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  1. Re: SM on psp

    Can you change the screen resolution on PSP's? It might sound dumb' date=' but I've

    never had one. If you can alter your display resolution which Im sure you can,

    alter it to 1204 x 768 pixels or 800x600, or PSP's alternative to the previous 2

    and surely it should all fit on.[/quote']

    fanks for that

    ill try it :D:)

  2. wen i go on sm on my psp i login and the screen is covered by the drop down menus like my home, my friends, my club

    does any1 else have this problem and does any1 know what to do to prevent it?

    fanks in advance

  3. Re: João COIMBRA....benfica bargain!

    This guy has played a few times for Benfica first team' date=' worth about 300k, 74 rated on game will go up loads, also Ever Banega boca player has been talked about alot, but he is also a must buy, has played every game for Boca this season he is rated 72 and you can get him for about 100k, he should have a massive increase, in a few weeks. He is keeping 89 rated players on he bench!!![/quote']

    wat do you think banegas rating will go up to?


    I've always liked Podolski myself..

    Hes a big threat to any defence' date=' has pace, strength, good in the air and obviously..

    he can score a lot of goals.

    Hes consistent also, not just at club level, but also at international level.

    I thought Podolski might hit 92 this time round, but he didnt.

    Granted Huntelaar is 91 still, and is also a great player, but Podolski is scoring

    goals in a more talented domestic league, and has scored goals at international

    level. Huntelaar not so much.

    I think next time round Podolski should hit 92, and depending on wether

    Huntelaar can get more caps, and get goals in European competitions he

    could also do the same.[/quote']

    they havent done the german ratngs yet

    so he cud still go up

  5. Re: German Changes

    Thomas Hitzlsperger deserves an increase to 90 - he's made himself a regular for Stuttgart (who sit 3rd in the Bundesliga) and is getting more and more involved with the national team.

    Gekas is currently top scorer in the league and should go up to 89 or 90.

    I certainly don't think Podolski warrants a move to 93' date=' as his scoring record for Bayern thus far hasn't been all that impressive.[/quote']

    i agree hes not done enuf for a 93, but he shud be a 92

  6. Re: SpanishRatings

    don't forget about Zaragoza this year they're outstanding!

    Which reminds me Diego Milito needs to go up to a 93 he has been amazing this year he's fighting with Kanoute for the golden boot

    wat players from zaragoza do u suggest that wud go up

  7. Re: toni Diver

    around 6:30 am ' date=' but im going to be watching it at 7:00 ... currently watching england game,but , in the tv channel im watching, at half time they showed all of the euro 2008 matches taking place , but it didnt show Italy V scotland,just wanted to know the score[/quote']

    2 0 to italy

    toni scored both

  8. Hu do u think shud have their ratings increased/decreased when its spanish ratings?

    i was thinkin









    rafael sobis





    alot more for both but cant think at the moment lol :confused:

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