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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from M.U.F.C in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Don't do it as both Torres and Guti could increase in the next rating changes whilst Simao is probably going to stay where he is.
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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from PhilS404 in Rep Power   
    Re: Rep Power
    Refferals don't give you any extra rep power, they just show up on your account as another statistic.
    They don't mean much really.
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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from Stifler in Qualification for SMFA question.   
    Re: Qualification for SMFA question.
    Yes you will qualify for the SMFA Shield.
    As Manchester United finished third and also won the English Shield the amount of league placements for the SMFA Shield will be extended to three, which will mean 5th, 6th and 7th will all receive SMFA Shield spots next year.
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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from .RC in Gold Championship 19 Match Report and Transfer News   
    Re: Gold Championship 19 Match Report and Transfer News

    Palermo News

    One gone and another one to go tonight

    Palermo completed the deal for Igor Budan which saw him go to Mr Nice Guy's River Plate. The deal was agreed on Tuesday but a lack of River Plate funds meant the deal could not go through on Wednesday morning. But a repeat bid was made yesterday and the deal went through earlier this morning. The deal was an all cash deal which totalled 7.6 million pounds and manager Sam Pooley doesn't mind letting him go as he says "We still have enough strikers".
    And another player will be leaving tomorrow morning. It looked for all money like ancient goalkeeper Fontana was going to leave Palermo for Shels's New York side but the SMFA have but a stop to that. Any deal involving the two clubs and Fontana is getting blocked by the SMFA, and neither manager has a clue as to why. But because of this Palermo have now agreed a deal with Atletico Paranaense, and should arrive there tomorrow morning following a medical.

    (Igor Budan has left Palermo to join River Plate for 7.6 million pounds)

    Issue - #6

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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from Soccahappy in Marko Arnautovic   
    Marko Arnautovic

    Marko Arnautovic is a 19 year old Austrian striker currently on the database rated at 77. Marko plays for FC Twente in the Dutch Eredivisie who finished fourth in there league last season which meant they earnt them self a place in the Champions League qualifying round. In that round they drew English giants Arsenal and despite crashing out and dropping down into the UEFA cup Arnautovic played 89/90 minutes before being subbed off in the first game and only missed the second game because he had a niggle. Which means that some European playing time could be a strong possibility for Arnautovic once Twente start there UEFA cup campaign.

    Away from Europe and in the league Arnautovic made a very positive 14 appearances for Twente last season and even though only one of them was a start it shows that he is constantly in and around the first team with a chance of breaking into the main team. In the previous 2006/2007 season he made only two appearances although if he can keep up his progress he could be making more than a handful of appearances this year.


    BTW i did search him but i found no thread solely devoted to him.

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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from DILL3NGER in HELP..! Ive been tucked up !   
    Re: HELP..! Ive been tucked up !
    We can't do anything here.
    If what you are saying is true, you should send a support ticket explaining the situation to SM. I would also include a screen shot to back up your claim. If you send it ASAP they may be able to change it before the play-offs are played.
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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from #rooneyisyummy# in for 5 million ???   
    Re: for 5 million ???
    Guillaume Hoarau can be bought for around five million pounds. He is currently rated 87 and plays for PSG, and i can see him rising to 89.
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    The Original Gooner reacted to Chambo in Graphics Design Feedback   
    Re: Signature Design Feedback

    A bad siggg......
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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from Smil3r in Lukasz FABIANSKI - to rise or drop?   
    Re: Lukasz FABIANSKI - to rise or drop?
    He'll stay the same. He was given the rating of 85 last time around, when he was doing exactly the same role, so i don't see why it should change this time around. And like hesse said, he has also had some International experience which will only help his rating. And as for only four Arsenal games, that is definitely wrong. This season he has made one sub appearance in the league, three starts in the Carling Cup, three starts in the FA Cup, and one start in the Champions League.
    As for Vela, i imagine he too would stay at his current rating.
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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from Bowen in Graphics Design Feedback   
    Re: Signature Design Feedback
    I like it. The picture is well cut (obviously), and i really like the text, even though it is quite simple i think it works well on this sig. I also like the way the sig is kind of divided, into text--image by the NUFC in the middle.
    Simple, but i like it.
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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from Danny_Williams in Australian Championship 9 Transfers / Reports Thread   
    Re: Australian Championship 9 Transfers / Reports Thread
    Queensland Roar Update

