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  1. Riferimento: Angelo OGBONNA

    Angelo OGBONNA is being touted about to all sorts of teams' date=' does anyone know if he would be a solid 89/90 at some point in the future?[/quote']

    As for me he's a very interesting player: if he goes to a Serie A team he'll could be a good buy.

  2. Riferimento: replacement for fabregas

    recently i hav sold fabregas wif pedro+bojan plus min value of thiago(barca) n fontas(barca)' date='so i nid to hav a replacement for him,any thoughts bout

    1.Anderson HERNANES

    2.Renato AUGUSTO


    4.Arturo VIDAL

    5.Iker MUNIAIN

    as only these 90+ players left in my world[/quote']

    I'd say Vidal.

  3. Riferimento: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions

    who would you recommend as the best players in brazil that you know will rise . please give me a few players as i do not watch any of the brazilian league' date=' much appreciated[/quote']
    Luiz Eduardo' date=' Bruno Uvini, Marcal Welder, Negebue Guilherme, Emboaba Oscar.[/quote']

    Lucas and Casemiro too, of course. ;)

  4. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions

    Insider is the man with all the answers' date=' but he talked about Elkeson last season being one to watch. he was with Vitoria last season who went down but he was a shining light. 30 starts and 6 goals. Has moved to botafogo and gone into the first 11 and is being quite productive so far, 4 goals in 6 games.


    to quote insider

    "Bernardo has earned comparisons to former Sport Recife and Vasco de Gama star Juninho Pernambucano, currently in France with Lyon, because of his wizardry from set pieces, specifically free kicks"

    only 3 starts, but 4 goals. havent looked into any match reports but those goals could well have been from his set pieces. keep an eye on him. Insider rates him highly in his thread (below)


    quietly waiting for his chance and seems to have it this season, 6 starts and thats competing with fellow prospect Mario Fernandes & Saimon.

    try the search to get your info, il link you these but try it next time..




    Ok, many thanks. ;)

    Anyway Marçal Welder (Corinthians) could be another good prospect: he has just been added to the DB.

  5. Riferimento: Re: Illic, Lamela, Reus, Mwanaga - To sell or not to sell

    I agree, I'd keep Ilicic and Lamela and maybe Reus too.

    thanks' date=' i think im gonna sell Reus and try and get Grosskreutz in for him.

    Think I'll keep the rest, it's a competitive setup so If I sell them no doubt someone else will sign them

    many thanks![/quote']

    If you're going to sell Reus, you could swap him for Gotze: as for me he's much better than Grosskreutz.

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