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  1. Would like to see what you think about the team.. I'm replacing Corchia Zhirkov and Airton. I have bids in for De Jong and Rafinha. The average age has gone down from 31 to 24 since I've been doing transfers. They have also clocked up 13 goals in 3 games. Two of which were a play-off semi final and the final.
  2. Re: English Championship 2933 Discussion Thread - NEEDS MANAGERS NOW! I meant I got them thier third draw of the season. Yet to win a game yet.
  3. Re: English Championship 2933 Discussion Thread - NEEDS MANAGERS NOW! Millwall 0 - 0 Cheltenham Town.. First game in charge, third draw. Checked out both teams and they had the better side by a bit, but my setup managed to keep them out. Hopefully Cheltenham can pick up their first win mid-week.
  4. Re: English Championship 2933 Discussion Thread - NEEDS MANAGERS NOW! Basically revamped my whole Cheltenham squad. Confident about my game Vs Millwall later.
  5. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread I hope when taking a free kick in career mode, your own players don't run in front of the ball ROFL! So funny but annoying.
  6. Re: English Championship 2933 Discussion Thread My Julio Sergio signing didn't go through gonna have to hunt for a new keeper. He'll be sorry when I get promoted into Division 2 next season lol.
  7. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread I buy it from GAME normally, just walk in to Wigan and pick a copy up. Don't know if there's one near you within walkin distance. GAME normally buy more copies than is needed, ASDA just buy what they think will sell.
  8. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Won't be sold out anywhere, I'm prepared to pay full price for any fifa game because it's all I play, except MW2. I've always gone to the shop later on on release day and been able to pick a copy up.
  9. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread That's how I won the World Cup on 2010 with UParaguay, slow build up. Makes the game more realistic if you pass it about, unlike some kids who just play as England and put Walcott, Young, Lennon, Bent and all the other fast kids and play up the wings constantly.
  10. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Never thought Real would win lol. Looks class though, loving the new stats updates during the game, and that little celebration where the players interacted was pretty good.
  11. Just been offered to take over the top team in Division 1 on turn 35.. The team I currently have in that season, I've had since turn 1 and I'm currently top of Division 4. Took the team to see if I could get a team from the bottom to the top. What you think I should do? I know I can get teams promoted, but never done it all the way. Stick with Chivas and work my way up or cheat and go for the very top team in the game world?
  12. Just finding my way around the forums as of yet. I've played Soccer Manager since January 09, was referred to me by mates from college and I've been on as much as possible since. Love the game. Only just getting in to the forums though, I've been too involved with my teams to even notice thier was a forum lol. You've probably seen me post in the last few days, I just jump straight in and try to get noticed Good to be here and hope I get to know a few managers.
  13. Re: English Championship 2933 Discussion Thread I've brought in 3 players already for Cheltenham Town with another possible 3 on the way, just waiting for the bids to go through. Can't see them failing. Biggest signing being Julio Sergio (31 - 89) from Leicester City at a fee of £10m. The way I see it is a good side is always built from the back. Also loaned a couple of players from Peterborough United, one being a centre-back; Martin Cseh. The other on my LM; Ricardo Villarraga. Both young prospects, 20 and 22. The offers waiting to come through consist of; Oleksandr Romanchuk (LB - 25 - 84), Francisco Flores (DM - 20 - 80) and Sehar Fejzulahi (AM - 25 - 80). Playing a 4-3-2-1 formation Sergio [89] Kenton [75] -- Cseh [80] -- Bennett [78] -- Romanchuk [84] Flores [80] Murray [77] -------- Villarraga [80] Wesolowski [80] - Fejzulahi [80] Mokoena [80] Obviously what it will look like IF the bids come through. I'm pretty confident about them though. Just working with what I've got for now, aiming for a top ten finish this season. Took over the club on turn 8 without a single win to our name so I have a mountain to climb.
  14. Re: Solomon Kalou..? Tryna change Kalou for Javi Garcia.. Had an offer from Marseille of £27m for Adebayor, so I enquired whether he would do Javi Garcia + 15 - 20m. Garcia better than Kalou?
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