    Season Three

    After winning the league in season two, Queensland went into season three full of confidence, although they didn't perform as well as they would have liked. In the league Queensland could only manage a sour 5th placed position, and in total they were 12 points of top spot. Although Queensland were much more productive in the Cup, but despite there good cup run they couldn't finish the job and lost in the final. Setup wise season three definitely went to Central Coast Mariners, they stole the league title from Sydney on the last day of the season on goal difference and also took the cup home with them. Meaning they won both trophies on offer.

    (The final league standing for Season Three.)

    Season Four So Far...

    After a dissappointed league form in season three, Sam's main aim for season four was to challenge for the league title once more. Like he done in the first two seasons of the setup. And to the relief of all Queensland fans he is doing that. There are only four games remaining in the current season and 'The Roar' sit in third place, but only one point of top spot. Although the cup run wasn't as prosperous this season, as the club crashed out in the semi final to Melbourne, after beating Perth in round 1. But Sam still remains confident that Queensland can win the league title for a second time. And on a side note, cup and league winners, from last year, Central Coast Mariners currently sit in last place this season.

    (The current look to the Season Four table.)

    The Current Squad

    Sam Pooley has recently made setup history, as earlier this season he became the only manager to have been with there club since the setup began. And here is what Sam has done with the squad over that time:

    (The Current First team Squad at Queensland Roar.)

    (The Current Youth team Squad at Queensland Roar.)

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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from peaty999 in Escude   
    Re: Escude
    Personally i would say that is a very fair deal. I would rate RVP slightly higher than Escude, so with cash on the Escude side i don't think either side is really getting one over on the other.....
    So i would say it depends on whether you need to do the deal for your squad. Do you have enough defenders to cover Escude once he leaves??? Is strengthening your forward department more important than strengthening other departments?? Could you get a lesser forward with the cash, but still add depth to that department, and would it do the job??
    All are very important questions to ask yourself, as i believe the deal is very even, so it basically depends on what your squad needs/doesn't need.
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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from united_james in Striker Search!   
    Re: Striker Search!
    Personally i would go for Horaou, mainly because i am 80% sure he will be rises up to an 89 and is also currently rated 87 so could be a good squad players for all three of your sides (depending on the quality of strikers you have), where as Ibisevic and Janko are probably too low to play any part in your squad currently.
    So for the money you are willing to spend i think that Haraou would be the one to go for, although all of Red Devils suggestions are great.
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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from ars4nal_4ever in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    I agree with Hunty, in that you should accept.
    But i would also like to add on that Toure hasn't been playing at his best for Arsenal this season, definitely not as good as he has been in the past two seasons, so definitely won't rise up to 95 any time soon. And TBH his 94 is looking in a bit of doubt. In addition to his lesser performances, his statistics also aren't looking great, making 14 starts, and 4 sub appearances in the league, out of a possible 25 games.....
    ....Although you probably know all that being an Arsenal fan.
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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from Dai in Gold Championship 54 Match Reports/Transfer News   
    Re: Gold Championship 54 Match Reports/Transfer News

    Nancy 0-2 Sevilla

    After winning their opening game of the season, Sam's Sevilla side traveled to France in order to play Nancy, in round one of the SMFA Shield. In the game Sam adopted for an attacking 4-3-3 formation, as he is lacking for back up wide players. Although the second formation in two games didn't seem to bother the players, as they cruised to a comfortable 2-0 win. The first goal of the came after only 7 minutes, through striker Javier Ernesto Chevanton after he was left 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper following an excellent through ball. Although mid-way through the first half Frédéric Kanoute was sent off for a dangerous two footed challenge, leaving Sevilla with only ten men. Although Sevilla continued to dominate possession and a goal 10 minutes after the restart from Lautaro Acosta secured the win, now it was just a case of by how many. Neither side managed to create a chance in the last 35 minutes of the game, meaning it finished at 2-0. A good lead on aggregate for Sevilla going into the second leg.

