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  1. Emil Forsberg is still way better than RB Leipzig, injury hampered this season
  2. Looks like Belgium 2nd division was today, Ukraine tomorrow Lots of uploads for Ukraine on the recent changes page on Soccerwiki Cant believe skipped over Sweden & Norway, pretty much dropped this to the very minor league pile..
  3. i requested to edit the spreadsheet, but if not, BARYLLA height is 180cm
  4. It will be a joke if they do He is not better than Ruffier, Mandanda, Costil - the latter two should be 90.
  5. Will take a look when all my pending edits are approved. However you cannot add players without all the data it wont let you submit
  6. Theres a thread for this. Stop posting about deals here.
  7. cant look at the list without access, but make sure if any players are too be added, that you have already obtained all the data needed as per the SW submission sheet IE first name, surname full name DoB height cm weight kg foot position club
  8. HUGE talent but will take a few years to reach a decent level
  9. He will rise again if Fulham go up. I think these reviews are based on a team of the season that was announced Ruddy Fredericks , Sessegnon, Coady, Terry Cairney, Ruben Neves , Maddison Bobby Reid, Vydra, Adomah
  10. He was previously linked to Wolves about a year ago, i can see him going there when they go up into the Premier League
  11. If Fulham come 2nd he will rise again, just to close atm in the Championship right now, great to watch ( i hope Cardiff make it though)
  12. make a list here, i have x2 more players from Iraq to add, and few others on my personal list so i will have slots to add players
  13. Into the 7 games championship rounds now, could make a point or so difference to some of these guys
  14. Poland has many solid risers. Add: Carlitos Lopez >82/83 Angulo >82 both definite big risers, but 30+ years Big connection at Gornik - Michal Koj, Lukas Wolsztyński, Dani Suarez, Wieteska, Zurkowski, Kadzior Kurzawa should all get decent rises - very impressive season. Kurzawa broken into NT, Wieteska & Zurkowski likewise U21. Alot of scouts watching Zurkowski. Pawel Bochniewicz joined on loan from Udinese in January and starting most game, may sneak to 80 too. Jakob PIOTROWSKI U21 and regular for Pogon 75>78 Jakub WRABEL >80 Jose Kante hasnt ever had a rise, Stefańczyk, Kiełpin, Reca, Nico Varela All easily going 80+ Piotr Wlazlo 78 > 80, Frankowski & Romanchuk both should hit 84
  15. Its the only 2 leagues not reviewed from this time in 2017, very likely to happen soon
  16. Serbia was done in October, not much to change until next season
  17. Nope. They did a random review of 2 clubs i recall. But no Sweden hasnt been reviewed. The likes of Linner, Dahlberg due good rises.
  18. Not too serious at all. Gremio were on the verge of being relegated, then ended up winning Its basically pros v amateur until the semi finals really, then the big clubs play the rivalry matches for bragging rights. Some clubs just use youth/reserve players IE ATH PR, its mainly a tournament to maintain fitness, try new players, tactics out. The Copa do Brasil and the Continential group games are taking place at the same time, so many stronger players get rested/rotated. The Brazil squad has pretty much been named, i think the only outside bets at the moment are Luan and Arthur, possibly may not see anyone from Brasiliero make the cut.
  19. It was reviewed early May 2017, so will be due shortly I expect it to be: Norway and Sweden - 100% MUST BE DONE SOON way overdue new seasons underway without review of last season China - 50% chance, may be moved from last years schedule to coincide with the season end in November ( last year was reviewed in March & July bizarrely ) Brazil - 25% chance - mini review of Regional champs after tonights deciding finals Then Championship, Scotland, Big 5, then onto other European leagues Russia, Belgium etc etc *Would really like it SM could review some minor leagues like, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru.... so out of date
  20. He is one of the 10 that has been told he has a place next season at Juventus.
  21. Unfortunately it is the same for everyone, i spoke to a Dev in February and they are fully aware there are problems, but they choose to develop SM 2018, SM Crypto etc etc Maybe make a list on the forum with all data and see if others can help you add them The vote system was the original problem with SW, too many people abused it and created problems for years. The loan one is a good idea, that was mooted on the old forum days when there was alot of interaction with SM about Soccerwiki
  22. Hi Philodoof. Im jmh_daggers on SW, one of the top scouts, i see plenty of your submissions You can only add one player purely because there is too much being submitted. I can add up to 20 but i had admin privileges. I still have to wait anywhere from 7 to 21 days for them to be approved into the game I know who you are referring to, but they may have admin privileges too for specific leagues, ie user EX-YU is doing lots of Bosnian league players. SW cannot cope with the sheer volume of submissions, there is so much data caught up and we have to wait for SW to sort it out unfortunately
  23. Has been a bit of movement recently, hopefully yours are going through Stadium edits, manager changes, club submissions i gave up on. Same, some since 2013 stuck there. I just deleted them
  24. No, the 'edit rating' buttons that have been there in several different forms. Never had any impact, have appeared as different formats ie drop down menu where could pick a number but now its just 'suggest a change' They should just do away with it, its misleading. The public edits are in full effect, just see the number of submitted edits, climbing to around 4000+ Its now down to 1300ish, so progress is being made. The public edits drive alot of the database, its just very frustrating when the transfer windows open - SW just cannot handle the quality work some users are putting in
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