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  1. I'm not in this GW but have just finished University and looking to get back into this a bit. After witnessing the dire state of the game, I've decided I only really want to join competitive forum worlds such as this one. If there is a vacancy I would be very grateful if someone could give me a heads up... Username: harris
  2. How's my Valencia looking fellas? =[
  3. Re: Official Red Devils Thread After seeing our poor display yesterday, it's evident that our players just aren't good enough. I feel sorry for Moyes, Woodward left him in the lurch and I can see him doing the same to LVG. Though, the loss yesterday may become a blessing in disguise. It could or should be the catalyst which see's us being productive in the transfer market.
  4. Re: What tv series are you into? Nearly finished season 5 of Sons of Anarchy, anyone watch this? A seriously good show, much better than Breaking Bad in my opinion. Also just finished season 2 of House of Cards. The series is so well thought out, it's not your typical drama series containing little to no violence, yet it somehow has you constantly on the edge of your seat wanting more. That's my excuse anyway for watching the entire season in 2 days.
  5. Re: Official England Thread Thought I'd join in, on naming my 23. Goalkeepers Hart Forster Foster Defenders Walker Johnson Cahill Jones Smalling Caulker Baines Shaw Midfielders Gerrard Henderson Lallana Sterling Wilshere Oxlade Barkley Forwards Sturridge Rooney Welbeck Starting Eleven 4-2-3-1 Formation Hart Walker-Cahill-Jones-Baines Gerrard-Henderson/Wilshere Sterling-Rooney-Lallana Sturridge Henderson has really begun to shine at Liverpool and he offers a lot more than Wilshere does. Though I'm not sure he would be suited in a defensive role alongside Gerrard. If Walcott was fit, I'm not sure I'd be starting Rooney, based on his recent performances on a national level. I'd look at playing Lallana centrally with Walcott and Sterling either side. I've seen people comment on some players not having the experience to play in big tournaments yet, and it really annoys me. I would sooner have Lallana and Sterling on the field than the likes of Milner. I have never understood why he has consistently made the cut, when every time I see him play he shows nothing to suggest he's worthy of a callup.
  6. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Predictable, slow on the ball and one dimensional. Would be interesting to hear what Moyes has to say to the team at half time, given his inability to call on a plan b. Probably something along the line of, 'more of the same lads?'
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Keep Gotze.
  8. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread I've got a lot of admiration for Tim Sherwood. There was obviously a lack of harmony in the squad, and he's done really well to get them working collectively. They didn't play their best today, but it's clear to see they're working as a unit rather than individuals. And they instantly look a better side when Vertonghen is playing, the guy is a machine.
  9. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Seeing the pace pick up on the Armero to West Ham rumour, what a signing that'd be for them if they pull it off!
  10. Re: Gold Championship 172 Official Thread Took over Spurs, if anyones still here, everyone in my squad is available. This includes the likes of Cavani, Modric, Blazczykoski etc. I'm in desperate need of a new GK and LB. Thanks.
  11. Re: Gold Championship 109: Match Report/Transfer Gossip Thread Left this setup, needed to cut down on teams. Happy to leave knowing that I managed to bag a league title before going. Probably could've done a bit better, after being in charge for 198 games but Italy is very competitive. Whoever takes over my Napoli please, don't let them capitulate!! If noone picks this team up, and it is at risk of being torn apart can someone message me and I'll happily take it back.
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My Coutinho and Oliver Torres + cash for SES?
  13. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Seen a lot of talk on Lukaku but no one actually giving their opinions. Surely if Everton keep this up through to the end of January, he should be hitting 90? It's way overdue.
  14. Re: Gold Championship 109: Match Report/Transfer Gossip Thread After finally winning the league last season with my Napoli, we have somehow slumped to our worst finish ever this season. So, I've decided to take drastic actions, in placing Gareth Bale on the transfer list for part exchange. I'm looking for a strong attacking midfielder with a striker or another good midfielder in return. I'm open to negotiation so just pm me if interested. Thanks.
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