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  1. Re: Aaron Lennon

    I was surprised to see That Aaron Lennon's rating was only 89. The form he's in i think he should of atleast gone up by 1. Fair enough he hasn't scored many' date=' but he has been setting people up and tearing down defences

    I don't know. What do other people think?[/quote']

    YEH I THINK he shud of definately rised to 90 in my opinion he shud be 91/92

    the way he goes past people is amazin, jus behind cronaldo and quaresma in my opinion

  2. Re: Pes Official Thread

    Guys i was looking for cool tricks and i found 1 that works for pes6 on the ps2. Its a back heel chipped shot. Only a few players can do this but i only no the 1. Which is quaresmawho plays for porto.

    This is how its done.


    Go to training with porto. And have quaresma with the ball. Now get into a similar position as in the image. Red dot being keeper and blue being you. And make sure you face the direction the arrow is pointing. ok Now stop and press shoot. If it dont work after a couple of tries. Straight after shoot press super cancel. R1 and R2.

    It gets easy after you done it once. Hope it works for you and enjoy. :D

    ne other kl tricks that are possible

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