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  1. Re: Lost club a day early Unfortunately not. But I sent the league owner a pm, hopefully that might work. Just not many leagues have that club in it, so jumping into other people's custom setups was the only way. I could set up my own league, but it'd be empty so that would be pretty rubbish.
  2. Re: Lost club a day early I am in the same timezone as SM, so I doubt that was the reason. How do I find the ID of the game world? I tried to take control of the club again, but got a message that "the chairman will not employ you again at this club". The club is still available however.
  3. Hi, Looking for some help. I was out of the country for a week, just arrived back Saturday. Knew I was close to 14-day login limit for one of my clubs. I got an email from SM on Saturday giving me the warning, and saying it was ok, I have 1 more day to log in. So I logged in to SM this evening (Sunday). And the club is gone. It was Saprissa in 'FIFA World Championship'. How can I contact SM to have the team reinstated? There doesn't seem to be a ticket option for this type of thing, so was not sure what the correct process is? I accept why the login rule is there, but if SM tell me I
  4. Re: New Game Layout - how to find 'real life club'? Thanks for the replies - it was the 'World' method I was ideally after. Couldn't figure it out when the layout changed. Thanks
  5. Hi, Since the game update at the start of the month, in the player screen you can no longer click on the real life club of the player, and view the real life roster. I used to find this function very useful, and often used it to find players. I believe it also used to be accessible through a menu at the top of the screen, which is no longer available. Is it still possible to find the real life club lists, and if so, where? Thanks
  6. Back in 2008 when I'd been around this game a year or so, the African Nations that January was reasonably predictable (by AFCON standards) and in SM, ratings of the best performers jumped. The Egyptians especially, hit the heights of 87-89 (89 in the case of Aboutreika, Amr Zaki hit it only after his Wigan stint). Last year, being in charge of some low-budget teams and having squads in need of a refresh, I looked to Africa for some options. I'd picked up some Zambians amongst others, and a few of the players I bought (and others I was beaten to) played very well and were standouts in the Na
  7. Re: Lets Get Scouting... www.mediotiempo.com Mexican site, mexican league. It's in Spanish, but easy to follow with even a basic knowledge of Spanish (or an online translator).
  8. Re: Need URGENT Help, People With Good Knowledge On Laptops. Do you have more than one profile? I have 3 on mine - one for me, one for my gf I live with, and the other is a spare administrator profile. So if anything happens with our ones, we can log in and retrieve stuff, and possibly sort the problem. If you don't want to lose all your stuff, try starting the laptop with the windows disc in it - you may have a system problem that it can restore without wiping everything. Otherwise, full system restore should work as it sounds like a software problem...but that will wipe your HD and yo
  9. Re: International management Setup => SMFA Internationals => International Squads The manager is listed at the top of the squad list.
  10. Re: Mexican ratings Could do. To be honest it's an awkward time to have the Mexican ratings, as the season has not-long started and often teams will make several changes to their squad from one season to the next. Atlas especially swap 3 or 4 of their non-mexicans each season (which is half a season to us - July to Dec and Jan-May). But Vidrio has always been in the squad, he's not one of the main players in the lineup but is reliable and versatile.
  11. Re: Mexican ratings I don't think so. He wasn't in the team at the end of last season as they had a disappointing end to the season and dropped out of the Libertadores, and he hasn't played this season. He's their backup CB, nothing too special. Even then, Omar Flores is the first player to step in at the back if someone is missing. Robles, Vidrio and Torres are so versatile, that usually if someone is injured or suspended, Flores comes in at CB and those 3 shuffle around to fill DM, LB or RB.
  12. Re: TomOwen's Russian Rating Changes Great stuff Tom. I'm rarely on the forum so I tend to miss out on scouting until after ratings have gone up so I didn't buy many of these other than ones I was aware of. Would just add for people - Egor Filipenko of Spartak has only risen a little, but they are going crazy over him. He has been compared to Vidic, which is a bit much, but he is a very good player. Think high 80s are in his future. Was surprised to see Dedura stay the same. He has played only a little this season, but he played the last 14 games in a row last season including a couple
  13. Re: Gold Championship 6 Red Star Belgrade manager, The Rooster, commented today about his team's preparations for next season. "Things are going well, the squad are fully fit and morale is high after an excellent 4th season. We are however still on the lookout for a target man to lead the front line." The Rooster went on to confirm that the club has over £30million available, and is willing to spend the lot on a striker rated 90 or higher. "All players and offers would be considered".
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