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  1. Re: Arsenal Gossip Well he could still play in the United game, so it's definitely not as bad as originally thought. The 0-0 draw was bad for us, with these tough run of games coming up we could have done with a win against Villa to get the confidence up. And the fact that we didn't score is also a little worrying.
  2. Re: YouTube Videos Probably been posted before but even if it has it's surely worth a second view. lkwh4ZaxHIA
  3. Re: Arsenal Gossip According to this link, i wouldn't be so sure.
  4. Re: Arsenal Gossip I know. Fabianski had a horrible game, with the first game definitely being his fault and also having multiple other shaking moments during the game. On another matter why do goalkeepers need to be rested?? They hardly have the most physically demanding position, especially when you consider it is usually Arsenal who are on the attack. This was the first time i have ever seen Coquelin play and he was absolutely shocking, even though it was too much of an ask to make him defend against Ethrington, getting little to no support from Walcott. If Wenger was determined to r
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I wouldn't accept it mate. As much as i hate Berbatov i feel he will get a lot of game time this season and United and will most probably score a lot of goals.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... If you can manage to get that offer again accept in straight away, as that is a ridiculously good deal for such a player. Ok, Ribery is world class but so are the other two. But if you can't get back to that deal, then Robben or Marcelo are the next obvious routes to take.
  7. Re: The Birthday/Anniversary/Congratulations Thread Happy birthday Vlad. Hope you had a wonderful day at school.
  8. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC54: Sevilla defeat VFB in the the third round of the SMFA shield to make it into the quarter finals. It was a high scoring affair which saw Sevilla win 10-5 on aggregate. The next week inside the club is going to be a tough one as Sevilla face Valencia and Barcelona in back to back league games before the eagerly awaited quarter final tie between Vélez Sársfield.
  9. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC35: Atletico Madrid defeat Sevilla by 3 goals to 1 to secure the Spanish Charity Shield. Atletico were only in the final because Sevilla won both the league and the cup, meaning that second place Atletico got into the final. Although Sam's side prevented Sevilla winning there fourth trophy in the setup. Goals came from Maxi Rodiguez, Pongolle and Van Persie, while Sevilla's early lead was given to them by Michael Owen. This is Sam's first honour in charge of the club, and hopes there will be many more to come after just falling short in m
  10. Re: Arsenal Gossip Great result against Burnley today, and nice to see Eduardo score again. People are already presuming this will end as another trophyless season for Arsenal, they seem to forget about the FA Cup, and TBH i see no reason why we can't win it. I think we play much better against the bigger teams and usually play outstanding against Manchester United, no matter what form they are in.
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I would probably just do that deal, as long as you have cover for Ferdinand in the CB position. You would only be losing two players, yes they are quality but you would be getting four quality players in return. All of which would probably fit straight into your first team. So not only would it be benefit your squad, but also your first team. Eto'o is on top form this season and will probably get a +1, Henry will probably stay or get +1 if he's lucky, while Dani Alves will probably stay at 94. Although on Iniesta may drop by 1 through lack of game time. As
  12. Re: Signature Design Feedback Nice sig mate, although i agree with Ryan, in that i dislike the text. But am i the only one who can see a baby's face in the sig.......
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