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  1. SM is based in real football life, isn't? So, why aren't friendlies based from real football?
  2. Re: LOST 3-0 I have same problem too....... too many lose with unmanaged team. Only once I won with that team but with a big score, 11-0 What's the problem? (maybe because of my tactic, because I'm change the NMF players with substitution player that the ratings are under the NMF players. I will change again when they're NMF or lose the game)
  3. Re: THE BEST FORMATION (inc Poll) I have many formation to choose. The often are 4-4-2 and 4-3-2-1 (maybe 4-4-2 more often) My 4-4-2 works well for my team now Doncaster Rovers and Real Mallorca
  4. Re: are arsenal really as weak as people think? Henry went to Barcelona because their ex-chairman David Dein?
  5. Re: double swoop You mean like a packet or something? If yes, that's same as MU did for Nani and Anderson. Sorry for my fool question. But I need to know what's double swoop mean Sorry once again
  6. p_e_s

    Asia Cup

    Re: Asia Cup Don't forget this Indonesia 1-2 Saudi Arabia Oh noooo......
  7. Re: MANCHESTER CITY NEWS! Maybe now Machester City become a good team
  8. Re: Best Talent of the U-20 World Cup... It's hard to choose, Adu or Dos Santos. But, Adu can score a lot of goals. That's why I'm picked him
  9. p_e_s

    Asia Cup

    Re: Asia Cup Watch out of weak team surprise!!
  10. Re: Champions League Winners 2007/08 Maybe AC Milan is the winner of the champions league?
  11. Re: Chivu transfer saga... Abidal now replace Van Bronckhorst place
  12. Who is MU best deal so far?
  13. Re: Hawk -Eye for premiership Tennis court is smaller than a stadium. So, in a stadium is hawk-eye is important than in a tennis court
  14. Re: Torres and Voronin Maybe Torres and Kuyt will be fine. Maybe Crouch is a good player, but will be hard to be in line-up
  15. Can admin add more smilies? Because I think the smilies less from what I want
  16. Re: Coloured ratings We can get hurt in eyes because of the colourful ratings
  17. Re: Forum username!! A good idea. But, I'm still enjoy my username
  18. Re: Set up the Training Sorry then. I'm forget that point. How about just arrange so the one and the other different?
  19. When the end of the season is come, we can arrange our squad training so we can fix players weakness. Is that a great idea? Or SM already has it?
  20. Re: Any skins you want?, post them here Sorry if this is a fool question. What is skin in here mean? Thank you for your answer
  21. p_e_s

    HI EVRY1

    Re: HI EVRY1 Welcome to the SM!! I hope you enjoy all features in here
  22. p_e_s

    newbie here

    Re: newbie here Hello, newbie Welcome to the forum and enjoy!!
  23. Re: Transfers Hargreaves to Man. Utd from Bayern Muenchen Is that make sense, huh?
  24. Re: Football News Update the news, will you?
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