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  1. Re: Team of the future? Edited reguarly. i have a delish youth squad with my real madrid team Gks - szczesny, courtois Dfs - Gibbs, Rafael, Fabio, Bruma, Savic, K Walker, Coates, De Vrij Mds - Albrighton, McEachran, R Lucas, Canales, Coutinho, Lamela, Gotze, Wilshere, Bale, Lanzini, Draxler, T Hazard, A Ayew, Eriksen, Ramsey Fwds - Lukaku, Casnos, Luuk De Jong, Babacar, Sigthorsson
  2. Re: K-League risers (S.Korea) good risers in the K-League usually... nightmare to review though!! i remember doing it last time round and there are so many Kim's and Lee's and Park's! absolute headwrecker! props for taking it on!
  3. Re: Thorgan Hazard - Better than Brother Eden? nabbed him up on every one of my teams its not exactly a huge risk buying him as he only costs 720 k, so why not?
  4. Re: Vid Belec he was on loan at serie B side Crotone last season and made 29 league appearances for them.... Depends on whether or not he goes on loan again really? He won't start for Inter anyway, so unless he goes on loan he won't rise
  5. Re: Wilshere & De Gea i see no reason wilshere can't hit 91 by the end of next season no? especially if he has a similar season to his last one.. and judging from his last season its safe to say he will get more game time this coming season, so ye i would be surprised if wilshere didn't hit 91 by the close of next season (provided he continues playing the way he is currently playing). De Gea is a little harder to judge... Lindegaard it must be said is having an impressive pre season tour with United in the US and it seems is really pushing for that 1st team place... De Gea will most lik
  6. Re: Player concerns poll i didn't mind concerns.. but is it just me or have they gotten a lot more sensitive recently? for example on one of my barca squads thats in its 4th season i have had Bale since season 1.... during the first 2 seasons he only played a handful of games... didn't develop any concerns... now in the last 2 seasons he has gone up to level 3 concern, despite him playing more games than ever.. have a more recent Real team ... buy Bale... develops a level 1 concern at the end of the season despite playing 14 games which as more than he played in the 2 seasons combined on m
  7. Re: 90+ defender riser.. Adil Rami? had a great season with french champions Lille, moving to Valencia in the summer... not as likely to rise as the rest mentioned Rolando? stayed on 90 in the recent Portuguese ratings but if he continues playing well he should be in with a shout for 91 in the next ratings Rannochia? 89 rated but should get 90 in the upcoming ratings Bocchetti? same as Rannochia
  8. Re: 90+ defender riser.. hummels or subotic? both healthy chances of 92's mahamadou sakho is rumored for a potential move to arsenal. Kompany has a slight chance of 92 david luiz should rise to 91 thiago silva is a solid buy, has a chance at 93
  9. Re: Azpilicueta - Any good for the future? Right Back... Left Back... its all the same! chances are if your good playing at right back your going to be good in left back if not equally as good... IMO Azpilicueta will end up as Spain's next LB after Capdevila... they don't really have any alternatives?
  10. Re: Darren Fletcher 93? My research is fine? I realize both have been out injured but so has Rooney and he dropped? (not saing he didn't deserve to, the drop was justified) but you can't use their injuries as an excuse, the fact that Giggs has only played half of the available minutes more than justifies a drop of 1 IMO... As for Scholes, if you read my post correctly you would have noticed that i said Scholes should stay at 92... and actually goals do matter quite a bit when it comes to ratings, not so much for midfielders than forwards but they still contribute to their overall rating...
  11. Re: K-League Risers how did you find jung ju kim? he only made 6 appearances totalling 148 minutes!
  12. Re: K-League Risers Korean ratings are finished mate gonna have to look at the next leagues to be reviewed
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