better at Napoli so I would go for Mata
  5. Re: Any improvements for my Valencia? don't put all the bad players up for loan because no on will loan them and it clogs up the market
  6. this wonder kid aged one and a half has shocked the world of football after his dad posted up a video of him kicking three balls [which are half the size of him] into his toy box three times in quick consestion he has been signed by the netherlands team Venlose Voetbal Vereniging [vvv venlo] for ten years the toddler has been reffered to as the new robben or berkamp in about 20 years Factfile: Name:Baerke van der Meij Age:1 and a half postion:Attacker or Midfield Foot:Right Coolness:10/10:cool::cool: Sorry but you will have to just copy and paste them into browser i'm new to Url rubb
  7. Re: Chiellini worth 30.5 mil? do it best left back on the game and young
  8. Re: In Need of a Talented Young Leftback! bale? cissokho? sakho all can be found by the search tool if there young and high rated then 9 times out of ten they will be very good in the future
  9. Re: Official AC Milan Thread Do you really think this is going to happen REALLY.... thats what i thought
  10. Re: Luka Mordric Modric is very underrated and is better than most midfielders i have him a he is better than almost any mid in the prem
  11. i have being looking out for information about him and its been good and bad and i have asked strong man u fans but again its been blurred. i thought that i could solve this one myself but i simply don't know
  12. Re: Matip maybe... he is playing well and plays lots of games for schalke but half the game he is on the bench and gets subbed on. overall he is a good player i have him keep him
  13. Re: Cambiasso+Ferdinand=Iniesta don't do it cambiasso has a bold head!!!
  14. Re: help ! why do you need to sell any of them there good and if you are thinking of buying marin you can't be that desperate
  15. Re: Gold Members receive income from SMFA home matches, while Standard Members don't! this tournament is ment for gold members and the best non-gold members since i PAY and other people don't i'm initialed to benefits... and thats all forks i pay i get benefits you don't pay you don't get benefits.
  16. Re: Messi or Ronaldo? real life = Ronald [better player made it in england] sm = messi [younger]
  17. Re: Samir Nasri deal hahahahahaha... thats all i've got on that one
  18. as i have discovered that morale is a big part of the game how do i improve some of my players morale i have tried giving them new contracts but that improves it only a little... help:confused:
  19. Re: sneijder or ozil sneijder is an amazing player don't do it. ozil is good but not good enough for him
  20. Re: A Pure Position Player No it does not an AM/CM means the player can play in the attacking mid postions and central postion he can play both well its like rooney for man united he can play striker really well and he can also play winger and behind the striker he can play all well. no it does not matter it just a player being more diverse;)
  21. Re: What team do you really hate?? i also hate everybody i hate you, you and especially YOU :D
  22. Re: What team do you really hate?? chelsea... i'm not a fan of big people kicking other teams
  23. For anyone who has this game i would like to know if anyone has any information on the club servers according to my sources test drive said that they are doing checks to the servers and it should be done by monday but still not done anyone. if you want to talk about the gumpert or just the game ask
  24. I need help with him here are my questions -is he any good -will he be good long term -is he worth buying
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