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  1. Re: Best deal you ve ever had I got Thomas Muller when he was an 85 for Meggiorini + 375k Eden Hazard for Hunt, Usami + 1.2m Gotze for 300k Pedro for 5.1m J.Hernandez for 6.4m that might not seem great but post this thread next season and it would seem a bargain
  2. Re: Vidic Deal!1 i would personally offer maybe varmaelen and cambiasso and money if needed i know cambiaso has a high rating but so does ramos and ramos has age on his side plus you've got other good midfielders
  3. Re: Marcelo or Coentrao that is good point Dobby i didnt think marcelo was that bad last season do you think one of the two will be pushed to Lm as there both quality players not to start
  4. who do you think will get more game time at real and as a result have the better rating i only ask as i have marcelo whos worth 25 mil for me but could sell him and buy coentrao for poss 13 mil what would you all do there is another manager interested in coentrao mind you so it could be a gamble as i have to sell to buy thanks in advance for any advice
  5. Re: Cesc Fabregas thanks for both of your comments its certainly changed my mind on what i was gonna do i just got caught up with the name fabregas thats why i asked you lovely lot for help and as always you've not let me down
  6. evening all i have put a bid in for fabregas and the other manager counter offered cesc for schweinsteiger + gotze would you guys do the deal and while i have your attention who do you think will play more so would have more chance of rising marcelo or coentrao as i have marcelo but could sell him and buy coentrao and make some money too cheers peeps i hope to get some responses
  7. Re: Young 10k or less rated risers? 19 year old Dan Burn he's signed for fulham a few weeks back
  8. Re: Angel Di Maria like others have said keep nani n forget about trading him use theo as nani i believe is the better player then u would have at least 2 decent wingers
  9. Re: C.Ronaldo deal i tried offering ozil n neuer as i have casillas in goal n he only has de gea even tho he's as good as he is neuer could be his 1st choice the other manager wont except de rossi ive tried i was thinking ozil n neymar if he rejects if he's that desperate for a striker its annoying my chairman wont except it even tho ive got plenty of cover
  10. Re: C.Ronaldo deal i went to except his counter offer but my chairman wont do it is there anythin else i can do
  11. ive been counter offered in a deal for C.Ronaldo he wants my ozil & pato for him i have xavi, sneijder, nasr,i de rossi, ramires and wilsher in MF rooney, eto'o, gomez, j.hernandez and neymar as FWD. Am i giving away to much for him the other manager is very stubborn with his negotiations. You've all gave me good advice with other hard transfer decisions before now i could do with some help again:D
  12. Re: suarez n dzeko for villa cheers all for the replys the deal shall be done i just hope the lad im dealing with hasn't read this thread bit irrelevant to this thread but my tatt on my avatar was done by my sis im trying to get her work out there for the masses to see. Nice one sis
  13. Re: suarez n dzeko for villa it was suarez more than dzeko i was worried about gettin rid of but i cant see either getting to villas rating for a while if ever,,,,, i think im gonna do it its not ofren you'd see someone like villa signing for bristol city
  14. im thinkin of offering suarez n dzeko for villa do you peeps think thats to much for him ive also got rossi falcao robinho and lukaku. The deals with a managed club and he will except if offered. Thanks for any opinions posted im kinda stumped what to do now i know the deal could be done
  15. Re: torn between 4 i personally think if downing gets the move to liverpool he wants i dont see why he cant get 90+ he was v good for villa last season
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