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  1. So I have Valverde, age 22, 90 rated and Lodi, age 22 and 90 rated. Valverde's value is £32 million but Lodi's is only £20 million. Neither have concerns. Any idea why they would be so different?
  2. I would have said he had a chance to rise but as Carvajal hasn't I can't see Alves rising now
  3. Agree. Just as ridiculous as Carvajal not rising!
  4. Are you sure? Looks like they have finished to me. Who else is due a rise then that hasn't already got one?
  5. Looks like you were right about Stones not rising this time round then. Still very surprised he hasn't hit 90 based on who he is playing for now and the minutes he's played.
  6. Do we think they have finished doing Man City now then?
  7. What rating do you think Kompany should be then? Yes he is injured more often than not but don't understand you saying he has been overrated for years now. When fit (and I know that isn't very often!) he is one of the best defenders out there.
  8. See your point but that's how they do the ratings mainly based on minutes played and how well that team is doing so based on those accounts he should hit 90 in my opinion.
  9. Bailly is slowing increasing in rating and won't be long before he hits 90. There are plenty of 90 rated defenders Stones is already better than though.
  10. Agree to disagree on Stones. Man City and England regular now. 2nd most expensive defender ever. Just because he's made a few mistakes doesn't mean he deserves to only be rated 89.
  11. Have they finished with Spurs then? Only a few players changed
  12. It does but I've got a load of players I want to sell once they have been reviewed haha
  13. Am I right in thinking they only reviewed Southampton today? At that rate its going to take a while to finish the review!
  14. You're joking right? If Alli doesn't get at least a +1 something is wrong!
  15. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - 12/13 Winter Predictions Up! - by BRNL||- Thanks. Can anyone tell me about Rajiv van la Parra. Just signed for the team i support Wolves
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