    (Acosta scores the second of the game, to secure a first leg win for Sevilla.)

    Sevilla 0-2 Real Madrid

    Sevilla third game of the season was a tough league game, at home to Real Madrid. The reigning Spanish champions brought a full side to the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán which meant they were favourites going into the game. Sam once again adopted for the 4-5-1 defensive formation, and it seemed to be working, but with 20 minutes left Real turned on the heat. After the first 73 minutes of the game, the score was level at 0-0 with possession and chances being very equal, although an excellent header from Dutch forward Klaas-Jan Huntelaar gave Real Madrid a late lead with only 15 minutes remaining. But only three minutes later Arjen Robben scored a stunning goal from 25 yards out to put the game beyond Sevilla. Following the game Sam had this to say "They were the better side on paper and were the better side on the day, so i have no shame in losing to them. My team gave there all and for the first 73 minutes were performing just as well as Real. It is definitely a set back for us, but we are now fully focused on our next league game against Valencia.

    (Robben's stunning 25 yard goal put the game beyond a valiant Sevilla.)

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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from Kensational in Gold Championship 54 Match Reports/Transfer News   
    Re: Gold Championship 54 Match Reports/Transfer News

    Athletic Bilbao 0-1 Sevilla

    The first game of the season for Sevilla was a game away from home against Athletic Bilbao. It wasn't the hardest of teams to face, but away from home nothing is easy, especially when it was first game of the season. Before the game in a pre match conference Sam Pooley was quoted as saying "I am going into the game with a direct tactic of staying tight, which is why i will be playing 4-5-1, instead of 4-4-2, or another more attacking formation. This means i will have to leave Kanoute out, but i believe that if we concede none or one we will get our season off and running with some early points, even if it is only one." After hearing this, and seeing the team sheet on the day some Sevilla fans were angered and bemused with their managers decision to exclude one of the best players from the starting line up.

    (94 rated Kanoute was excluded from the starting 11.)

    Throughout the game Sevilla dominated possession, seeing 62% of the ball compared to Athletic Bilbao's 38%. After seeing this you would imagine that Sevilla would have been making Bilbao's goalkeeper work hard throughout the game, although throughout all 90 minutes Sevilla only had 3 shots on target. During the first half each side had one stand out chance each. Sevilla's fell to lone striker Luis Fabiano as some neat footwork meant he could worm his way into the box, although his shot only went just to the right of the goalkeeper. Bilbao's chance fell to center midfielder Francisco Yeste, when he was given a free header inside the box he could only manage to aim it onto the cross bar, and the chance came to nothing. This meant that at half time the sides were level at 0-0.

    (Bilbao CM Francisco Yeste's header grazed the top of the bar.)

    In the second chance their was one chance and one chance only, and it came right and the end of the game, when Bilbao's defense was tired. In the 84th minute Sevilla were awarded a corner, and as it was the end of the game both center backs came forward, Sébastien Squillaci and Julien Escude. Corner taker Dirnei Renato whipped in a fast paced corner swinging towards goal and all Sébastien Squillaci had to do was angle the ball into the bottom corner, to score a late winner. After the game Sam Pooley had this to say "I am very proud of my team today. The plan was to go out a keep a clean sheet, and capitalise on set pieces and defensive errors, which is exactly what we did. We kept a clean sheet and we scored from a set play. And on top of that we had no sending off's and no injuries, which rounded off a truly perfect start to the season.

    (Sébastien Squillaci rose well in the 84th minute to snatch all three points.)

