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  1. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 asamoah change to lb/lm???
  2. Re: Asamoah or Kevin Prince Boateng do you think asamoah will change position? at the moment hes not playing as cm/lm!
  3. Re: Sirigu or Handanovic?? other opinions pls??
  4. Re: quagliarella drop????? Someone pls!!!
  5. Re: castro,albiol and matri thanks for your opinion. what do you think about huntelaar?
  6. Re: huntelaar drop or stay?? any more opinions? he plays very well for me and im finding it very difficilt to sell him but i dont want player of rating 90 or less....pls help
  7. Re: tactical help. cant win a game...pls help thanks for your opinion.i will tell you the score of tonight's game:) wish me luck hehe
  8. Re: Won last season - Can't this season i have the same problem.last year i won league and domestic cup.and was eliminated in the champions league in the semi.this year after 8 games i only won 2 games. i dont know what to do. i have always played 3-4-2-1 but i am going to change it to 3-5-2...and see how it works
  9. Re: gonzalo castro position change thanks for your help. i have a doubt if i buy vidal or castro
  10. Re: mavuba,capoue,vidal,westermann and castro and i have also lass diarra on the list. thanks in advnace for any help received
  11. Re: gonzalo castro position change any help pls?
  12. Re: Westermann for tasci or i should go for arturo vidal? i like westermann and also vidal.but i have never seen them play.
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