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  1. Re: Top Goal Scorer at the WC 2010 Fabiano for me, especially now he has ended his dry run with such a clinical finish against Ivory Coast.
  2. Re: Jabulani Ball or Awful Goalkeeping? Haha, sadly so. Haven't even got a team ATM. Think I might have to change my sig as well
  3. Re: Jabulani Ball or Awful Goalkeeping? I think the ball definitely has played it's part but the keepers have to take some responsibility. For instance green just got in a horrible position and the north Korean goalkeeper was too far off his near post. So while I think the ball is a nightmare for the keepers I don't beleive it is as bad as some people say and tbh I think it has been blown out of proportion.
  4. As of now, who would you say is the best Defender (D) in the game?? By this i mean future rating and also the chances of him staying as a D.
  5. Re: Arsenal Gossip Well he could still play in the United game, so it's definitely not as bad as originally thought. The 0-0 draw was bad for us, with these tough run of games coming up we could have done with a win against Villa to get the confidence up. And the fact that we didn't score is also a little worrying.
  6. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 Thank god i don't have to deal with this sh*t on PS3. Also has everyone been on top of the main house in Estate?? If not i suggest you do, it's ridiculously easy to get kills once you're up there, no-one even thinks about looking up.
  7. Re: YouTube Videos Probably been posted before but even if it has it's surely worth a second view. lkwh4ZaxHIA
  8. Re: External Club Response Time Well the deals have finally been completed. It took over 48 hours for the deals to be accepted, but about 12 hours for them to be completed. Hopefully the next batch of deals will be completed a little quicker.
  9. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 Actually they are not the same. Scavenger Pro gives the user more ammo, the same as what Bandolier did in W@W. Where as Extended Mags doesn't increase the overall amount of ammo, but just increases the amount of bullets one can have in each clip.
  10. Re: Arsenal Gossip According to this link, i wouldn't be so sure.
  11. Re: What's your SM rep? Only 135, but i had a period where i didn't play for roughly six months. Yeah, you're allowed as many as you want as long as you don't have two teams in the same setup.
  12. Re: no of clubs Firstly, you can't compare real life to this game. Managers IRL probably spend 12 hours a deal dealing with managment issues, where as in the game you can log on an be done in 30 minutes, and then not have to log on for another few days if you don't wish to. Also, SM is a business. Just think of how much money they would lose if each player could only manage one club.
  13. How long does it take for an external club to respond to an offer?? I have had a long break from the game and from what i can remember it use to be 24 hours to have the bid both accepted and then completed at the same time, as long as the club was external. Although i made bids for four players on the 24th and as of yet none of these bids have received a response, all of the players belong to external clubs, and this is in a standard setup. Has the response time changed or is there something wrong??
  14. Re: Offside trap -help needed Personally, i apply Tight Marking with all my teams. Just the way i roll.
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