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  1. Riferimento: Re: youngers players You're right, Usami and Son(Hamburger) are very promising players.
  2. Riferimento: Sahin or Hasmik? I'd say Sahin, he's younger and he's playing very well with Borussia.
  3. Riferimento: Bonucci or Subotic Subotic of course.
  4. Riferimento: youngers players I'd keep them; Jones and Aurtenetxe are two very interesting players but they're injured.
  5. Riferimento: Khedira or Neymar? They're different players, but Neymar is an amazing talent.
  6. Riferimento: sahin deal Of course, Lucas is a very overrated player and Albrighton is still 84, while Sahin is one of the best young midfielders in Europe and he'll certainly rise again.
  7. Riferimento: Re: Players Of The Future
  8. Riferimento: Young Talented Goal Keeper Hart(Man City) and De Gea(A.Madrid).
  9. Riferimento: Michele Camporese I was impressed by him, as for me he can become a very good defender.
  10. Riferimento: Re: DELAC, Matej or KOVAL, Maksym Do you mean Szczesny? Anyway yes, I'd sell Delac.
  11. Riferimento: DELAC, Matej or KOVAL, Maksym Delac has never played with Vitesse, while Koval has already played 19 matches with Dynamo this season: Koval has acquired more experience until now, and for this reason as for me he's better than Delac at the moment.
  12. Riferimento: which of these will rise most? I'd say Ilicic.
  13. Hi guys, this is my Borussia Dortmund team; I play in the 2nd division in a very competitive private league: which formation and what players do you suggest me to improve my squad and try to go to the 1st division? WEIDENFELLER GK 30 89 KOVAL GK 18 82 SCHMELZER LB 22 88 OBRADOVIC LB/LM 22 86 AZPILICUETA RB/RM 21 89 PISZCZEK RB/RM 25 87 SUBOTIC CB 22 90 HUMMELS CB/DM 22 90 FORLIN CB/DM 23 88 SANTANA CB 24 87 BLASZCZYKOWSKI RM/WING 25 88 SAHIN CM 22 90 BENDER CM/DM 21 88 KAGAWA AM/WING 21 88 SCHURRLE AM/WING 20 87 GOTZE AM/WING 18 86 GROSSKREUTZ WING/FWD 22 88 J.HERNANDEZ FWD 2
  14. Riferimento: Help for a young good LB riser Another good and young LB could be Felix Bastians(Freiburg).
  15. Riferimento: Re: CM I'd take Sahin in both of the cases.
  16. Riferimento: Which 2 Dortmund players to get? It depends by what kind of player you need; anyway I'd say Sahin or Kagawa, but why don't you try to get Gotze too? He's only 18 but he's already an essential player for B.Dortmund.
  17. Riferimento: mamadou sakho He's a really promising defender, and some great clubs(such as Barcelona) are interested in him: he would be a great buy.
  18. Riferimento: DZSUDZSAK, Balázs vs YOUNG, Ashley vs SESSEGNON, Stéphane
  19. Riferimento: Good RB ? I'd prefer Beck or Alderweireld to De Silvestri; another promising RB is Azpilicueta, but now he's injured and he'll probably be out for the rest of the season.
  20. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Brazil Player Reports and Updates Thanks mate, your thread is great!
  21. Riferimento: Brazil Player Reports and Updates Hi Insider, what do you think about Lucas(Sao Paolo) and Patrick(Santos)? Thanks in advance.
  22. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Munoz or Smalling, both 86, whos better?
  23. Riferimento: Munoz or Smalling, both 86, whos better?
  24. Riferimento: Cavani or Mata They're different players, but I'd say Cavani.
  25. Riferimento: best player in asia Kagawa, he's the most talented one among them; another future Asian star should be Takashi Usami.
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