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  1. I watched Darwin for Uruguay at the U20 Sudas, he was garbage, could not get a shot on target. He has been extremely surprising in his last 18 months. One to watch but not sure if this is just a hot streak Evanilson, i dont rate that highly from his time at FLU, i can see the talent, but a LONG way to go
  2. I think squad caps are not the answer. But, maybe, a wage cap, or wage budget. OR sign as many players as you like, but we have a ultra tough concerns system. IE, anything over a 5th choice striker - they want minutes or to move for games, so a loan, or a transfer. Stops Huge squads, keeps transfer markets active, and keeps squads rotating.
  3. Good to see. Myself i just play EC7777 & GC1. Not much time either! I did a deep dive on Uruguay, interesting to see Man City / Etihad Group club Torque performing high. Also active on Soccerwiki, trying to keep the squads update as possible, just sent several players down into Division 2 to clubs like Central, Villa Teresa, Villa Espanola
  4. 1 suggestion i have Please stop allowing Accounts to have the ability to change Usernames and/or manager names Persistent cheats change them up to try to avoid recognition / try to rejoin after a ban Add a name history if an outright ban is not possible Need to be able to keep track of who is disruptive / a cheat
  5. You , me, anyone in general. Some managers have been trying to keep public GWs alive for 10years+ so we have a good idea of what's enforceable and what isn't. Feel free to join GW ID 63666 if you can get a space currently 2 jobs on offer but 114 clubs strong. The Top 10 Managers would be nigh on impossible to cheat in GWs that are well over 50% full. And the suggestions i have added in detail on previous pages include the facility to put it to a vote. So you would need a massive collusion to manipulate any such system. Already you have overlooked existing systems in place, IE the abi
  6. Its more to preserve GW who were here long before you
  7. for example, Ciro is a goal scorer, like Beradi and Belotti, normal service will resume
  8. Nope. just wait until we see a rhythm established. Things will settle and adapt
  9. @Steven Paul @chris16 Great to hear of the news of some long overdue updates to SM Worlds As a long suffering 10+ years player, i don't think radical overhauls are needed, I'm not sure about -/+5 fluctuating ratings. Maybe a +/- 1 would be more appropriate The thing that makes SM Worlds unique is the relation to real world time ratings to players, and is one of the main reasons i enjoy SM Many of the features mentioned look great, some glaring things i can absolutely get on board with regarding the Concerns system, Squad sizes, Finances and Cheating. They are my prio
  10. Found my way back onto the boards, fantastic this thread is still alive!
  11. Good too see you still writing on here. I have found myself back on the forum, are you playing any gameworlds? JMH
  12. He was already on the database as Del Prato / Delprato
  13. How did you get admin rights? I have tried many times to get in touch with the Soccerwiki-team to help them with the norwegian database, but no answer. Can you please help me?

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