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  1. Re: WC 33333 Discussion Thread.. Got a win in my first game with Atletico, trying out a formation that i've never used before on SM and thought I was onto something, but then in SMFA Champions Cup Group game against Benfica this happened; I'll give it a few more games and see how I get on with this formation.
  2. Re: WC 33333 Discussion Thread.. Swapped Estudiantes for Atletico, hope no one minds, its not like iv'e ruined them just only so much you can do with a team like that.
  3. Re: WC 33333 Discussion Thread.. Well thats embarrassing
  4. Re: WC 33333 Discussion Thread.. Yeah' date=' for some reason I had it in my head that i signed him . In the last 2 friendly's we lost 2-1 against Werder and in last nights game we pulled of a good win against FC Schalke. I just hope we can keep this form up for when the season starts, also Geoff Cameron got a +2 too 86 and earns himself a place in the first team. [center'] Geoff Cameron is set to start the first game of the season against SS Lazio[/center]
  5. Re: WC 33333 Discussion Thread.. A good 7-0 thumping of Rangers in last nights freindly, Vaz Te, who got a plus 3 today got a hat-trick with the other new signing Rickie Lambert getting 1 and MOTM. Kacaniklic got a +7 and with that is now a first teamer, Mark Bunn got a +1 to 83, was hoping for at least a +2 though. The other two latest signing's James McClean and Geoff Cameron are yet to rise, going to be a struggle to avoid the drop this season I feel. Kacaniklic delighted with his new first team role CSKA available, was thinking of jumping ship but think i'll wait for a job offer to arrive.
  6. Re: WC 33333 Discussion Thread.. Just checked and I have the 3rd lowest total squad value so i'm just aiming to stay in Division 3 this season then hopefully build on that, really looking forward to this World Championship should be fun and a big challenge, just hope we can get a few more forumers in and that when a team does become unmanaged no one raids it so we can keep this setup appealing for others to join.
  7. Re: WC 33333 Discussion Thread.. Took Estudiantes, anyone got any 88+ loans?
  8. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Decent Napoli in GC14
  9. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Made a team I name The French Invasion; Mandanda (Would be Lloris but i dont have 60k going spare) Sagna - Yanga-Mibiwa (SP) - Kaboul - Clichy Ben Arfa - Cabaye - Diaby - Nzogbia Remy - D Cisse (SP) Real good to play with altough it is a little pace whoring
  10. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Mulumbu or Nainggolan? Im Monaco in a very competitive GW and im looking to sign a DM who will rise, my DM's atm are Nampalys Mendy, Samba Diakite and Gary Coulibaly. I'm edgeing to Mulumbu but thats simply because i know English footbal and dont have a clue about italian football, also anyone think Mulumbu will get a +1?
  11. Re: Gold Championship 275 AS Monaco | GC275 After an undefeated pre-season I went into the first league game happy about how my squad looked and was confident of a win against Tours FC. Dominated all the stats and get off to a great start.
  12. Re: Old Firm From what i can gather Rangers want to join the Blue Square Premier because of the new league system which has been accepted by the SFA and Celtic are happy where they are. Personally i can see Rangers joining the Blue Square which i think would be great as they have nothing to lose in doing so but Celtic would never IMO as they have far to much too lose.
  13. Re: Gold Championship 275 AS Monaco | GC275 Transfer List Delvin Ndinga - DM - 87 Rated - 24 years old Flavio Roma - GK - 80 Rated - 38 years old Adriano Pereira da Silva - DR/CB - 86 Rated - 30 years old Rabiu Afolabi - DL/DC - 84 Rated - 32 years old Yvan Erichot - DC - 77 Rated - 22 Years old Jakob Poulsen - MC - 86 Rated - 29 years old Sébastien Chabbert - GK - 82 Rated - 34 years old Nabil Dirar - AM - 87 Rated - 26 years old Stéphane Dumont - DM - 85 Rated - 30 years old Frédéric Nimani - AM/ST - 83 Rated - 24 years old All transfer listed players can go for chairman value except Nabil Dirar i want around £12 M
  14. Re: Gold Championship 275 AS Monaco | GC275 Took over this AS Monaco a few days ago and have been really enjoying it so far. My goal is to build a successful team with mainly french players. The target for season 1 is to gain promotion to the top tier of french football and i'm hoping to have won Ligue 1 within 5 seasons. The squad that i currently have shouldn't need any additions to it in order for me to get promotion to Ligue 1 and hopefully win Ligue 2 so I am mainly bringing in french risers who will have hopefully risen before Ligue 1 so I can sell them off and have a healthy amount of money to build a squad that should be able to avoid relegation. Transfers IN Filip Đorđević - £2.9 M - ST Scored 13 in 18 games for 2nd place Nantes Ligue 2, provides good cover upfront, currently rated 83 and should rise. 25 years old. Julio Tavarès - £261 K - ST Scored 6 in 9 starts for Dijon FCO, currently rated 75 should get a rise to around 80. 24 years old. Florent Mollet - £450 K - AM/ST Started 17 games so far this season and has scored 1 goal for Dijon FCO, currently rated 75 should rise to around 80. 21 years old. Mathieu Duhamel - £1 M - ST Scored 7 in 18 starts for SM Caen, currently rated 79, should rise to around 82. 28 years old. Fabien Boyer - £930 K - CB 14 starts for Angers SCO, currently rated 78 should rise to early 80's. 21 years old. Paul Babiloni - £575 K - DR 7 starts for EA Guingamp, currently rated 76 should rise to 80. 23 Years old. Christian Kouakou - £271 K - ST 7 appearances this season for Tours FC with 1 goal, currently rated 74 should rise to high 70's. 21 years old. Mory Kone - £641 K - DC 12 starts for Le Mans this season, rated 75 should rise to around 80. 18 years old. Jefferson Nascimento - £841 K - DL 14 starts and 2 goals for Estoril Praia this season. currently rated 76 should rise to low 80's. 24 years old. Transfers OUT Nacer Barazite - £7 M - AM/ST Only made 4 appearances this season all as sub, rated 85. Sold to RCD Espanyol. 22 years old. Edgar Salli - £4.1 - WING Only made 1 appearance as sub this season, rated 83. Sold to Ajax.
