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  1. SM is based in real football life, isn't? So, why aren't friendlies based from real football?
  2. Re: LOST 3-0 I have same problem too....... too many lose with unmanaged team. Only once I won with that team but with a big score, 11-0 What's the problem? (maybe because of my tactic, because I'm change the NMF players with substitution player that the ratings are under the NMF players. I will change again when they're NMF or lose the game)
  3. Re: THE BEST FORMATION (inc Poll) I have many formation to choose. The often are 4-4-2 and 4-3-2-1 (maybe 4-4-2 more often) My 4-4-2 works well for my team now Doncaster Rovers and Real Mallorca
  4. Re: are arsenal really as weak as people think? Henry went to Barcelona because their ex-chairman David Dein?
  5. Re: double swoop You mean like a packet or something? If yes, that's same as MU did for Nani and Anderson. Sorry for my fool question. But I need to know what's double swoop mean Sorry once again
  6. p_e_s

    Asia Cup

    Re: Asia Cup Don't forget this Indonesia 1-2 Saudi Arabia Oh noooo......
  7. Re: MANCHESTER CITY NEWS! Maybe now Machester City become a good team
  8. Re: Best Talent of the U-20 World Cup... It's hard to choose, Adu or Dos Santos. But, Adu can score a lot of goals. That's why I'm picked him
  9. p_e_s

    Asia Cup

    Re: Asia Cup Watch out of weak team surprise!!
  10. Re: Champions League Winners 2007/08 Maybe AC Milan is the winner of the champions league?
  11. Re: Chivu transfer saga... Abidal now replace Van Bronckhorst place
  12. Who is MU best deal so far?
  13. Re: Hawk -Eye for premiership Tennis court is smaller than a stadium. So, in a stadium is hawk-eye is important than in a tennis court
  14. Re: Torres and Voronin Maybe Torres and Kuyt will be fine. Maybe Crouch is a good player, but will be hard to be in line-up
  15. Can admin add more smilies? Because I think the smilies less from what I want
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