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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread My last post - leaving SM Out of the clubs I have managed, Stevenage in GC16 has by far been the most satisfying, having guided them all the way up to Div 1, and last season winning the Div 1 title and reaching the SMFA champions Cup Final. I really haven't had the time to manage the team in this new season and to be honest I haven't really missed it, so now it's time to move on. The main reason for posting this, is in the hope that someone picks the team up and doesn't ruin it, or it doesn't get ruined by becoming an unmanaged club. It contains a host of stars, including, Aguero, Neymar, Busquets, Nani, Navas, Reina, Van Der Vaart, Modric and a host of other excellent 90+ players and a wealth of promising youth players. Good luck all. Cheers Rich (oh yeah, one other thing I forgot to mention - I managed to win the World Cup aswell with Brazil last season, but without even looking at the squad through the entire qualification and finals. Silly!)
  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC16 - Stevenage Was the final tonight of the SMFA Champions Cup. Stevenage 3-5-2 starting line up: Reina (93) Luiz (90) Vermaelen (91) Vidal (91) Busquets (94) Navas (92) Modric (93) Van Der Vaart (92) Nani (93) Aguero (94) Falcao (91) A strong Werder Bremen side also playing 3-5-2 inflicted Stevenage's heaviest ever defeat. Final score: Stevenage 0-7 Werder Bremen Big congrats to the Werder manager, but 7-0??!! Still a great season having won Div 1.
  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC16 - Stevenage lift Div 1 Championship! Stevenage fulfilled their first major goal by winning the Div 1 title last night. We went top of the league after the penultimate game of the season after beating Man Utd 3-0 at old trafford. This brought things into our own hands and a 6-1 victory at home to bottom of the table Leeds secured the title. Next up is the SMFA Champions Cup final against Werder Bremen on Monday. Victory here would make for a remarkable season.
  4. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC16 - Stevenage won 3-0 at Man Utd on Saturday to move to the top of Div 1, with just one game left against bottom of the table Leeds. Tonight, we also beat Chivas 1-0 to move into the Final of the SMFA Champions Cup!! First, Stevenage face Liverpool in the English Cup Final on Monday night. What a season this could be.
  5. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC16 - Stevenage qualify for the SMFA Cup Semi Final after a 4-0 aggregate win over Lazio. Could this be the season!?
  6. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Finally down to 1 club now. Good old faithful Stevenage in GC16.
  7. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Just quit my next club, Real Madrid in GC98. Good luck whoever gets them!
  8. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC98 - Real Madrid win their 3rd successive SMFA Champions Cup with a 5-3 victory on penalties against Barcelona. Anyone looking to do any deals in GC16 & GC98, let me know.
  9. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Quit Barca in GC117 earlier this evening. Good luck to whoever gets them. Will also be leaving Real Madrid in GC98 during the next couple of weeks once the current season has finished. That will leave me with Stevenage in GC16 and Crawley Town in GC150. Giving these a bit more thought before leaving these aswell.
  10. Re: New User Interface [beta] For me, they don't respond to tickets either! I keep harping on about it, but im still waiting for a response from one I submitted on 01/08! Useless.
  11. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread This game is doing it's very best to drive me away! GC16 - Stevenage had to field a mostly weakened team tonight due to SMFA Cup game on Monday. I started Neymar and Aguero and subbed them both off after 60 mins thinking that would avoid injury. Silly me, they both picked up injuries along with a CB aswell. GC98 - Real Madrid also had to field a B team after the 1st team played two different games at the same time (again) on Monday night and all the players dropped to about 40% fitness. So Vucinic and Gilardino both played up front and both got sent off in the first half. Subsequently lost 1-0 at home to bottom three Getafe.
  12. Re: New User Interface [beta] Absolutely agree now. I use my iPhone a lot of the time to access this game and now I have to type my login details everytime as that ridiculous pop up box doesn't remember my details using my phone. Driving me insane!!
  13. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC98 - Real Madrid Well I have two games at 8pm tonight, QF's in the both the SMFA Cup and the Spanish Cup. Already submitted a ticket on 01/08 about this, chased it twice now, and this will be the 3rd time tonight that this has happened. SM really don't care about the problems we tell them about and its really doing my head in now. :mad::mad::mad::mad:
  14. Re: New User Interface [beta] Wish they would make actual game enhancements rather than yet another user interface change. It's ok, but I hate that pointless pop up that now appears when you are automatically logged out. Have the developers run out of ideas?! One improvement I can suggest is to answer tickets that are submitted. Still waiting for a response from 1st August!!
  15. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Reading some of the recent posts I do still enjoy this game aswell. It's mainly my Stevenage in GC16 that's keeping me here, as can't quit them after getting so far with them. It's a shame the forum has gone so quiet but it's not the end of the world. One gripe I still have is the tickets to SM that they constantly seem to ignore.
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