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  1. Re: Spanish Ratings wat about silva for valencia? just bought him and was wondering if he will rise of fall???
  2. i think van persie should have an increase in his rating, i feel he is better than other 92 rated players; saviola kuyt gilardino morientes he has scored 7 goals in 12 games this season for arsenal.
  3. Re: *new*custom*setup* any chance i could get manchester united mate:) i would appreciate it
  4. Re: World championships ok thanks mate so will they create one at 6 o clock in a few minutes?
  5. i want to know when world championships are created sorry but i have looked for a long time in the forum and have found nothing thx
  6. Re: Banned from Chatroom ok thanks anyway:D
  7. Re: Banned from Chatroom do you know what i can do to fix it
  8. when i try and go on to the chat room it says you have been banned try again later i have never been on the chatroom so i do not know why has banned me does anyone know who can alow me back into the chatroom thank you
  9. Re: G.C.S.E yhyh i am but i could of done better u happy with urs ?
  10. Re: G.C.S.E 5bs and 4 cs dam should of got an A in pe
  11. Re: Roscoee's Prem Rating Increases.. wat about van persie, 2 goals in the premiership already and was arsenals best player in pre season with 4 goals 93/94
  12. for a couple of weeks now it says wen i go onto the chatroom i have been banned plz try again later i dont know why i have been banned i didnt do neting wrong does ne1 know wat to do to get unbanned
  13. i have received a 30 million offer for podolski shud i accept of reject i have kanoute 93 vpersie 92 fred 92 and higuain 88 is podolski likely to get an increase, decrease or stay the same
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