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  1. Re: Message outbox deletions Glad its not just me! Cheers Alan.
  2. Is it possible to have the dates of the next game, next to your team in the 'My Home' section, where it lists all your clubs? I sometimes miss setting tactics, when I don't realise I have a game that day and it would just be useful if you could see at a glance when the next games are, rather than having to go into each team individually.
  3. I cannot seems to delete / empty the messages from my outbox. I have deleted the inbox ok, but no matter how many times I try and delete the messages from the outbox, they always remain in there. Any ideas????
  4. Re: Best Strategy - Div 4 to Div 1 if you can sell all those players good luck to you! I had a Div 3 team for a while, couldn't sell 1 player, had to off load about 10 players on a free just get costs down.
  5. Re: 2 Clubs up for grabs tonight. just over an hour to go............
  6. Re: 2 Clubs up for grabs tonight. Fairly recent yes.
  7. Ok, Im downsizing my portfolio of clubs and have decided im going to offload Milan & Inter. If anyone is interested in having one of these, let me know which you would like. On the assumption there are more than 1 of you wanting these clubs, I will pick one at random and then will PM you to arrange a time etc to give you the club. Deadline should be midnight tonight. I just have too many clubs to manage, and want nothing at all in return. Cheers Rich
  8. Re: Ask SM - 12/04/07 Whilst talking about bids, is there anything that can be made easier to know when a bid is likely to be accepted and completed? I get so many 'SMFA has blocked deal' responses and im often wondering what I can do to get it through. I give up in some cases and just loan the player out. I understand the age / rating elements and how the price can be affected, but there sometimes seems some strange decisions without full explanation. If this is to carry on at a complicated level, what is wrong with SMFA stating the actual reason? After all when a deal is blocked at 'Chairman' level, at least it tells you why.
  9. Newly created. 36 teams over 3 divisions. Take a look!
  10. Re: Soccer manager stopping transfers Ah ok, thats a little clearer now. Thanks a lot for that. Do you use a similar rule for taking the age factor into account? What would you expect hyypia of £2.1m value, aged 33, rating 89 to sell for? If he was 25 years old, rating 89, then similar to pennant the expected selling value would be 12-14m. I suppose you could say that for each year older they get, 1m would come off the value?
  11. Re: Soccer manager stopping transfers leicester & west brom were the purchasers from my English leagues side. Olympiakos bought him from my world champs team.
  12. Re: Soccer manager stopping transfers I think it was Leicester & West Brom
  13. Re: Soccer manager stopping transfers I have 2 Liverpool teams, (1 in English champs and 1 in World champs). In the English champs I tried to sell pennant (value 6.1m) for about 10.5m, then it got blocked by SMFA. Another club then tried to buy him at the same price, only to fail again. I still have the player now. In my World champs side, a team offered 13.5m for pennant and there were no problems. Figure that out!!
  14. Re: Soccer manager stopping transfers This keeps happening to me, although I wonder if its they just randomly choose transfers to block. But 1 example: I bought martins (value 6.3m) for 14m - got blocked by SMFA. Tried the exact same bid the next day, then it when through no problem. Also, its only me that uses this site at home, so still can't understand their strange logic behind this, and the funny thing is SM say they do not reply to emails regarding this. Brilliant!
  15. Re: Why are SMFA blocking some of my transfers? I mean that there is no one else that uses this site but me on my pc here and at work.
  16. Re: Why are SMFA blocking some of my transfers? No problem with IP addresses. The deals get accepted, then on the day you'd expect the deal to be completed, it says blocked instead.
  17. I have Liverpool in Eng Champs 261 & also in World Champs 630. In 261, the transfer of pennant (value 6.1) has been blocked by SMFA twice now. Once to WBA for about 10.0m and then this morning again it was blocked to Leicester for sale of 10.5). Ive no idea why this is happening. I have tried to ask support but it says they do not reply do emails regarding this. The same thing has happened when I try to sell hyypia to Tottenham (from set up 630 WC) for 5.0m (value 2.1). Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? Cheers
  18. Re: Unavailable Times I totally agree, the site sometimes seems to be offline more than it is online. When is SM going to new servers then?
  19. Ok, I have some players for sale in one of my teams. When I try to go in and adjust the transfer price, the button for this option is not there. One button (amongst others) that it does give me is 'Add to Transfer List', but when I try that, it says Player is already on transfer list. So for some of these players, I cannot remove from transfer list or adjust the price. Im confused by this, and help out there?!
  20. Re: How do I accept an offer? I accepted on offer of 10.0m for a player worth 6.1m and SM blocked it, but ive no idea why.
  21. Do you think we'll ever see the match reports as they happen? I have a team at another online game like this, but you get minute by minute updates on the match - practically live reporting. Whereas with this one, you have to wait 3 hours while the website is down processing fixtures, you then see your result, at which point the match report isn't really much fun to look at. Still a great game, but just wonder if they could or would change this.
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