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    The Original Gooner reacted to JuniorBlue in Operation-A + NickJustice Basic & Complex Match Skins. Get Your Requests In Now!   
    Re: Operation-A + NickJustice Basic & Complex Match Skins. Get Your Requests In Now!
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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from tazreid07 in danny from zenit   
    Re: danny from zenit
    I think could be the key moment in whether Danny's rating goes up or down. While Arshavin was still at Zenit i thought that 90 would be his max, with a chance of scrapping up to 91. But without Arshavin he will take on the free roaming role, which will give him the chance to show his full potential and play to the best of his ability.
    I think he has the potential to be as good as Arshavin, and i can definitely see him going up by one in the short term. And why can't he make it up to 93, Arshavin did.
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    The Original Gooner reacted to Hercule Poirot in Striker Search!   
    Re: Striker Search!
    My 4 options would be:-
    Mark Janko(Red Bull Salzburg)
    Patrick Helmes(Leverkusen)
    Vedad Ibisevic(Hoffenheim)
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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from vikingRun in Websites   
    Re: Websites
    I know Sporting dude, i just thought i would provide the link.
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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from Dudeskin in Robben Better Than Messi - Chief Boluda   
    Re: Robben Better Than Messi - Chief Boluda
    Robben's a good player but comparing the two is like comparing Tesco value bake beans to Heinz bake beans.
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    The Original Gooner reacted to Aza Bolam in Liverpool vs Everton   
    Re: Liverpool vs Everton
    Watch game in Different Languege
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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from Hunty in Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?   
    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?
    Lennon: 88-->88/89
    12 starts this season, along with nine sub appearances means he has appeared in all of Tottenham's league games, clocking up 1290 minutes. He has also scored one goal in the process, so a small rise looks imminent. Although Tottenham's poor league form may hinder this.
    Milner: 88-->89/90
    Millner has started in 14 league games and also came on as a substitute in 5, clocking up 1393 minutes in total, just over 100 more than Lennon. As Aston Villa are doing very well in the league this year i would expect a rise of one, but two is possible.
    Dario Cvitanich: 89-->88/89
    17 games into the current league season in Holland and Dario has only made six starts and two substitute appearances, totaling only 465 minutes. Despite his low amount of time on the field he has scored six goals, equaling a goal every 77 minutes, which is very impressive. Judging on the minutes played he may go down by one, but his goal scoring record will most probably see him hold onto his current rating.
    Darren Bent: 88--89
    Prior Christmas, Bent was playing like a 90 rated player and was scoring the goals to prove that, but recently he has dried right up. He has made 13 league starts with 7 additional sub appearances, scoring a solid 7 goals. Along with playing 1349 minutes he is averaging a goal every 192 minutes, but sadly hasn't scored since 9/11/08 in the league, which is slightly worrying.
    Although he has played in five games in Europe scoring four goals along the way. His early season form still deserves a slight increase to 89 though, but he will need to pick up his form once again if he intends to get this increase by the time the English rating changes come around.
    Dernei Renato: 90-->90
    After 18 games in the league Renato has appeared a total of 12 times, with nine of them being starts. In total he has played a part in 827 league minutes, scoring five goals along the way, a very good goal scoring rate for a CM. But despite playing five times in Europe and his good goal scoring ratio in the league he is not performing regularly enough in the league. Although if he can get a run of starts together a rise is more than possible.
    Yaya Toure: 92-->92
    After the first 18 games of the season Yaya Toure has started 12 games, whilst appearing as a sub in 2 more. In total clocking up 1059 league minutes, also scoring a solitary goal. Yaya has also started two games in the Champions League, with one substitute appearance. Although appearing in quite a lot of games, and the fact that Barcelona are doing well this season he is already rated quite highly and hasn't done enough to push for a rise.
    Hope that helped.
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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from Ahmed in 20 Things To Expect From Italy v England   
    Re: 20 Things To Expect From Italy v England
    22) Fabio Capello celebrates when Italy snatch a late winner deep into injury time and returns home to Italy celebrating with the Italian squad. He later gets sacked by the FA and says what he did was an accident, blaming his poor English for the lack of decent excuse.
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    The Original Gooner got a reaction from Hunty in I Need Help On What To Get For X-Mas!   
    Re: I Need Help On What To Get For X-Mas!
    If you have got either an X-Box 360 or a PS3 i suggest you try to get CoD5 if you are into those types of games. I have played the demo and it looks fantastic both visually and game play wise, a must have for any serious gamer IMO. Which is why i am getting it for Xmas.
    I must say it is a nice problem to have. What to get for Xmas, hmmmm.
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