  15. Was just looking for somewhere to post and realised there wasn't one already made for GC275. So if there's any forumers in this GC feel free to post. Im AS Monaco BTW
  16. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? What's your opinions on Joey O'Brien (West Ham RB) Started 15 times and got 2 goals, hes currently rated 83 so surely should rise but what to? is 87/88 a bit too optimistic?
  17. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC164 - Celtic Took over this Celtic a couple of days ago, got a nice squad of players already and have added Leon Britton and Milan Badelj to bolster the midfield for around £15 million from unmanged clubs. Looking to sell a few of the fringe players for cash so if your interested in anyone just make a bid.
  18. Re: From The Bottom To The Top - Blog About My Favourite Clubs Borussia Dortmund World Championship 14428 Up to now my Borussia Dortmund are favourite team on Soccer Manager, I've been incharge since the start and made some pretty significant changes to squad. Firstly I sold Mario Gotze to Real Madrid for Kaka and Khedira which I was extremely happy with. I also sold young keeper Focher for £250k to an external team and finally I sold Lucas Barrios for £12 Million which is alot less then I would of liked but he was on the transfer list for nearly to weeks and had no bids what so ever, so I decided to accept the £12 Million offer from an external team plus I may buy him back later on in the season as I needed the money to sure up the center of my defence. That concludes all of the players that I have sold and now onto my buys. Firstly I bought Yohan Cabaye who I rate very highly, I paid £6.2 Million plus Kehl and Kringe, I also bought Cabaye's team-mate Cheik Tiote in a straight swap for Gundogan. Two English men where the next to follow, Darren Bent and Ashley Young. Darren Bent was bought £2.5 Million plus Mohammed Zidan and Damien Le Tallec, this was before his injury. Ashley Young was bought for £15 Million. My next buy was Mattia Cassani from Palermo for £5 Million plus Owomoyela and Koch. Then the experienced Di Natale joined in a straight swap for Robert Lewandowski, Di Natale will be my main striker for this season and although age is not on his side he's got a good 2 too 3 SM seasons in him at 90+. Then I bought Marseille's Brazillian forward Brandao for £3.8 Million only reason I bought was I think he may get a decent rise, maybe to 89? and then i'll sell if he does get his rise. My last three signings where youngsters in the names of Yurchenko, Davy Klassen and finally Rachid Ghezzal. The first two where signed as I read something about them somewhere (I think) and the last was signed purely because of his last name Ghezzal. Also i managed to get the loan signing of Adam Johnson from Manchester City. I now have a balance of £17 Million which i'm trying to invest in two cover center backs as I currently only have Filipe Santana. My first team now looks like this when everyone is fully fit; Weidenfeller (90) Cassani (90) - Subotic (91) - Hummels (92) - Schmelzer (90) Khedira (91) - Bender(90) Grosskreutz (89) - Kaka (94) - Young (90) Di Natale (92) My second team looks like this although as I mentioned I need 2 center backs and some decent cover for left back; Weidenfeller (90) Piszczek (89) - Santana (87) - Hubner (77) - Lowe (80( Cabaye (90) - Tiote (88) Blaszczykowski (88) - Kagawa (89) - Johnson (89) Bent (90) In the league i've played 7 games, won 5 and drew 2 and i'm sitting joint top on 17 points with Real Madrid and where the only two teams unbeaten (I think). Results so far have been; 1-1 v Schalke 1-0 v Valencia 1-1 v Barcelona 1-0 v Manchester City 3-1 v Juventus 3-2 v Lyon 1-0 v Arsenal Got Bye's in both the Cup and Shield and in the second round of each i face Barcelona. That brings you up to date with Borussia Dortmund, hope you enjoyed reading so far.
  19. Re: Babestation!!! Transfers/Match Reports/General Banter! Paris Saint-Germain Hire New Manager Looking to bring in mainly youth and a couple of experienced players. Not really looking to sell anyone although everyone is available if I like the offer.
  20. Monk

    Football betting!

    Re: Football betting! Charlton Morcombe Swindon Peterhead All to win 4 fold £2 on returns something around £22
  21. At first made this to just post about my Sao Paulo but instead ive decided to write about all of my favourite clubs, feel free to post about whatever or join any of the set-ups which im in and lastly enjoy reading.
  22. Re: TSL Talent-Scouts League Benevento please
  23. Re: TSL Talent-Scouts League If there's space ill join
  24. Re: European Championship 2375 Just took Shakhtar
  25. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Everton GC121
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